How to Remove Mortar from Old Tiles: Easy Tips & Tricks.

To remove mortar from old tiles for reuse, chisel off the excess mortar with a hammer and chisel before using a vinegar and water solution to dissolve and scrub away any remaining residue. When removing the mortar, it is important to wear protective gear and work carefully to avoid damaging the tiles themselves.

When undertaking any home renovation, it is always ideal to find cost-effective solutions that also reduce waste. One of the most sustainable practices is to repurpose or reuse building materials, such as old tiles. However, before you can reuse them, you will first need to remove any excess mortar that remains after they were originally installed.

Removing the mortar without damaging the tile surface may seem like a difficult task, but with the right tools, technique and cleaning solution, it can be done efficiently and effectively. In this article, we will discuss how to remove mortar from old tiles to prepare them for reuse.

How to Remove Mortar from Old Tiles: Easy Tips & Tricks.



Removing old mortar from tiles can be a daunting task but an essential one. It rejuvenates and makes any space look fresh. While it’s possible to replace tiles altogether, the process is time-consuming and not always necessary. Old mortar can compromise the tile’s strength and durability, leading to costly repairs.

Keeping the tiles clean and safe ensures longevity. However, removing the old mortar can be easier said than done. It requires proper technique and tools, including a chisel, hammer, and scraper. In this post, we’ve put together easy-to-use tricks and tips to remove mortar from old tiles without damaging them.

Necessary Tools

You will need the right tools to remove old mortar from tiles. The most important tool is a hammer and chisel, which you can buy at any hardware store. A scraper and a putty knife are also essential. If you have a large area to tackle, consider renting an electric chisel or a rotary hammer.

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You’ll also need safety gear, including safety goggles, gloves, a dust mask, and knee pads. Use caution when working with power tools, and always follow the manufacturer’s instructions. With the right tools and safety precautions, you can remove old mortar from tiles with ease.


Prior to removing old mortar from tiles, it’s important to properly prepare for the task at hand. This requires taking appropriate safety measures, such as wearing protective gear like gloves and eye goggles. Additionally, it’s important to create a clean and organized workspace before beginning the process of mortar removal.

This may include clearing the area of any unnecessary items and setting up the necessary tools and supplies. Taking the time to prepare for the job will not only ensure safety and efficiency but will also make the overall process much smoother and effective.

Remember, safety is key during any renovation or diy project.

Easy Tips & Tricks For Removing Mortar From Old Tiles

Removing old mortar from tiles can be a challenging task, but these easy tips can make the process much simpler. Begin by using a scraper or chisel to gently remove the bulky chunks of mortar, before using a cleaner specially formulated for mortar removal.

Be mindful of the amount of pressure being applied, as excessive force can damage the tiles. Some common mistakes to avoid include using abrasive cleaners or scrapers that can damage the tile, as well as not testing the cleaner on a small, inconspicuous area before use.

With these steps in mind, and a little bit of patience, your tiles can be restored to their former glory.

Proper Cleaning And Maintenance After Tile Mortar Removal

After removing mortar residue from old tiles, proper cleaning and maintenance is vital to maintain their lifespan. First of all, use a soft-bristled brush to sweep away any leftover dust or debris. Next, use a non-abrasive cleaner to wash the tiles.

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You can also use a ph neutral cleaner to avoid any harm. Rub with a soft cloth to remove all the stains and polish. It is recommended to use a sealer to increase the durability of the tiles. It prevents dirt and stains from penetrating the surface by creating a protective layer.

If you want to keep your tiles in good condition, you should follow these maintenance tips: always clean up spills or stains immediately, regularly sweep and mop the tiles, and avoid abrasive cleaning products. By maintaining tiles properly, you can extend their lifespan and keep your floor looking brand new.


As you can see, removing mortar from old tiles for reuse is not an easy task. It requires patience, dedication, and the right tools. You cannot rush the process as it can cause damage to your tiles. Taking the necessary precautions like wearing protective gear is essential as well.

The methods mentioned in this post are tried and tested and are the most efficient ways to remove mortar from old tiles. Furthermore, it is important to remember that not all tiles can be saved, so it’s important to assess the damage before investing time and effort.

With these tips and tricks, you can successfully remove mortar from old tiles and bring new life to your flooring or walls. So, the next time you have a renovation project, you know what to do to save money and reuse old tiles.