Does John Deere Make Push Mowers?

Yes, john deere does make push mowers. John deere is a well-known brand in the agricultural industry for its sturdy and reliable equipment.

But, did you know that they also make push mowers? The john deere push mowers are designed to provide homeowners with a quality cut in a compact and easy-to-use package. They offer several features such as multiple cutting heights, adjustable handles, and a powerful engine to tackle even the toughest grass. In this article, we will discuss the different types of john deere push mowers available in the market and their features. Whether you have a small or large yard, john deere push mowers are a great option for maintaining a lush and healthy lawn.

Does John Deere Make Push Mowers?


The John Deere Brand

John deere is a well-established brand in the outdoor power equipment industry. The company was founded in 1837 and has been producing high-quality machinery ever since. In terms of push mowers, john deere offers a variety of models for both residential and commercial use.

These mowers are known for their durability and ease of use, making them a popular choice among homeowners and lawn care professionals alike. Additionally, john deere push mowers often feature advanced technology such as electric start and self-propulsion, making them a convenient and efficient option for maintaining your lawn.

Overall, the john deere brand continues to be a trusted and reliable choice for outdoor power equipment, including push mowers.

Types Of Push Mowers

Push mowers are a popular option for those who prefer a more traditional lawn-mowing experience. There are various types of push mowers available in the market, including reel mowers, electric mowers, and gas mowers. Reel mowers are eco-friendly and quiet, but not ideal for thicker grass.

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Electric mowers are easy to use and maintain, but have a limited battery life. Gas mowers are ideal for larger lawns and thicker grass, but require more maintenance and can be noisy. When deciding which push mower to purchase, consider the size of your lawn, the thickness of your grass, and your personal preferences.

LAWN MOWER SERVICE. MODEL: John Deere JS48 #FrugalWithJohn

Does John Deere Make Push Mowers?

John deere is a renowned company known for producing quality lawn care equipment. So, does john deere make push mowers? The answer is yes! You can choose from various models such as the js46, js36, and js26. Each mower is equipped with features such as the john deere turbostar system, which ensures the grass is evenly cut, and a high-performance engine that provides more than enough power to tackle any yard.

Customer reviews highlight the long service life of these mowers and how easy they are to handle. With a john deere push mower, you can mow your lawn with ease, while also enjoying a well-manicured yard that can make your neighbors green with envy.

John Deere’S Competitive Advantage

John deere is well-known for producing durable and reliable farm equipment, but does it make push mowers? The answer is yes. John deere push mowers are highly competitive in the market, thanks to their unique selling points. For instance, the mowers integrate advanced technology, such as the readystart engine, which does not require priming or choking.

The mowers also come with a multiple-year warranty, giving peace of mind to customers. John deere’s customer service is also noteworthy, with prompt responses and support for its products. When compared to its competition, john deere push mowers hold their own and offer reliable quality at an affordable price point.


As we come to the end of our deep dive into whether or not john deere makes push mowers, it’s clear that the answer is a bit complicated. While the company doesn’t produce any true push mowers, they do have a variety of walk-behind models that can handle a wide range of cutting needs.

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From the economical and straightforward js series to the larger and more robust wg models, there’s a john deere walk-behind for just about any job. And with features like blade brakes, electric start, and innovative blade designs, it’s easy to see why so many homeowners and professionals alike choose john deere for their lawn care needs.

So if you’re in the market for a new mower, don’t overlook john deere. With their reputation for quality, reliability, and innovation, they might just have the perfect choice for you.