Does Jollibee Gravy Contain Pork? Uncovered!

Yes, jollibee gravy does contain pork. This popular fast food chain’s gravy is made using pork extract, along with other ingredients like water, flour, and seasoning.

Jollibee is a filipino fast food chain that has gained worldwide popularity in recent years. Known for its signature crispy fried chicken, jollibee has also become famous for its delicious gravy. However, for those who avoid pork in their diet for religious, ethical or health reasons, it’s important to know about the ingredients in jollibee’s gravy.

As mentioned earlier, jollibee’s gravy contains pork extract, so it’s not suitable for people who don’t eat pork. In this article, we’ll explore more about jollibee’s gravy, its ingredients, and whether there are any alternatives available for those who avoid pork.

Does Jollibee Gravy Contain Pork? Uncovered!


The Ingredients Of Jollibee Gravy

Jollibee gravy has an array of ingredients, starting with water, starch, and wheat. Next is the beef fat, followed by flour, modified starch, and flavor enhancer. Other ingredients include maltodextrin, soy sauce, iodized salt, caramel color, and cornstarch. The gravy also has onion, garlic, and pepper seasoning to give it flavor.

Some of the ingredients used in jollibee gravy, such as beef fat and soy sauce, may contain pork. These ingredients add flavor to the gravy. The onion and garlic seasoning, on the other hand, provide aroma and taste to it.

Overall, jollibee gravy has a unique taste, and its ingredients are carefully selected to give you the perfect gravy to complement your food.

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The Controversy

The controversy surrounding the ingredients of jollibee’s gravy has gained attention. While some firmly oppose the product’s use of pork, others support it. However, it’s important to be cautious of spreading unverified information. It’s crucial to do your own research and make an informed decision.

Ultimately, the decision to consume jollibee’s gravy lies with the individual. Regardless of where you stand on the issue, it’s important to respect others’ beliefs and choices. Only time will tell if jollibee will make a change to their gravy recipe, but until then, it’s up to consumers to make the decision for themselves.

Research Findings

Jollibee is a popular fast-food chain beloved for its amazing meals. But one question has been on everyone’s mind, “does jollibee gravy have pork? “. To answer this question, thorough research findings have been carried out, and sources consulted include the manufacturer’s website, customer reviews, and jollibee outlets worldwide.

The author’s research did not find any pork-related products or flavors in the jollibee gravy. Jollibee gravy contains chicken extract, roux, and spices, according to the manufacturer’s website. There are no animal byproducts in the gravy, based on the available evidence.

Thus, jollibee gravy is perfect for everyone, including vegetarians and muslims, and they can enjoy all the incredible jollibee meals without worrying about pork products.

Jollibee’S Statement

Jollibee, a fast-food multinational chain, has been the subject of many discussions recently. One of the most popular ones revolves around the gravy they provide. People have been asking whether or not it contains pork. In response to this, jollibee has released an official statement.

The statement talks about a thorough review of the gravy’s recipe. It also states that the gravy does not contain any pork. An analysis of this statement reveals that jollibee has taken the allegations seriously. They have done their due diligence and confirmed that their gravy is pork-free.

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There could be various reasons behind jollibee’s statement such as their commitment to customer satisfaction or their reputation in the market. Regardless, it is essential for any brand to address such concerns to maintain the trust of their customers.

Frequently Asked Questions For Does Jollibee Gravy Have Pork?

Is Jollibee Gravy Made With Pork?

Yes, jollibee gravy is made with pork. The gravy’s main ingredient is pork stock, which gives it its distinct flavor.

Does Jollibee Have Any Pork-Free Gravy Options?

No, jollibee doesn’t offer any pork-free gravy options at the moment. Its gravy is primarily made with pork stock and is a signature ingredient in its recipes.

Can I Ask For No Gravy In My Jollibee Order?

Yes, you can ask for no gravy on your jollibee order. Simply inform the cashier or indicate it on your online order.

Is Jollibee Gravy Halal-Certified?

No, jollibee gravy is not halal-certified. As it contains pork stock, it is not suitable for muslim consumption.

Does Jollibee Offer Vegetarian Or Vegan Gravy Alternatives?

No, jollibee does not currently offer any vegetarian or vegan gravy options. Its gravy is primarily made with pork stock, which is a signature ingredient in its dishes.


After thorough research and analysis, we have concluded that jollibee gravy does not contain pork. As one of the most popular fast-food chains in the philippines, jollibee’s commitment to serving its diverse consumer base has made it important for them to cater to different dietary restrictions.

It is heartening to see brands recognize the value of inclusivity and transparency and adjust their offerings accordingly. As consumers, it is our responsibility to be informed about the ingredients used in the food we consume and encourage transparency in the industry.

We hope this article was helpful in addressing any concerns about jollibee’s gravy and shed light on the ingredients used in it. Don’t forget to share your thoughts with us in the comments section below!

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