Understanding the Relationship Between Ariens and Gravely

Yes, ariens company is the owner of gravely. Both companies are located in brillion, wisconsin, and are involved in manufacturing outdoor power equipment.

Ariens and gravely are two well-known names in the world of outdoor power equipment. Both companies have a long history of manufacturing quality machines designed for residential and commercial use alike. Ariens company, which was founded in 1933 by henry ariens, is the parent company of gravely. The two companies share a headquarters in brillion, wisconsin, where they design and manufacture their respective lines of products. Ariens focuses primarily on snow blowers and zero-turn mowers, while gravely offers a wider range of products, including commercial-grade mowers, plows, and more. Despite their differences, both companies share a commitment to quality and innovation, making them leaders in the outdoor power equipment space.

Understanding the Relationship Between Ariens and Gravely

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Formation Of The Companies

Ariens and gravely are both outdoor equipment companies, but do they share the same parent company? The answer is yes, arienscompany currently owns gravely. Ariens was founded in 1933 by henry ariens, initially producing coal and wood-burning furnaces before venturing into outdoor power equipment.

Gravely was founded in 1915 by benjamin gravely, producing tractor attachments before eventually manufacturing their own tractors. Both companies grew steadily and gained a reputation for producing durable and high-quality equipment. Today, they offer a range of products including snow blowers, lawnmowers, and utility vehicles.

Despite their shared ownership, ariens and gravely remain distinct brands with unique product lines.

Acquisition Of Gravely By Ariens

Ariens, a leading manufacturer of outdoor power equipment, acquired gravely in 1982. The acquisition was a strategic move to expand the company’s line of products. Ariens, founded in 1933, has become a trusted brand for homeowners and professionals alike. The acquisition of gravely brought ariens a range of high-quality commercial-grade mowers, which have helped them maintain their status as an industry leader.

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Gravely, founded in 1916, has since become a subsidiary of ariens company. This acquisition has benefited both companies, allowing them to share resources, increase production, and improve distribution. Today, the ariens and gravely brands are both well-known in the outdoor power equipment industry, and continue to innovate and improve their products to meet the changing needs of consumers.

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Current Status Of Gravely

Ariens incorporated, a power equipment company based in wisconsin, owns gravely. Gravely offers commercial mowers, zero-turn mowers, and utility vehicles. It also provides warranty and customer service support, dealer network and maintenance education. In recent years, gravely has launched multiple innovations, including an app that allows customers to monitor maintenance, fuel usage and productivity.

Despite gravely’s incorporation in ariens, it still operates autonomously, producing high-quality, resilient products with a focus on the customer experience. Its success is a testament to the strength and adaptability of both companies.


After a thorough analysis of the available information and data, it is crystal clear that ariens does indeed own gravely. Interestingly, this acquisition has brought together two of the biggest players in the outdoor power equipment industry. As we have seen, ariens has made a name for itself in designing and manufacturing mowers and snow blowers that are high-performing, reliable and ideal for commercial and residential use.

On the other hand, gravely has focused on fabricating durable zero-turn mowers, walk-behind mowers, and other landscaping tools, thus complementing ariens’ product line. This merge has enabled both companies to pool their resources and empower each other further, leading to the production of exceptional products that meet the needs of customers adequately.

Therefore, it is safe to say that the two companies have become even stronger together.