How to Cut Grass under Trampoline? Tips and Tricks!

To cut grass under a trampoline, place the trampoline on its side and mow the grass with a trimmer or small lawn mower. This will allow you to reach the grass without damaging the trampoline or blades of a larger mower.

Maintaining a well-manicured lawn is an essential part of homeownership. However, things can get tricky when a trampoline is present. When it comes to cutting the grass under a trampoline, there are a few ways to tackle the task. If you try to use a conventional lawn mower, you may end up damaging the trampoline or ruining the blades of your lawnmower.

In this article, we will talk about the safest and most practical methods to cut grass under the trampoline that won’t cause any harm to the trampoline or your lawnmower.

How to Cut Grass under Trampoline? Tips and Tricks!


The Challenge Of Mowing Under A Trampoline

Mowing the grass under a trampoline can be quite tricky, and poses several complications. Firstly, there are potential dangers, such as the risk of accidentally hitting the trampoline’s frame with the mower blades. Secondly, there are obstacles to navigate, such as the trampoline’s legs which can obstruct movement when mowing around the edges.

To avoid accidents, it is essential to take precautionary measures, such as wearing sturdy shoes with slip-resistant soles, and ensuring that all equipment is in proper working order before starting. Additionally, it is recommended to mow in a clockwise or anti-clockwise pattern around the trampoline, to ensure that all areas are covered.

With these tips, mowing the grass under a trampoline doesn’t have to be a daunting task!

Preparing To Mow The Lawn Under A Trampoline

Preparing to mow the lawn under a trampoline requires a few simple steps to ensure safety and efficiency. Begin by removing any toys or debris that may be present in the area. Next, move the trampoline to one side of the lawn so that it does not interfere with the mowing.

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Make sure that all safety measures are in place, including wearing appropriate clothing and eye protection, and ensuring that the blades of the lawn mower are sharp and in good condition. Finally, start mowing the lawn in long, even strokes, moving in a clockwise direction.

Remember to pay particular attention to the edges of the trampoline, as these areas can be difficult to reach. With a little bit of preparation, mowing the lawn under a trampoline can be a quick and easy task.

Mowing Techniques For Grass Under A Trampoline

To efficiently mow grass under a trampoline, it’s important to choose the right lawnmower. Consider a mower with a compact design and adjustable cutting height. The best technique is to mow around the perimeter first before tackling the grass beneath the trampoline.

For areas under the frame, maneuver your lawnmower carefully to avoid damaging the trampoline. Take extra care when dealing with the springs and legs, and make sure to thoroughly check the area for any debris that might get caught in the mower.

With the right technique and tools, mowing the grass under a trampoline can be done smoothly and easily.

Maintaining Lawn Health Around A Trampoline

Regular lawn maintenance is crucial for maintaining the health of the grass around a trampoline. To prevent grass from dying or becoming patchy, focus on keeping the soil nutrient-rich. Avoid over-watering or under-watering, which can damage the grass. It’s also important to keep the grass short, so the trampoline doesn’t cause any additional shading.

To cut the grass under the trampoline, use a strimmer or handheld shears. Be sure to wear protective gear such as gloves and goggles. By implementing these tips and tricks, you can maintain a healthy lawn around your trampoline and prevent any damage to your yard.

Seasonal Lawn Care For Grass Under A Trampoline

Seasonal lawn care for grass under a trampoline to prepare for mowing in spring or summer, remove any debris or toys under the trampoline. Mow the grass to a height of two inches before placing the trampoline. During fall and winter, protect the grass by covering it with a layer of mulch or straw.

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Year-round, maintain a healthy lawn by regularly watering and fertilizing it, as well as keeping it free from weeds. When cutting the grass under the trampoline, use a push mower or a weed eater to avoid damaging the trampoline net.

To maximize safety, make sure the trampoline is fully disassembled before mowing or wear protective gear, such as goggles and gloves. If you have additional questions, refer to the faq, including common queries on mowing under a trampoline.


Maintaining a lawn that has a trampoline requires a bit of extra effort and care. By following the tips shared on how to cut grass under trampoline, you can ensure that your lawn stays healthy and beautiful, while also keeping your trampoline secure.

First, remember to clear the area under the trampoline to avoid any damage to the blades or deck of your mower. Then, adjust the deck height to avoid cutting the grass too short and damaging the root system. Next, use a trimmer to neatly trim the remaining grass underneath or around the trampoline.

Lastly, be sure to inspect the area for any debris that may have fallen while cutting the grass. By implementing these tips, you can ensure that your lawn and trampoline coexist with ease. Happy mowing!