What Size Nails for Quarter Round? – A Comprehensive Guide.

16 or 18 gauge nails are suitable for quarter round installation. Quarter round molding is generally thin and lightweight, so you don’t need heavy-duty nails to secure it in place.

Using the right size nails is crucial for proper installation and longevity of the molding. Nails that are too small may not hold the molding securely, while nails that are too large may split the molding or cause damage to the surface it is attached to.

Choosing the correct nail size will ensure a clean, professional look for your project. Keep reading to learn more about how to choose the right nail for your quarter round installation.

What Size Nails for Quarter Round? - A Comprehensive Guide.

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Different Types Of Nails For Quarter Round

Quarter rounds serve as a finishing touch to complete the look of your floor. The size of nails or fasteners you use will determine how secure the quarter rounds will be. There are three types of nails considered ideal for quarter round installation.

Finishing nails have a small head ideal for hiding beneath the wood grain. Brad nails leave small holes, perfect for filling if needed. Pin nails are the smallest of the bunch, with virtually invisible holes. Depending on the thickness of your quarter round, you can choose the right type of nail.

Get it right with a little practice, and you’ll create a polished and seamless finish. So, choose the right nail and enjoy the beautiful look of your floor with a completed look.

Factors To Consider While Choosing The Size Of Nails For Quarter Round

Choosing the right size of nails for quarter round depends on several factors. Firstly, consider the width and thickness of the quarter round itself. Thinner quarter round will require smaller nails. Secondly, think about the substrate you are nailing into.

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Hardwood floors or concrete may require longer nails. The intended finished look is another important factor. If the nails will be visible, choose a smaller size for a neater appearance. Finally, budget and time constraints may also impact your decision.

Smaller nails may be more cost-effective but take longer to install. Keep these factors in mind when choosing the right size nails for your quarter round and you’ll achieve a precise, professional finish.

General Guidelines For Selecting Nails For Quarter Round

When it comes to selecting the right nails for quarter round, there are some general guidelines to follow. For ¾ inch quarter round, 2-inch finishing nails should be used. For ½ inch quarter round, 1 ½-inch finishing nails are recommended.

For very thin quarter rounds, ⅝ inch brad nails or 23-gauge pin nails should be used. It’s important to choose the right size nails to ensure a secure and professional-looking installation. Additionally, using a nail gun or a hammer and nail set can be helpful to avoid damaging the quarter round.

Moreover, the right nails can help to prevent splitting or cracking in the quarter round, and can save time and frustration in the long run.

Tips For Nailing Quarter Round

When it comes to nailing quarter round, it’s important to use the right size nails. To ensure a professional finish, follow these tips. Firstly, pre-drill holes for finishing and brad nails. This will prevent the wood from splitting. Secondly, use a nail set to countersink nails, ensuring they’re flush with the surface.

Moreover, don’t overdrive the nails, as this can cause damage to the quarter round. By following these steps, you’ll achieve a clean and polished look.


Now you know what size nails to use when installing quarter round molding. Remember, the size of the nails depends on the thickness of the molding, so ensure that you select the right size for the job. Using too small or too large nails can cause the quarter round molding to loosen and fall off, or even split.

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Additionally, pre-drilling the holes will help to prevent the nails from splitting the molding, which could ruin the entire project. Make sure you take your time and use the right tools to ensure a smooth and successful installation. By following these simple steps, you can create beautiful and professional-looking quarter round molding to enhance the beauty of your home.

Happy molding!