How to Use Bissell Big Green?

To use the Bissell Big Green, first fill the tank with hot water and cleaning solution. Next, plug in the machine and press the power button. Then, select your desired cleaning mode and start cleaning your floor!

  • Pour the cleaning solution into the tank on the Bissell Big Green
  • Fill the tank with hot water, and then replace the lid
  • Plug in the machine, and then turn it on
  • Choose your desired cleaning mode, and then start cleaning your floor!

How to use the BISSELL Big Green Machine from Scratch

Tips for Using Bissell Big Green

Are you looking for a powerful and easy-to-use carpet cleaner? If so, the Bissell Big Green may be just what you need. This versatile machine can tackle all sorts of cleaning jobs, from carpets to upholstery.

Here are some tips for getting the most out of your Bissell Big Green: 1. Be sure to vacuum your carpets before using the Bissell Big Green. This will help loosen any dirt and debris that is embedded in the fibers.

2. Fill the tank with hot water and carpet cleaning solution. The amount of solution you use will depend on the size of your tank. Refer to the instructions manual for exact measurements.

3. Start by cleaning a small area to test the machine out. Make sure you move slowly and evenly over the surface to avoid leaving any streaks or missed spots. 4. Once you’re satisfied with how the machine is working, continue on to clean the rest of your carpets or upholstery.

Be sure to empty and refill the tank as needed.

How to Use Bissell Big Green Upholstery Attachment

Bissell Big Green Upholstery Attachment is a great way to clean your upholstery. It is easy to use and very effective. Here are some tips on how to use it:

1. First, vacuum your upholstery thoroughly to remove all the dirt and dust. 2. Next, attach the Bissell Big Green Upholstery Attachment to your vacuum cleaner. 3. Then, turn on the vacuum cleaner and start moving it back and forth over the upholstery.

4. You will see the dirt and debris being sucked into the attachment. Continue until all the dirt has been removed from the upholstery. 5 Finally, turn off the vacuum cleaner and detach the attachment.

Bissell Big Green Machine Manual

The Bissell Big Green Machine is a professional-grade carpet cleaner that is designed for heavy-duty cleaning. It features two large tanks for holding water and solution, and a powerful motor that provides excellent suction. The machine also has a brushroll system for deep cleaning, and comes with a variety of attachments for different cleaning tasks.

Best Cleaning Solution for Bissell Big Green

When it comes to cleaning your Bissell Big Green Machine, there are a few different solutions you can use. Here is a breakdown of the best options, so you can choose the one that works best for you and your machine. 1. Vinegar and Water Solution

For a simple and effective cleaning solution, mix equal parts water and vinegar together in a bowl or bucket. Then, use this mixture to clean your Bissell Big Green Machine according to the instructions in your owner’s manual. This solution is great for general cleaning and will help remove any built-up dirt or grime on your machine.

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2. Bissell Big Green Cleaning Solution If you want a specifically designed cleaning solution for your Bissell Big Green Machine, then you should opt for the Bissell Big Green Cleaning Solution . This formula is designed to work with your machine to clean it effectively and quickly.

Simply add the recommended amount of cleaner to your tank, fill it with water, and then run your machine as usual. 3. DIY All-Natural Cleaning Solution If you prefer an all-natural option, then this DIY cleaning solution is for you .

Combine 1 cup water, 1 cup white vinegar , ½ cup baking soda , and 2 tablespoons lemon juice in a bowl or container . Then, use this mixture to cleanse your machine following the instructions in the owner’s manual . This gentle yet powerful solution will leave your machine sparkling clean without using any harsh chemicals .

How to Use Bissell Big Green?


How Long Does It Take for Carpet to Dry After Using Bissell Big Green?

Bissell Big Green is one of the most popular carpet cleaners on the market. But how long does it take for the carpet to dry after using this cleaner? The answer depends on a few factors, such as the type of carpet you have and the ambient temperature and humidity in your home.

Generally speaking, it will take between 2-4 hours for your carpet to dry after using Bissell Big Green. However, if it is particularly humid or warm in your home, it could take up to 6 hours for the carpet to completely dry. If you’re in a hurry and need your carpets to dry quickly, there are a few things you can do to speed up the process.

First, make sure that you vacuumed prior to using Bissell Big Green – this will help remove any dirt or debris that could absorb moisture and prolong drying time. Secondly, open any windows and doors in your home to allow fresh air circulation – this will also help hasten drying time. Finally, turn on any fans or air conditioning units in your home – again, increased air circulation will help speed up drying time.

So there you have it – a general guide to how long it takes for carpet to dry after using Bissell Big Green. Of course, every situation is different so please use these guidelines as an estimate only – if in doubt, always err on the side of caution and give your carpets plenty of time to dry before walking on them or replacing furniture!

What Do You Put in a Bissell Big Green?

If you own a Bissell Big Green Machine, you know that it’s a powerful carpet cleaner. But what exactly do you put in it? The answer is actually pretty simple – just water and Bissell 2X Pet Stain & Odor Formula!

That’s it! The formula is specifically designed to tackle tough pet stains and odors, so it’s perfect for use in your Bissell Big Green Machine. To use, simply fill the machine’s tank with hot water (up to the “max fill” line) and then add bissell 2X Pet Stain & Odor Formula until the “formula line” is reached.

Then, clean your carpets as usual by running the machine over them. You’ll be amazed at how well the Bissell Big Green Machine cleans carpets – even those that seem impossible to get clean!

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How Do You Clean Upholstery With a Bissell Big Green?

Assuming you are talking about the Bissell Big Green Machine and not the Bissell Big Green Deep Cleaning Machine, here are detailed instructions on how to use it to clean upholstery: First, you will need to gather your supplies. You will need the Bissell Big Green Machine, water, a measuring cup, upholstery attachment and cleaning solution.

Once you have all of your supplies, you will need to mix 1/4 cup of the cleaning solution with 2 cups of water in the measuring cup. Next, you will pour this mixture into the tank of the machine. Now that your machine is ready, you will need to attach the upholstery attachment.

To do this, simply remove the nozzle from the end ofthe hose and screw onthe upholstery attachment in its place. Make sure it is tight so there are no leaks. Now you are ready to start cleaning!

Begin by vacuuming your piece of furniture thoroughlyto remove any loose dirt or debris. Once that is done, start runningthe upholstery attachment overthe surfaceofyour furniture following manufacturer’s instructions. Asyou clean,youwill see dirty water being suckedinto thenmachine’s tank.

Continue untilyou havecleanedthe entire pieceof furniture. Once you are finished cleaning, turn offthe machine and unplug it fromthe outlet. Carefullyremove thenupholsterattachmentand replaceitwiththenozzle attachmentthatcomes standardwith themachine.

. Nowyou canemptythedirtywaterfromthemachinebypressing downthe releasevalveandlettingthesuctiondothe work foryou!

How Do I Use Bissell Carpet Cleaner?

Assuming you would like a step-by-step guide on how to use a BISSELL carpet cleaner: 1. Fill the clean water tank with hot tap water and the appropriate amount of carpet cleaning formula. 2. Plug in your BISSELL carpet cleaner and turn it on.

Be sure to select the correct setting for your type of carpet. 3. Slowly and evenly pull the machine backward as you press the trigger on the handle to release solution onto your carpet. The key is to move slowly so that the brushes have time to work the solution into your carpet fibers.

Overlap each pass by about half until you’ve covered the entire area. 4. Once you’re finished, turn off the machine and unplug it from the outlet. Empty out any remaining dirty water and refill with clean water only this time.

Make another pass over your carpets with just water to rinse away any leftover dirt or detergent residue that could damage your carpets if left behind.


Are you looking for a powerful and easy-to-use carpet cleaner? If so, the Bissell Big Green may be just what you need. This versatile machine can be used on both carpets and upholstery, making it a great choice for those who want to clean their entire home.

Here’s how to use the Bissell Big Green: First, fill the tank with hot water and bissell cleaning solution. Then, select the appropriate brush for your surface – there are different brushes for carpets and upholstery.

To start cleaning, simply push the machine forward and let the brushes do their job. The Bissell Big Green will automatically suck up dirty water as it cleans. When you’re finished, empty the tank and flush any remaining dirt down the toilet.

With its deep-cleaning action, the Bissell Big Green is ideal for homes with pets or children. It’s also a great choice if you have allergies, as it will remove pollen and dust from your surfaces. So if you’re looking for an easy-to-use carpet cleaner that can tackle even the toughest stains, consider investing in a Bissell Big Green!