What Time of Year are Cherries in Season?

Cherries are typically in season during the summer months, from late may to early august. Cherry season is a highly anticipated time of year for fruit lovers.

With their sweet taste, bright colors, and versatility in cooking and baking, cherries are celebrated around the world. But when exactly are cherries in season? Typically, cherry season begins in late may or early june and lasts through august, depending on the region. This timeframe can vary slightly based on weather conditions and location, but in general, the peak of cherry season is during the summer months. Whether you prefer tart cherries for pies or sweet cherries for snacking, be sure to enjoy them while they’re in season!

What Time of Year are Cherries in Season?

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Understanding Cherry Seasonality

Cherry season in the united states typically takes place between may and august. The exact time frame for cherry season varies from region to region, as well as from one type of cherry to another. Sweet cherries, such as the popular bing and rainier varieties, are typically the first to arrive in season.

Tart cherries, on the other hand, may not be ready until late june or early july. Understanding cherry seasonality can help you choose the freshest cherries for your culinary needs, as well as help you plan the best time to visit cherry orchards and farmers markets.

Keep in mind that availability and peak ripeness can be affected by weather patterns and other factors, so it’s always a good idea to check with local growers to get the most accurate information.

Cherry Season By Region

Cherry season varies across different regions, and the best time to enjoy these delicious fruits depends on your location. In the pacific northwest and california, cherry season starts in late may and lasts till early august. In the midwest and northeast, cherries are in season from late june to late july.

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The southwest region typically harvests cherries from early may through mid-june. Finally, the southeast region has the shortest season, typically starting in late may and ending in early june. While weather patterns and growing conditions can affect the exact dates, these general timeframes are a good guide for when to look for fresh cherries in your area.

So keep an eye out for these tasty treats during their respective seasonal windows and enjoy them at their best.

What month are cherries in season?

Factors Affecting Cherry Season

Cherry season typically begins in the late spring and runs through the early summer months, typically from may through july. The exact timing of the season varies depending on several factors. Climate and weather play a crucial role in determining when the cherries will ripen.

The growing conditions need to be just right for the cherries to reach their peak flavor and juiciness. Other factors that can influence cherry season include the variety of cherry, the location of the orchard, and the growing practices used.

Certain varieties of cherries may have shorter or longer seasons than others, and orchards in cooler areas may have later harvests than those in warmer regions. Overall, the timing of cherry season can vary from year to year and from region to region, but it typically falls between late spring and early summer.

Types Of Cherries

Types of cherries: cherries come in various colors and sizes. The most common types of cherries are the sweet and tart varieties. The sweet cherries come in two types: dark and light. The dark ones are the most popular and have a sweet taste.

The light ones are less sweet and have a mild flavor. Tart cherries are smaller in size and have a sour taste. They are mostly used for cooking and making cherry pies. Some other types of cherries include rainier cherries, sour black cherries, and yellow cherries.

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Rainier cherries are yellow with a red blush, and they have a sweet and tangy flavor. Sour black cherries have a sour taste and are mostly used for making preserves. Yellow cherries are much sweeter than light sweet cherries and have a tangy flavor.

Cherries are in season during the summer months, from may to august.

The Best Time To Harvest Cherries

If you’re a fan of cherries, you might be wondering when the best time to harvest them is. Cherries are in season at different times depending on where you live, due to differences in weather and climate. Generally, cherries are harvested in the summer months, between may and august.

In some warmer regions, cherries may ripen earlier in the season, while in cooler regions, they may take longer to ripen. Be sure to keep an eye on the weather and check your local farmer’s market for the freshest, in-season cherries.

With the right timing and a little bit of luck, you can enjoy the delicious taste of fresh cherries all summer long.


As we conclude, it’s crystal clear that cherries are packed with amazing flavors, nutrients, and health benefits. From mid-june through early august, cherries are in season in most parts of the world, so don’t hesitate to hit your local supermarket and grab some.

It’s worth noting that cherries spoil very quickly, so purchase only what you can consume within a few days to ensure you maximize their freshness and flavor. While they can be used in various recipes, you’ll never go wrong with eating them right out of the hand.

Cherries’ seasonality means we have limited time to savor these ruby gems, making them all the more precious. Let’s enjoy the season while it lasts and look forward to nature’s other seasonal gifts.