What Sauces Does Subway Have? Find Out Now!

Subway offers a variety of sauces, including ranch, honey mustard, and chipotle southwest. Subway, the world’s largest submarine sandwich chain, is well-known for its customizable sandwiches.

Apart from bread and toppings, sauces also play a crucial role in enhancing flavor. Subway offers various sauces that customers can choose from, including mayonnaise, yellow mustard, honey mustard, ranch, chipotle southwest, sweet onion, bbq sauce, buffalo sauce, and marinara sauce.

Additionally, some subway locations may offer regional-specific sauces based on the local taste preference. Subway’s sauce selection allows customers to personalize their sandwich to their unique preferences. So, if you plan to make your sandwich at the nearest subway outlet, don’t forget to explore the sauce options and give your sub that extra zest!

What Sauces Does Subway Have? Find Out Now!

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Classic Sauces

Subway serves a variety of sauces that enhance the flavors of their delicious sandwiches. One of the most beloved categories is their classic sauces.

Description Of Subway’S Classic Sauce Offerings

  • Mayonnaise: This sauce is made with eggs and oil to create a creamy texture. It is a classic sandwich condiment and is great with any meat or vegetable combination.
  • Mustard: Often served alongside deli meats, subway’s mustard sauce is tangy and adds a touch of spice to sandwiches.
  • Honey mustard: For those with a sweet tooth, subway’s honey mustard is the perfect choice. Made with mustard and honey, it pairs well with ham, turkey, and chicken.
  • Ranch: Creamy and flavorful, ranch sauce is a popular option for chicken and bacon sandwiches. It also tastes great with vegetables like cucumbers, bell peppers, and carrots.
  • Sweet onion: Subway’s sweet onion sauce is a favorite among fans. It’s slightly tangy and sweet and pairs well with beef, chicken, and veggie sandwiches.

Exploring Complementary Sandwich Ingredient Combinations For Each Sauce

  • Mayonnaise: Pair it with meats like turkey, chicken, ham, roast beef, and bacon. For veggies, lettuce, tomato, cucumbers, and onions are all great choices.
  • Mustard: This sauce adds a nice kick to deli meats like turkey, ham, and roast beef. It also complements vegetables with a bit of crunch, such as pickles, bell peppers, and onions.
  • Honey mustard: Chicken, turkey, and ham are all great choices for this sauce. It also pairs well with veggies such as spinach, tomato, and green pepper.
  • Ranch: This creamy sauce is perfect for chicken and bacon sandwiches, but it also tastes great with veggies like carrots, cucumbers, and broccoli.
  • Sweet onion: Try it with roast beef, turkey, and chicken. Top with fresh veggies like lettuce, tomato, and red onion to create a delicious sandwich.

Hot Sauces

Subway is the go-to sandwich chain for many people, thanks to its diverse range of sandwich options. But what about sauces? Do you ever find yourself wondering which sauces to choose from when building your sub? Well, wonder no more! In this blog post, we will take a closer look at subway’s hot sauce offerings, including their spice level options and recommended pairings.

Detailed Overview Of Subway’S Hot Sauce Offerings

Subway has a variety of hot sauces available to add extra flavor to your sandwich. Here are some of their most popular hot sauce options:

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  • Sriracha sauce: This sauce is perfect for those who love a bit of heat. Made with chopped red jalapeno peppers, distilled vinegar, garlic powder, and sugar, this sauce is a balanced mixture of tangy and spicy flavors.
  • Buffalo sauce: Lovers of spicy chicken wings will be happy to know that subway offers a delicious buffalo sauce that can spice up your sub. Made with hot sauce (cayenne peppers, vinegar, salt), water, distilled vinegar, soybean oil, salt, garlic powder, and natural flavor, this sauce adds a vinegary and savory punch to any sandwich.
  • Chipotle southwest sauce: This sauce is a favorite at the subway counter. It is made with chili pepper, distilled vinegar, water, salt, sugar, corn starch, onion powder, garlic powder, spices, soybean oil, and paprika, and delivers a smoky, tangy and slightly sweet taste.

Explanation Of Spice Level Options And Recommended Pairings

If you are a lover of spicy food, subway’s hot sauces provide the right amount of heat to make your sandwich experience delightful. Each sauce has a different level of spiciness, so here’s a breakdown:

  • Sriracha sauce: This sauce has a medium level of spiciness. It is great with meat-based sandwiches, such as subway’s chicken or steak subs, and it pairs well with veggies like peppers and onions.
  • Buffalo sauce: This hot sauce is on the high end of spiciness. It is perfect for those who can handle a lot of heat. This sauce pairs well with flavored meats like subway’s roasted chicken or spicy italian sandwiches.
  • Chipotle southwest sauce: This sauce has a mild to medium level of spiciness. It pairs well with chicken subs, especially when combined with subway’s monterey cheddar cheese or bacon for that extra flavor.

Subway offers a great range of hot sauces that cater to everyone’s preferences. Whether you like it mild or spicy, there is a sauce option at subway that will satisfy your taste buds. So, the next time you’re at a subway store, don’t hesitate to ask for a bit of hot sauce to add some kick to your sandwich.

Savoury Sauces

Looking to add some flavour to your subway sandwich? You’re in luck – subway offers a range of savoury sauces to complement your favourite sandwich fillings! Here’s an overview of subway’s savoury sauce offerings, including some suggested sandwich combinations that work perfectly with each sauce.

Overview Of Subway’S Savoury Sauce Offerings:

  • Subway offers nine different savoury sauces, including classic favourites like mayonnaise and mustard, as well as some unique options like sweet onion sauce and chipotle southwest sauce.
  • These savoury sauces are available on a range of sandwiches, from classic choices like the blt and subway club, to more unique options like the veggie delight and the italian b.m.t.
  • Each sauce has a unique flavour profile, so it’s worth experimenting to find your favourite combination!
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Sandwich Combinations That Work Well With Subway’S Savoury Sauces:

  • Chipotle southwest sauce: This bold and spicy sauce pairs well with sandwiches that feature chicken, like the sweet onion chicken teriyaki or the chicken & bacon ranch melt.
  • Honey mustard sauce: With a tangy and slightly sweet flavour, this sauce is the perfect complement to sandwiches that feature turkey or ham, like the turkey breast or black forest ham.
  • Ranch dressing: This creamy and herbaceous sauce is great on a range of sandwiches, but particularly tasty on the classic tuna or the cold cut combo.
  • Mayonnaise: A classic condiment, mayonnaise is delicious on any sandwich, but pairs particularly well with the subway club or the italian b.m.t.
  • Yellow mustard: With a bold and slightly vinegary flavour, yellow mustard is a great choice for sandwiches that feature roast beef or corned beef, like the classic reuben or the roast beef.
  • Sweet onion sauce: This unique sauce has a sweet and tangy flavour that pairs well with a variety of sandwiches, but is particularly delicious on the veggie delight or the turkey breast & black forest ham.
  • Buffalo sauce: This spicy and tangy sauce is perfect for adding a kick to sandwiches that feature chicken or beef, like the buffalo chicken or the steak & cheese.
  • Barbecue sauce: With a smokey and sweet flavour, barbecue sauce is a great choice for sandwiches that feature chicken or pork, like the chicken bacon ranch or the pulled pork.
  • Subway vinaigrette: This tangy and slightly sweet sauce is delicious on a range of sandwiches, but particularly tasty on the italian b.m.t. Or the subway club.

So whether you’re a fan of spicy, savoury, or sweet flavours, subway has a sauce that will suit your taste buds. Give these sandwich and sauce combinations a try and see which ones become your new favourites!

Light Sauces

Are you looking for a quick and healthy subway sandwich option? Look no further than subway’s light sauce options! These sauces come in a range of flavors that are perfect for anyone who wants to add a little flavor without adding unnecessary calories.

Description Of Subway’S Light Sauce Options

Subway offers a range of light sauce options that are perfect for those looking for a healthier option. Here are some of the most popular light sauces available:

  • Sweet onion: This sauce has a tangy and sweet flavor and pairs well with chicken and turkey sandwiches.
  • Honey mustard: This sauce has a sweet and tangy flavor. It’s perfect for pairing with ham or turkey sandwiches.
  • Mustard: This classic sauce is perfect for adding a little kick to your sandwich. It pairs well with any meat option.
  • Vinegar: This sauce has a tangy flavor that pairs well with vegetables, such as lettuce and tomato.

Explanation Of The Flavor Profile And Recommended Combinations

Each of subway’s light sauces has a unique flavor profile that can add some flavor without piling on calories. Here are some recommended combinations:

  • Sweet onion: Try pairing this sauce with turkey, lettuce, and tomato for a healthy and flavorful option.
  • Honey mustard: This sauce pairs well with ham, lettuce, tomato, and onion for a sweet and tangy combination.
  • Mustard: Add some kick to your turkey sandwich by pairing it with mustard and lettuce.
  • Vinegar: This sauce goes well with vegetables, such as lettuce, tomato, and cucumber, for a healthy and tangy option.
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Subway’s light sauce options are perfect for anyone looking for a healthy and flavorful option. With a range of flavors to choose from, you can add some flavor to your sandwich without adding extra calories. Try these options out today and enjoy a healthier subway sandwich!

Unique Sauces

Subway is well-known for their sandwiches that are customized just the way you like it. And what’s a sandwich without delicious sauces? Subway offers a variety of sauces for customers to choose from. We will focus on subway’s unique sauce offerings that you won’t find anywhere else.

Overview Of Subway’S Unique Sauce Offerings

Subway has a variety of sauces to choose from, but some are unique to the brand. Here are some of the unique sauce offerings that you will find at subway:

  • Subway vinaigrette: This is a tangy and sweet sauce that is perfect for salads.
  • Subway southwest sauce: This sauce is a combination of chipotle and southwest flavors, making it perfect for sandwiches with spicy chicken or beef.
  • Subway honey mustard: This sweet and tangy sauce is perfect for adding to any sandwich featuring roasted chicken or turkey.
  • Subway sweet onion sauce: This sauce is a combination of sweet and tangy flavors, perfect for adding to vegetarian and turkey sandwiches.

Discussion Of Specialty Sandwiches Where These Sauces Come Into Play

Subway offers a variety of specialty sandwiches that feature unique sauces. Here are some sandwiches where the unique sauces come into play:

  • Chicken and bacon ranch melt: This sandwich is made with tender chicken, crispy bacon, and melted monterey cheddar cheese. The southwest sauce gives it a spicy kick.
  • Spicy italian: This sandwich features spicy pepperoni, salami, and cheese with the subway vinaigrette sauce, making it a perfect match for those who love spicy food.
  • Turkey breast and black forest ham: This sandwich features tender turkey breast and savory black forest ham with honey mustard sauce, giving it a perfect balance of sweet and tangy flavors.
  • Sweet onion chicken teriyaki: This fan-favorite sandwich is made with tender teriyaki-glazed chicken strips, crisp veggies, and sweet onion sauce, which gives it a uniquely sweet and tangy flavor.

Subway has a variety of unique sauces that are perfect for any taste bud. Whether you choose the subway vinaigrette, southwest sauce, honey mustard, or sweet onion sauce, you’ll be sure to enjoy the delicious flavors that these sauces provide.

Try out the specialty sandwiches that feature these sauces to experience the unique flavors that subway has to offer.


Now that you know about all the different sauces that subway has to offer, it’s time for you to decide which one you want to try out next. Whether you prefer sweet or savory, spicy or mild, subway has a sauce that is perfect for you.

From the classic mayo and mustard to the more unique sriracha and sweet onion, subway’s selection of sauces is sure to impress. So, the next time you visit subway, be sure to try out one of their delicious sauces on your sandwich.

And don’t forget to mix and match to find your perfect flavor combination. With subway’s wide variety of sauces, the possibilities are endless. Happy sandwich eating!