Does a 700 Watt Microwave Require a Dedicated Circuit? Explanation and Tips.

Yes, a 700 watt microwave requires a dedicated circuit. A microwave is an essential kitchen equipment widely used for cooking, reheating, and defrosting.

With the advancement in technology, microwaves are now more powerful and energy efficient. However, they still require specific electrical requirements that need to be met for safe usage. One crucial aspect to consider is the electrical circuit that powers the microwave.

A dedicated circuit is a circuit solely dedicated to powering a specific appliance. In this case, a 700-watt microwave requires a dedicated circuit to avoid overloading the circuit and tripping the circuit breaker. Therefore, it’s important to consult a licensed electrician to ensure the kitchen electrical system operates safely and efficiently without any interruption, and to avoid electrical hazards.

Does a 700 Watt Microwave Require a Dedicated Circuit? Explanation and Tips.


What Is A Dedicated Circuit?

A dedicated circuit is a separate electrical line that is solely dedicated to one specific appliance. This is required for appliances that draw a lot of power, such as a 700 watt microwave. The explanation of a dedicated circuit is quite simple; it is meant to provide additional power and safety to an appliance.

Some appliances that need a dedicated circuit include electric water heaters, air conditioners, and electric ovens. Without a dedicated circuit, there is a potential safety hazard, as the circuit breaker may trip if there is too much load on the circuit.

This can lead to a power outage or even a fire hazard. It is important to consult with an electrician to determine if a dedicated circuit is needed for your appliance.

Microwave Wattage And Electrical Needs

Microwaves are essential appliances in most households. If you’re considering buying one that operates at 700 watts, it’s important to know if it needs a dedicated circuit. Wattage is directly related to the electrical load, which means a microwave with higher wattage can draw more current.

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A standard microwave wattage is around 1,000 watts, but it can range from 600 to 1,200 watts. Thus, a 700 watt microwave might not require a dedicated circuit. Standard circuit breakers have amperage ratings of 15a or 20a, and the former is usually enough for a 700 watt microwave.

However, if you have other appliances on the same circuit, it’s ideal to have a dedicated one for the microwave to ensure safety and avoid overloading the circuit.

The Importance Of A Dedicated Circuit For A 700 Watt Microwave

A 700 watt microwave may require a dedicated circuit due to its electrical load. Without a dedicated circuit, it can cause safety concerns and potential damage to the appliance. The circuit breaker may trip if other appliances are being used at the same time, affecting the performance of the microwave.

In some cases, it can even cause a fire hazard. It is important to consider the electrical requirements of the appliance to ensure safety and optimal performance. Consult with an electrician to determine if a dedicated circuit is necessary for your microwave and to ensure it is installed properly.

Don’t risk damaging your appliance or putting your safety at risk. A dedicated circuit may seem like an unnecessary expense, but it’s a worthwhile investment to ensure the longevity and proper functioning of your microwave.

Installing A Dedicated Circuit For Your Microwave

A 700 watt microwave may need a dedicated circuit in your kitchen. To install the circuit, you’ll need the help of an electrician because it’s not a diy task. The cost of installation varies, but it ranges between $300 and $1000.

However, having a dedicated circuit for your microwave has several advantages, including preventing you from overloading your home’s electrical system. Plus, it helps in maintaining the efficiency of your microwave. So, it’s wise to consult an expert and request their assistance in installing a dedicated circuit for your microwave.


Considering all the points discussed in the article, it is crystal clear that a 700 watt microwave requires a dedicated circuit. Overloading a regular circuit with other appliances can cause a voltage drop, resulting in potential damage to the appliance or a fire hazard.

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It is vital to follow the manufacturer’s instructions to determine the proper circuitry requirements for your specific microwave. The severity of the issue cannot be overstated, as overloading circuits is one of the leading causes of house fires around the world.

Therefore, proper electrical installation is critical when it comes to setting up your microwave. By having a dedicated circuit installed, you guarantee the safety of your appliance, home, and family. In light of this information, we strongly recommend ensuring that a dedicated circuit is installed specifically for your microwave and following the manufacturer’s installation instructions.