Why is My Money Tree Leaves Turning Yellow?

If your money tree leaves are turning yellow, it’s likely due to a lack of nutrients. Money trees are native to tropical regions and require high levels of humidity and moisture to thrive. When grown indoors, they may not be getting enough humidity or moisture, causing the leaves to turn yellow.

Another possibility is that the tree is getting too much direct sunlight, which can also cause the leaves to turn yellow. If you think either of these might be the problem, try increasing the humidity around the tree or moving it to a spot with more indirect light.

If you’ve noticed that your money tree’s leaves are turning yellow, don’t worry – it’s not a sign that your plant is sick. There are actually a few different reasons why this may be happening. One possibility is that your money tree is getting too much sunlight.

Money trees thrive in bright, indirect light, so if yours is getting direct sun for most of the day, the leaves may start to turn yellow. Move your plant to a spot where it will get some protection from the sun’s rays and see if the problem improves. Another possibility is that your money tree isn’t getting enough water.

These plants like to have their soil moist at all times, so make sure you’re watering yours regularly (but not over-watering). If the soil feels dry to the touch, it’s time to give your money tree a drink. Finally, it could be that your money tree needs a little more fertilizer than usual.

If you think this might be the case, give your plant a gentle boost with an all-purpose fertilizer and see if that does the trick. Don’t stress if your money tree’s leaves turn yellow every now and then – it’s normal! Just take a look at what might be causing the problem and make some adjustments accordingly.

Your plant will be back to its healthy self in no time.

5 Reasons why your MONEY TREE plant leaves turning PALE or yellow

How Do You Fix Yellow Leaves on a Money Tree?

One common reason for yellow leaves on a money tree is excessive sunlight. If the leaves are getting too much sun, they will start to turn yellow. You can fix this by moving the tree to a location that gets less direct sunlight.

Another possible reason for yellow leaves is lack of water. Money trees need to be watered regularly, and if they don’t get enough water, their leaves will start to turn yellow. Make sure you’re giving your tree enough water and that the soil isn’t too dry.

If you think your tree may be suffering from a nutrient deficiency, you can try fertilizing it with a general-purpose fertilizer. Be sure to follow the instructions on the package carefully so you don’t overdo it and damage your tree.

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If you’ve tried all of these things and your money tree’s leaves are still yellow, it’s possible that the problem is more serious and you should consult a professional gardener or arborist for help.

Can Yellow Money Plant Leaves Turn Green Again?

If you have a yellow money plant (also called a golden pothos), the leaves may turn green again if you give the plant more light. Money plants need bright, indirect sunlight to maintain their variegated colors. If your plant is in too much shade, the leaves will turn green.

To get your money plant’s leaves to turn yellow again, move it to a brighter location. If direct sunlight is too harsh, place the plant near an east- or west-facing window. You can also try using grow lights to provide extra light for your plant.

Give your money plant some time to adjust to its new location before you expect the leaves to change color. It may take a few weeks for the leaves to start turning yellow again. Be patient and enjoy watching your money plant thrive in its new home!

How Often Do You Water a Money Tree?

It is best to water a money tree once every week or two. If the leaves begin to droop, that is a sign that the tree needs more water. The soil should be kept moist but not soggy.

Money trees do not like to sit in water so be sure to empty any drainage trays after watering.

Why is My Money Tree Dropping Yellow Leaves?

Money trees are a popular houseplant because they are relatively easy to care for and can thrive in a variety of conditions. However, like all plants, money trees can experience problems from time to time. One common issue is yellowing leaves.

There are several reasons why your money tree’s leaves might be turning yellow, and fortunately, most of them are easily remedied. One of the most common reasons for yellowing leaves on a money tree is too much or too little water. Money trees prefer soil that is evenly moist but not soggy.

If the soil is too dry, the leaves will begin to turn yellow and drop off. On the other hand, if the soil is constantly wet or soggy, this can also cause problems for the plant including root rot and fungal diseases. If you think your plant may be getting too much or too little water, check the soil before watering and adjust your watering schedule accordingly.

Another possible reason for yellowing leaves is lack of nutrients. Although money trees don’t require a lot of fertilizer, they do need some nutrients to stay healthy. If you notice that your plant’s leaves are starting to turn yellow, try giving it a weak dose of liquid fertilizer every couple of weeks.

You should also make sure you are using a potting mix that contains enough nutrients for the plant. Over time, these nutrients can become depleted so it’s important to replenish them regularly. Finally, another potential cause of yellowing leaves on money trees is direct sunlight exposure.

These plants prefer bright indirect light but direct sunlight can scorch their leaves causing them to turn yellow or brown.

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Why is My Money Tree Leaves Turning Yellow?

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Why is My Money Tree Leaves Turning Yellow And Brown

If your money tree leaves are turning yellow and brown, it’s likely due to a lack of water. Money trees are native to tropical climates and require moist soil to thrive. Allow the top inch of soil to dry out before watering again.

If the leaves are wilted or drooping, it’s an indication that the plant needs water immediately. Inspect the roots to see if they’re soft or mushy – this is another sign of overwatering. Brown leaves can also be caused by too much direct sunlight.

Move your money tree to a spot that receives indirect light for best results.

Should I Cut Yellow Leaves off Money Tree

If you have a money tree, also known as Pachira Aquatica, and notice that the leaves are turning yellow, you may be wondering if you should cut them off. While it’s not necessary to remove the leaves, doing so can help improve the plant’s overall appearance. Keep reading to learn more about why money tree leaves turn yellow and whether or not you should remove them.

One reason why money tree leaves may turn yellow is due to a nutrient deficiency. If your plant isn’t getting enough nitrogen, phosphorus, or potassium, the leaves will start to yellow. Another possible reason is overwatering or underwatering.

Both of these can cause stress on the plant, which can lead to yellowing leaves. If you think that a nutrient deficiency is causing the problem, you can try fertilizing your money tree with a balanced fertilizer. Be sure to follow the instructions on the package carefully so that you don’t over-fertilize and damage your plant.

If overwatering or underwatering is an issue, adjust your watering schedule accordingly and make sure that your plant has proper drainage. In most cases, it’s not necessary to remove yellow leaves from your money tree unless they are severely damaged or dying. If you do decide to trim them back, use sharp pruning shears and make clean cuts just above where the leaf meets the stem.

With proper care, your money tree should soon bounce back and its green leaves will return!

Money Tree Leaves Turning Yellow With Spots

If your money tree’s leaves are turning yellow with spots, it could be a sign of a few different things. It could be that the tree is not getting enough water, or that the soil is too alkaline or too acidic. It could also be a sign of pests or diseases.

If you see any other changes in the tree, such as wilting leaves or stems, it’s best to consult with a plant expert to figure out what’s going on.


If your money tree’s leaves are turning yellow, it could be due to a number of reasons. It could be that the plant is not getting enough water, or that it’s getting too much sun. Alternatively, it could be a nutrient deficiency or pests.

If you’re not sure what the problem is, take a look at the soil and see if there are any signs of pests or disease. Once you’ve diagnosed the problem, you can take steps to fix it and prevent further damage to your money tree.