How Fast Does Privet Grow?

Privet is a fast-growing shrub, with a typical growth rate of 1 to 2 feet per year. This hedge plant is commonly planted for its dense foliage, white fragrant flowers, and screening ability.

The privet shrub is a popular choice for landscaping projects due to its low maintenance, hardiness, and adaptability to various growing conditions. It can tolerate different types of soil, sun exposure, and pruning methods, making it a versatile plant for residential and commercial properties. However, privet may become invasive in some areas and require regular maintenance to keep its growth under control. In this article, we will explore the factors that affect the growth rate of privet, its benefits, and tips on how to grow and care for this plant.

How Fast Does Privet Grow?


What Is Privet?

Privet is a woody plant that is popularly known for its ornamental purposes in residential landscapes. There are different types of privet, including the japanese, chinese and european privet. The plants’ characteristics are similar, but there are slight differences. Privet shrubs are known to be evergreen, meaning they retain their leaves throughout the year.

They grow rapidly and can reach a height of about 15 feet at maturity. Privets prefer well-draining soil, and they thrive in full sunlight, although they can tolerate partial shade. When planted as a hedge, privet requires regular pruning and maintenance to keep it in shape.

With proper care, privet can grow up to 2 feet each year, making it a popular choice for creating privacy barriers.

Factors That Affect The Growth Rate Of Privet

The growth rate of privet varies depending on several factors, including soil type, sunlight exposure, climate, water availability, and nutrient supply. Privet can grow faster in well-drained and fertile soils that provide adequate nutrients and water. Full sunlight exposure also encourages the plant’s growth, while shaded areas slow it down.

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High humidity and mild temperatures are ideal for privet growth, and frost can cause damage and slow down its development. Maintaining uniform soil moisture levels and timely fertilization can also boost the plant’s growth rate. Overall, understanding these factors and providing the appropriate growing conditions can help maximize privet growth and ensure a healthy plant.

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How Fast Does Privet Grow?

Privet is a popular evergreen shrub that boasts rapid growth in most circumstances. On average, they grow about 12-18 inches per year, but certain factors can affect the speed of growth. For instance, if the soil is nutrient-rich and well-draining, the privet plants will grow more quickly.

On the other hand, harsh weather conditions such as extreme cold or drought slow down growth. The matured height of a privet plant typically ranges from 6 to 15 feet, and its width can reach 4 to 8 feet. Growth charts and diagrams visually illustrate the rate that the privet grows.

Study these charts to understand the optimal circumstances under which privet grows best.

How To Promote The Growth Of Privet

Promoting the growth of privet is easy if you employ a few techniques. Pruning privet is vital to encourage natural and healthy growth. Cutting away the dead wood will encourage new growth and denser foliage. Fertilizing your privet plants is also important as it helps supply the necessary nutrients to maintain growth.

Additionally, make sure to water your privet regularly to keep the soil moist but not waterlogged. This way it will grow at a steady rate, and you will have a healthy and beautiful privet hedge. Follow these tips, and you will have a vibrant and thriving privet hedge in no time.


After all that we’ve discovered throughout this blog post, it’s clear that privet growth is a widespread and varied topic with several fascinating factors to think about. We currently know that privet grows quickly in the right conditions but may be hindered by the wrong ones.

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It’s great to know that with appropriate care and attention, privet may be trained to develop in various ways, and is an excellent alternative for both ornamental and practical gardening objectives. So whether you’re considering privet to line your garden’s perimeter, or just to add some greenery to your space, now you have the guidelines you need to get started.

With patience and adequate maintenance, your privet hedge will flourish into a stunning addition to your yard for years to come.