Does Pre Emergent Kill Grass Seed? A Comprehensive Guide

Pre emergent does not kill grass seed. The application of pre emergent will not allow the germination of weed seeds, but it will not affect the growth of grass seeds.

Pre emergent herbicides are an effective way to prevent the growth and spread of weeds in your lawn or garden. They work by creating a barrier in the soil that prevents weed seeds from sprouting and growing, while allowing grass to grow freely. However, it is important to use pre emergent herbicides correctly, as they can also affect the growth of desirable plants if not applied properly. In this article, we will take a closer look at pre emergent herbicides and answer some common questions about their use.

Does Pre Emergent Kill Grass Seed? A Comprehensive Guide


Understanding Pre Emergent Herbicides

Pre emergent herbicides are a commonly used method to control weed growth. Essentially, these herbicides work by preventing weed seeds from germinating and taking root. However, as the name suggests, pre emergent herbicides can also kill grass seed if not used correctly.

It’s important to understand the different types of pre emergent herbicides and their pros and cons before applying them to your lawn. Some herbicides can affect certain types of grass more than others, so it’s important to do your research.

Overall, pre emergent herbicides can be highly effective in preventing weed growth, but it’s crucial to use them carefully and according to label instructions to avoid harming grass seed or the environment.

Does Pre Emergent Kill Grass Seed?

Pre emergent is a weed killer that’s applied to the soil before weed seeds can germinate. As for grass seed, it won’t kill established grass but it can certainly harm seeds. A common fear is that pre emergent could completely prevent grass seeds from germinating, leading to a failure to establish a lawn or patchy growth.

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Some precautions that could be taken to reduce the potential damage are to water the lawn regularly but only lightly to avoid dislodging pre emergent granules. Factors affecting its effectiveness on grass seed include soil temperature, granule composition, and application timing.

Misapplication could lead to cases when pre emergent could harm grass seed. Therefore, carefully following the instructions and guidelines provided with the product would ensure optimal results.

Know When to Overseed with Pre Emergent and Post Emergent Herbicides |

Preparing For Pre Emergent Applications

When it comes to pre emergent herbicides and grass seeds, you might wonder if the former could harm the latter. To prepare for pre emergent applications, make sure you choose the right time to apply the herbicides. The best time is typically in the fall before winter weeds start to grow.

Additionally, you need to ensure that you follow the instructions carefully, and not apply the herbicides too close to the time when you plan to seed. To guarantee your pre emergent applications don’t hurt your grass seed, you should also aerate and fertilize your lawn before application.

With these steps, you should end up with a beautiful lawn that doesn’t have any unsightly weeds.

Alternative Ways To Control Weeds

Using pre emergent herbicides can hinder grass seed growth, but there are alternative non-chemical and chemical methods that can control weeds. Non-chemical methods such as hand weeding and mulching can help, while chemical methods such as post emergent herbicides can selectively kill weeds.

Additionally, a combination of methods like cultural practices (mowing high, overseeding etc. ), proper irrigation, and using weed barriers can result in effective weed control. It is important to choose the right approach for your lawn and plants to ensure successful weed control while encouraging healthy growth.


After evaluating all the pros and cons of using pre-emergent herbicides and grass seeds together, we can conclude that a pre-emergent herbicide can be detrimental to the growth of grass seed, but only if not used properly. It is crucial to follow the instructions on the label carefully and ensure the active ingredients are not too strong to harm the grass seed.

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Choosing the right type of pre-emergent herbicide and the appropriate timing of applying it can make a big difference in the success of growing grass seed. It is also important to remember that even though pre-emergent herbicides don’t discriminate against weeds and grass seed, they are still an effective tool in weed control.

Therefore, it is recommended to wait for the optimal timing to use the herbicide without harming the grass seed. A well-maintained lawn can benefit from a combination of pre-emergent herbicide and grass seed planting, but it requires a careful understanding of the correct process and timing.