10X Weed Control: Does Tenacity Kill Spurge?

Tenacity herbicide kills spurge, effectively controlling its growth and spreading. This is due to the herbicide’s ability to penetrate deep into the plant’s roots and preventing it from absorbing nutrients, ultimately leading to its death.

Spurge is a common garden weed that can quickly take over lawns and interfere with plant growth, making its control crucial for gardeners and landscapers. Tenacity is a widely used herbicide, known for its effectiveness against various weeds, including spurge.

In this article, we will explore the damaging effects of spurge on gardens and landscapes and the role of tenacity herbicide in controlling its spread. We will also discuss how to use tenacity safely and effectively.

10X Weed Control: Does Tenacity Kill Spurge?

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What Is Spurge And Why Is It A Problem?

Spurge is a type of weed that can plague your lawn and garden. It is an annual plant that can grow up to a foot tall with small flowers and leaves. The plant contains a sap that can be irritating to the skin and eyes, making it difficult to remove.

Spurge is also known for its ability to compete with other plants for nutrients and water, causing damage to your lawn and garden. Tenacity, a herbicide, can be used to kill spurge, but it must be used with caution as it can also impact other plants in your garden.

It is important to nip spurge in the bud before it spreads and causes extensive damage to your outdoor space.

Understanding Tenacity And How It Works

Tenacity is an effective herbicide used to control weeds in lawns and gardens. It works by inhibiting the growth of susceptible plants through a mode of action that interrupts photosynthesis. This selective herbicide has the ability to control a variety of weeds, including spurge.

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The active ingredient in tenacity, mesotrione, is absorbed by leaves and roots and then translocated throughout the plant. This unique characteristic enables tenacity to be effective even in small dosages. The key to effective use of this herbicide is timing- the earlier the better.

When applied correctly, tenacity can help control weeds and keep your lawn and garden looking healthy.

Comparing Tenacity With Other Weed Control Products

Tenacity is a powerful herbicide that sets itself apart from other weed control products in the market. It`s unique mode of action helps it effectively control spurge, among other broadleaf weeds. Compared to other herbicides, tenacity has the added advantage of being a selective post-emergent product that can be used on established lawns and pastures.

It is also effective at a much lower dosage, making it cost-effective. However, tenacity has some disadvantages. For instance, it is slow-acting and requires multiple applications, which results in a longer waiting period for the desired results. Moreover, it should not be used on newly seeded lawns as it can hinder proper grass establishment.

While tenacity may not be the perfect solution for all weed control issues, it is an excellent option for specific cases.

How To Properly Use Tenacity For Spurge Control

Tenacity is a useful herbicide that effectively controls a wide range of weeds, including spurge. However, its success largely depends on proper timing and application method. When using tenacity for spurge control, it’s important to know that it can function as both a pre-emergent and post-emergent control method.

For pre-emergent control, apply tenacity up to three weeks before spurge begins to germinate. For post-emergent control, apply tenacity when spurge is at the two-leaf stage. It’s also important to follow dosage and safety precautions closely when handling tenacity. Remember to wear protective clothing and avoid spraying on windy days.

By using tenacity with the right approach, you can successfully eliminate spurge and other unwanted weeds in your lawn or garden.

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Results You Can Expect From Using Tenacity On Spurge

Using tenacity on spurge can yield visible changes in its growth and presence. Its duration of effectiveness is dependent on the area treated. However, the long-term benefits of using tenacity for spurge control are significant. The herbicide not only controls the spurge but also inhibits its regrowth.

It also prevents the development of resistant weeds and reduces the maintenance costs of your lawn or garden. With its unique mode of action, tenacity can control broadleaf weeds, including the notoriously invasive spurge. Its active ingredient, mesotrione, is safe for use in both commercial and residential settings, making it an effective and reliable approach for managing spurge.


After researching and analyzing various sources, it is safe to say that tenacity can help kill spurge. However, it is not a guaranteed solution on its own. Combining different methods, such as hand-weeding, mowing, and herbicides, can increase the chances of eradicating spurge effectively.

In addition, maintaining healthy and dense turf through fertilization, regular watering, and proper mowing height can also prevent spurge from flourishing. It is important to understand that each lawn is unique, and what works for one may not work for another.

Therefore, consulting with a professional lawn care service can provide customized solutions that fit your specific needs. Remember, taking preventive measures and investing in routine maintenance can save you time, money, and headaches in the long run. Keep fighting the good lawn care fight, and happy spurge hunting!