How Many Watts Does an Instant Pot Use? Unraveled!

An instant pot typically uses 700-1200 watts, depending on the model and the cooking function. Instant pots combine various kitchen appliances and can cook food in a fraction of the time it takes using traditional methods, making them an essential appliance for busy households.

Instant pots are a versatile appliance, allowing you to cook food in numerous ways, including pressure cooking, slow cooking, sautéing, steaming, and more. Additionally, they are energy efficient, using less power than most conventional kitchen appliances, and they are easy and safe to use.

In this article, we will explore in detail the different instant pot models and their power usage and explain how to use them effectively.

How Many Watts Does an Instant Pot Use? Unraveled!


Understanding Power Consumption In Instant Pots

Instant pots are designed to make cooking easier and more efficient, but how much energy do they use? The wattage of an instant pot typically ranges from 700 to 1500 watts, depending on the model. To calculate power consumption, simply multiply the wattage by the hours of use.

Factors that can affect energy usage include the size of the pot, the type of food being cooked, and the cooking mode used. So, to save on energy, consider using the smaller instant pots for smaller meals, and choose efficient cooking modes like pressure cooking.

With a better understanding of power consumption in instant pots, you can cook your favorite meals with ease while saving on electricity costs.

Energy Efficient Instant Pot Cooking

An instant pot is an energy-efficient appliance that offers many benefits when it comes to cooking. By using an instant pot, you can save energy and reduce waste. Cooking in an instant pot is a perfect solution for those who want to reduce their energy consumption while still enjoying delicious meals.

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To make your cooking experience even more energy-efficient, here are a few tips. First, use the correct wattage for your instant pot. Second, select the right size for your needs. Third, plan your meals ahead of time. Fourth, avoid opening the lid unnecessarily.

Finally, be mindful of the amount of water and other liquids you add. By following these tips, you can reduce your energy usage and enjoy energy-efficient cooking!

Comparison Of Electricity Consumption Between Instant Pot Models

The wattage and power usage of instant pot models vary slightly. Instant pot duo uses 700-1000 watts, depending on the size. Instant pot ultra uses 700-1500 watts, with a larger size offering more wattage. Instant pot max uses 1200 watts and has a higher pressure release than the other models.

Comparing wattage can help determine the electricity consumption and costs. Using a wattage meter can also provide accurate readings. Overall, instant pots are designed to be energy-efficient and consume less power than traditional cooking methods. When using an instant pot, follow the recommended cooking times and do not overcrowd the pot, which may cause it to use more power.

The Cost Of Using An Instant Pot

An instant pot is an excellent kitchen appliance, but have you ever thought about how much it costs to run? One factor to consider is wattage. The average instant pot uses around 1000 watts when running. To calculate power costs, multiply the wattage by the hours of use, then divide by 1000 to get the kilowatt-hour (kwh) usage.

For example, if you use your instant pot for one hour a day, for 30 days, that is 30 kwh. Electricity prices vary, but on average, the cost per kwh is around 13 cents. This means that using your instant pot for one hour a day for a month would cost approximately $3.

90. Compared to other kitchen appliances, an instant pot is relatively energy-efficient, and using it instead of your oven or stove could save you hundreds of dollars annually.

Making The Most Of Your Instant Pot

Instant pot is a go-to appliance for many households. But, have you ever stopped to wonder how much energy it uses? By making a few simple adjustments, you can optimize your instant pot usage and reduce energy consumption. One tip is to choose the right instant pot size for your needs to avoid wasting energy.

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Additionally, use the ‘sauté’ function sparingly or opt to use it on a lower setting. Another way to maximize efficiency is by making sure the instant pot lid is always properly secured. With just a few modifications, you can save both time and energy in the kitchen, while enjoying the convenience of your instant pot.


After considering the various factors that affect the power usage of an instant pot, we can conclude that the wattage of the appliance depends on the model and size of the pot. Additionally, the cooking settings you use can also impact how much power your instant pot consumes.

Whether you’re using it for pressure cooking, sautéing, or slow cooking, you should be mindful of the heat levels to control the power usage. It’s important to note that even with its high power consumption, an instant pot remains an efficient cooking appliance that saves you energy and time compared to traditional cooking methods.

With its many benefits and popular use among busy households, understanding how many watts an instant pot uses can be incredibly helpful for optimizing your cooking experience, budget, and energy consumption.