How Long Can Daylilies Stay Out of the Ground: A Comprehensive Guide

Daylilies can stay out of the ground for up to a week. Daylilies are beloved by many gardeners for their low maintenance requirements and vibrant blooms.

While they are incredibly hardy, they still require a bit of care and attention to thrive. One question that gardeners sometimes have is how long these perennials can survive being out of the ground. Whether you’re dividing them to plant in a new location or you’ve received them as a gift, it’s important to know how long you have to get them into the ground. In this article, we’ll explore how long daylilies can survive outside of the ground and what you can do to ensure their longevity. Additionally, we’ll look at some of the best practices for planting and caring for these hardy flowers.

How Long Can Daylilies Stay Out of the Ground: A Comprehensive Guide


Understanding Daylilies

Daylilies are popular perennials prized for their hardiness, resilience, and striking beauty. These plants are native to asia but have become well-loved additions to gardens and landscapes around the world. Daylilies are so-named because each flower typically blooms for only one day, although the plants may produce many blooms over time.

There are many different types of daylilies available, each with its own unique characteristics. Some have large, showy flowers in bright colors, while others have more delicate-looking blooms in softer hues. Daylilies are versatile and can be used in a wide range of landscaping applications, from borders and flower beds to rock gardens and poolside plantings.

They are easy to grow and require minimal maintenance, making them a great choice for both novice and experienced gardeners alike.

How To Store Daylilies Out Of The Ground

If you plan to store daylilies, it’s crucial to know when to dig them up. Start digging them up in late summer, after the flower bloom finishes. Once dug, remove any excess soil and separate the clumps. After preparation, store in a cool, dry, and dark location with proper airflow.

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One option is to store them in cardboard boxes, and another is to store them in mesh bags. The location you store them in should have a consistent temperature and humidity level. Factors like temperature, humidity, and time impact daylily storage duration.

Ensure that the daylilies are not in an area where they could freeze or dry out; this would harm them.

Planting Daylily Roots Correctly and How to Care for Daylilies

How Long Can Daylilies Stay Out Of The Ground?

Daylilies are hardy and can survive outside the ground for a few weeks. However, the longer they are out of the ground, the lower the chances of survival. To check if they are viable for planting, examine the roots for firmness and white tips.

Factors that affect daylily survival during storage include temperature, air circulation, and moisture levels. Keep daylilies in a dark, dry, cool place until you are ready to plant them. Even with proper storage, there is no guarantee that all daylilies will survive.

It’s important to plant them as soon as possible for the best chance of success.

Tips For Keeping Daylilies Alive

Daylilies are hardy perennials that require very little attention, but it’s important to know how to take care of them during the off-season. To keep daylilies alive, store them in a cool, dry place until it’s time to plant them.

When you’re ready to plant, choose a sunny spot in well-draining soil. Be sure to give them plenty of space to grow and water them regularly. Avoid common mistakes such as planting them too deep or too shallow, over-fertilizing, or letting them sit in standing water.

With the right care, daylilies can thrive for many years and add a stunning burst of color to your garden.


As gardeners, we’re often interested in finding practical and useful ways to maintain our flower beds. When it comes to daylilies, it’s important to know how long they can stay out of the ground, especially if you’re moving or dividing them.

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We’ve learnt that daylilies can survive for up to a week without being replanted, as long as they are kept cool and moist. After that, however, their chances of survival decrease significantly. So, while it may be tempting to leave your daylilies out on the patio while you take a break, it’s important to remember that they need to be cared for properly to thrive.

Whether you’re transplanting or simply moving your daylilies for aesthetic purposes, taking the time to replant them as soon as possible will help to ensure that you enjoy gorgeous, healthy flowers for years to come. Remember, with a little bit of care and attention, your daylilies will survive and thrive for many years.