How to Grow Hyacinth in Water?

To grow hyacinth in water, you will need a glass vase and some stones. Fill the vase with water and place the stones at the bottom. Then, cut the bottom off of the hyacinth bulb and place it in the water on top of the stones.

Make sure that the bulb is not touching the sides or bottom of the vase. Change the water every few days, and soon you will see roots growing from the bottom of the bulb. Once roots have grown, flowers will appear in about six to eight weeks.

Enjoy your beautiful blooming hyacinth!

  • Fill a clean glass vase with fresh, cool water
  • Place the Hyacinth bulbs in the vase, making sure that the pointed end is facing up
  • Set the vase in a cool, dark place for two weeks to allow the roots to grow
  • After two weeks, move the vase to a sunny location
  • The flowers will begin to bloom within four to six weeks
  • Enjoy!
How to Grow Hyacinth in Water?


How Long Do Hyacinth Bulbs Take to Grow in Water?

Hyacinth bulbs take around three to four weeks to grow in water. The time it takes for the bulbs to grow will depend on the type of hyacinth, the temperature and the amount of light they are exposed to.

How Long Can Hyacinths Live in Water?

Hyacinths are a type of plant that can live in either water or soil. When grown in water, they will typically last for about two to three months before the roots start to rot. The best way to prolong their life is to change the water every week and keep them in a cool location.

If you notice the leaves turning yellow or brown, it’s time to give them a new home in some fresh soil.

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How Do You Take Care of a Hyacinth Bulb in Water?

When it comes to taking care of hyacinth bulbs in water, there are a few key things to keep in mind. First and foremost, make sure that the bulb is always immersed in water – if it dries out, it will die. Secondly, keep the water fresh by changing it every few days; old, stagnant water will cause the bulb to rot.

Finally, give the bulb plenty of light – but not direct sunlight – and a cool temperature (around 60 degrees Fahrenheit is ideal). With a little bit of TLC, your hyacinth bulb should thrive!

How Do You Grow Water Hyacinths in Water?

Water hyacinths are beautiful, floating aquatic plants that are often used in pond gardens and water features. They have long, strap-like leaves and produce lovely lavender or white flowers. While they can be difficult to grow in some areas, with a little care and attention, water hyacinths can thrive in almost any freshwater environment.

To grow water hyacinths, start by filling a large container or bucket with clean water. Then, place your plant(s) in the container, making sure that the roots are submerged. You can either purchase water hyacinths from a nursery or online retailer, or you can propagate them yourself from existing plants.

Once your plants are in the container, set it in a sunny spot outdoors and allow the roots to establish themselves. After a few weeks, you can begin fertilizing your plants with an all-purpose fertilizer diluted to half strength. Water hyacinths are fast growers and will need to be replanted every few months to keep them healthy and vigorous.

With a little bit of care, you can enjoy the beauty of water hyacinths in your own backyard!

Easy way to grow Hyacinths in water, Hyacinth care and after flowering.

How to Grow Hyacinth Indoors in Water

If you love the smell of hyacinths, you can grow them indoors in water. Here’s how:

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Start with a clean glass vase and fill it with fresh, cool water.

Add a bit of liquid plant food to the water. Select healthy bulbs that are plump and firm. The larger the bulb, the better it will perform.

Place 3 or 4 bulbs in the vase, making sure they’re not touching each other or the sides of the vase. Set the vase in a cool location out of direct sunlight and wait for roots to form and shoots to appear (this can take up to 2 weeks). Once roots have formed and shoots are about 2 inches tall, move the vase to a sunny location.

Continue to add fresh water as needed to keep the roots submerged.


Water hyacinth is an aquatic plant that is native to the Amazon basin. It has pretty, blue flowers and can grow up to 6 feet in height. Water hyacinth can be grown in water or in soil, but it prefers water.

It can tolerate a wide range of temperatures, from freezing cold to hot summer days. To grow water hyacinth in water, you will need a container that is at least 8 inches deep. Fill the container with room-temperature water and add a little bit of fertilizer.

Place the container in a sunny spot and wait for the plant to sprout. Once it does, you can transfer it to a larger container if desired. Water hyacinth does best when the temperature is between 60-85 degrees Fahrenheit.