Eliminating Raccoons Under Your Deck: A Comprehensive Guide

To get rid of raccoons under your deck, set up motion-activated floodlights and a radio playing loud music. Additionally, place urine-soaked rags around the perimeter of your deck to deter raccoons from lingering in the area.

Raccoons frequently seek out decks as a safe and dry spot to call home, but they can quickly become a nuisance as they leave feces, dig holes, and cause structural damage. It’s important to take immediate action if you notice raccoons under your deck.

Removing their food sources and sealing all potential entry points is crucial, but sometimes it’s not enough. In this article, we’ll discuss how to get rid of raccoons under the deck by using non-harmful, humane methods. Keep reading to learn what steps you can take to keep these pesky critters at bay.

Eliminating Raccoons Under Your Deck: A Comprehensive Guide

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Understanding The Problem

Identifying the signs of a raccoon infestation under your deck can save you a lot of trouble in the long run. Common indications include visible damage, tracks, and droppings. Raccoons are attracted to decks for a variety of reasons, including shelter, food, and safety from predators.

Having raccoons living under your deck can pose several risks, such as structural damage and the spread of diseases. It’s important to take action to get rid of raccoons under your deck as soon as possible to prevent further damage and health hazards.

Prevention Measures To Keep Raccoons Away

To keep raccoons away from your deck, take preventative measures such as securing your decking materials and fixtures. Make sure there aren’t any potential food sources in your yard, and consider installing motion-detecting lights and sprinklers to deter raccoons. You can also use safe repellents and deterrents, such as ammonia-soaked rags or commercial raccoon repellents.

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By combining these methods, you can create a safe and effective barrier that will keep raccoons from taking up residence under your deck. Keep in mind that prevention is key – if you can make your property less attractive to raccoons, they’ll be less likely to invade your space and cause problems.

Trapping And Removal Techniques

Trapping and removal techniques there are several types of traps that can be used for raccoon removal, including live cages and snares. The best bait to lure raccoons out of their hiding places is cat food or fish. It’s important to take safety precautions when trapping raccoons, such as wearing gloves and avoiding direct contact with the animals.

Once trapped, raccoons should be released or disposed of humanely, far away from your property. Remember to place the trap in a shaded area and provide food and water for the raccoon while in captivity. With these techniques and precautions, you can safely and effectively get rid of raccoons under your deck.

Professional Raccoon Removal Services

Getting rid of raccoons under your deck is a complex process that requires expert attention. Professional raccoon removal services can help you eliminate the problem permanently. Hiring a certified wildlife removal expert is the best approach to resolving this issue.

They will thoroughly assess your property, understand the raccoons’ behavior and determine the best course of action. Diy raccoon removal may sound appealing, but it comes with potential risks and challenges, including potential injury to yourself or the raccoons. Furthermore, there may be additional costs associated with diy removal, including purchasing equipment and cleaning supplies.

For your safety and the safety of the raccoons, it’s essential to leave this type of work to the professionals.

Preventing Future Raccoon Infestations

The presence of raccoons under your deck can be a frustrating and unhygienic situation. To prevent future infestations, it is important to repair and reinforce any weak spots in your decking. Furthermore, regular inspections and maintenance of your property can help identify potential entry points for raccoons.

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Educating your neighbors and community about raccoons and their behavior can also reduce the possibility of infestations. Staying vigilant and taking prompt action against any signs of raccoon activity, such as paw prints or feces, can help deter them from nesting under your deck.

It is crucial to keep in mind the importance of humane methods when dealing with raccoon infestations.


It can be quite frustrating and dangerous to have raccoons under your deck. But don’t panic, there are several effective ways to get rid of them. First, identify their entry point and block it. Then, you can use humane traps to capture them and relocate them to a safe distance.

Additionally, installing motion activated lights and loud music can discourage them from returning. It is important to remember that prevention is key, so ensure the area around your deck is clean and free of food sources. Lastly, consider seeking professional help if the problem persists.

Remember, raccoons are wild animals and can pose a threat to humans and pets. By implementing these measures and being persistent, you can successfully rid your deck of raccoons and prevent any potential harm.