How to Ranger Roll Shorts Like a Pro?

To ranger roll shorts, fold them in half and roll them tightly from the waist down to the hem. This creates a compact roll that saves space in your pack or suitcase.

Ranger rolling shorts is a great way to keep your clothing organized and maximizes the room available in your bag. Whether you’re backpacking, traveling, or headed to the gym, ranger rolling your shorts can save time and ensure you have everything you need.

By following a few simple steps, you can easily learn this valuable packing skill and reduce the amount of space your clothes take up in your luggage. In this article, we’ll provide a step-by-step guide to ranger rolling shorts and offer some tips for maximizing your packing efficiency.

How to Ranger Roll Shorts Like a Pro?


Step 1: Choose The Right Fabric And Length

Choosing the right fabric and length is an essential step to successfully ranger roll shorts. Opt for lightweight and durable fabrics like nylon or polyester. The length of the shorts should be above the knee, not too long or too short, to ensure they roll up easily.

A good rule of thumb is to choose shorts that fall 1-2 inches above the knee. Keep in mind that shorts with pockets or zippers may be tricky to roll. To simplify the process, choose shorts with a simple design.

With the right fabric and length, you’re on your way to mastering the art of ranger rolling shorts.

Step 2: Lay Your Shorts Flat

To ranger roll shorts, the second step is to lay them flat. This step is crucial for creating a neat and tight roll. Smooth out any wrinkles or creases in the fabric. Be careful not to stretch the shorts out of shape or tug too hard on any seams.

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It’s important that they remain flat and even. After laying them flat, move onto the next step of folding the shorts in half. Remember to keep these guidelines in mind while writing your own article for a concise and effective read.

Step 3: Fold The Shorts In Half Lengthwise

To ranger roll your shorts, first fold them in half lengthwise. Make sure they are lined up properly and straight. Starting from the bottom of the shorts, roll them up tightly, making sure the seams are smooth and flat. Keep rolling until you reach the top of the waistband.

Once you’ve reached the top, fold the waistband over the rolled up material to secure it in place. Congratulations, you’ve successfully ranger rolled your shorts! This is a great technique for packing and keeps your shorts neat and tidy while traveling.

Remember to practice and perfect your rolling skills before your next adventure.

Step 4: Roll The Shorts From The Bottom Up

Ranger rolling shorts is a great way to compress and neatly organize your clothes. To start, lay your shorts flat on a surface with the pockets facing out. Then, fold the shorts in half vertically, making sure the seams align.

Next, grab the bottom hem of the shorts and roll them tightly up towards the waistband. Once you reach the top, fold the waistband over the rolled shorts. Finally, smooth out any wrinkles and pack them away. By following these simple steps, you can save space in your luggage and easily find your shorts when you need them.

So, go ahead and give ranger rolling a try on your next trip!

Step 5: Secure The Rolled Shorts

To secure the rolled shorts using the ranger roll method, take the waistband and fold it over the rolled fabric. Then, fold the sides of the shorts towards the center, making sure they are tucked in neatly. Finally, roll the shorts up from the bottom, keeping them tight and compact.

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Once the shorts are rolled up, use a rubber band or hair tie to secure them in place. Make sure the band is not too tight, as this can cause creases or damage the fabric. Now your shorts are ready for storage or travel.

Following these steps will not only save space but also keep your shorts wrinkle-free and easy to find in your suitcase or closet.


It’s safe to say that the ranger roll method for folding shorts is a game-changer for anyone who loves to travel light. This technique saves space, reduces wrinkles, and makes packing a breeze. By following the simple steps mentioned in this guide, you can now roll your shorts like a pro and add a professional touch to your wardrobe while on the go.

Not only is it a great storage solution, but it also helps protect your shorts from wear and tear when stored away. The ranger roll method is not just limited to shorts and can be applied to other travel essentials such as t-shirts and cargo pants.

It’s a simple yet effective technique that is worth adding to your packing skills. The best part is you can now enjoy your travels knowing that your wardrobe is organized and ready to wear anytime. So, pack smart and happy travels!