How Deep Do Peach Tree Roots Grow?

Peach tree roots typically grow to a depth of 18-24 inches, although they can sometimes extend up to 36 inches deep. The roots are relatively shallow when compared to other fruit trees, such as apple or pear trees, which can have roots that extend more than 6 feet deep. The shallowness of peach tree roots makes them more susceptible to drought and heat stress.

Are you wondering how deep those pesky peach tree roots grow? Well, wonder no more! Peach tree roots typically grow to be about 24 inches deep.

However, they can sometimes grow deeper – up to 3 feet deep. This is why it’s so important to be careful when digging around a peach tree. You don’t want to damage the roots and stunt the growth of your tree.

How deep do a trees roots go?

How Close to a House Can You Plant a Peach Tree?

When it comes to planting peach trees, the closer to the house the better. This is because peach trees need a lot of sun and heat in order to produce fruit. If you plant your peach tree too far from the house, it will not get enough sun and heat, and it will not produce any fruit.

How Much Space Does a Peach Tree Need?

When deciding how much space to leave for a peach tree, you must consider the tree’s mature height and spread. A peach tree can grow 20 to 30 feet tall and wide, so allow for at least that much space when planting. You’ll also need to take into account the root system, which can extend up to twice the width of the canopy.

So, when all is said and done, you should plan on leaving at least 40 to 50 feet of open space around your peach tree.

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How Deep Does a Fruit Tree Roots Go?

Fruit trees have a taproot system, meaning they have a single dominant root that grows vertically downward. This main root can grow quite deep – up to 20 feet or more – and is supported by smaller, lateral roots. The depth of the taproot depends on the type of fruit tree and the soil conditions.

For example, apple trees have shallower roots than pear trees. In sandy soils, roots may not grow as deep because there is less water and nutrients available at deeper depths.

Can You Dig Up a Peach Tree And Replant?

Yes, you can replant a peach tree that has been dug up. However, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, the roots of the tree will be disturbed when you dig it up.

This can damage the tree and make it more difficult for it to take up water and nutrients. Second, peach trees are typically grafted onto rootstock. This means that the root system of the tree is not well-suited to support the weight of the fruit.

When you replant the tree, make sure to select a location that has good drainage and is not too windy. Also, stake the tree so that it does not topple over when heavy with fruit.

How Deep Do Peach Tree Roots Grow?


Tree Root Depth by Species

Most trees have roots that extend well beyond their branch spread. The depth of a tree’s roots depends on the species of tree, as well as the soil conditions. In general, shallow-rooted trees have root systems that are mostly found in the upper 6 inches of soil, while deep-rooted trees have roots that extend down 12 inches or more.

Some common shallow-rooted trees include: maples (Acer spp.), birches (Betula spp.), and cherries (Prunus spp.). These trees are often found in areas with moist soils and high water tables. Shallow-rooted trees are more susceptible to drought and wind damage than deep-rooted trees because their roots don’t have access to moisture and nutrients below the surface layer of soil.

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Some common deep-rooted trees include: oaks (Quercus spp.), pines (Pinus spp.), and firs (Abies spp.). Deep-rooted trees are often found in areas with well-drained soils. They tend to be more tolerant of drought and wind than shallow rooted trees because their extensive root systems can tap into moisture and nutrients below the surface layer of soil.


Most peach trees have relatively shallow roots that grow close to the surface of the soil. However, the roots can grow deeper in some cases, depending on the type of peach tree and the soil conditions.