How to Remove Fake Tan from Clothing? 10 Proven Techniques.

To remove fake tan from clothing, use rubbing alcohol or lemon juice. Rub the solution onto the affected area and wash the clothing as usual.

Fake tan stains on clothing can be frustrating, especially when you have put in the effort to achieve a flawless finish. It is essential to tackle the stain as soon as possible to avoid it becoming permanent. Fortunately, there are easy steps you can follow to remove fake tan from clothing without causing any damage.

In this article, we will explore some effective methods to remove fake tan stains, including using rubbing alcohol, lemon juice, and other everyday household items. By following these simple steps, you can quickly get rid of stubborn fake tan stains and keep your clothes looking their best.

How to Remove Fake Tan from Clothing? 10 Proven Techniques.


Understanding Fake Tan Stains

Fake tan stains can be a nightmare to remove, especially from certain types of fabrics. Understanding how and why fake tan can stain clothing is important. Most fake tans include dihydroxyacetone (dha), which can react with the fibers in some fabrics.

The types of fabrics that are most susceptible to fake tan stains are light-colored clothing made from cotton, nylon, and spandex. To prevent fake tan stains, it’s essential to apply the product properly and wait until it’s completely dry before putting on any clothing.

Another tip is to wear loose-fitting, dark-colored clothing immediately after applying fake tan. In case any fake tan gets on clothing, act fast by using a stain remover or laundry detergent with bleach alternative. Test a small area of fabric first to avoid causing further damage.

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Method 1: Using Detergent And Low-Temperature Wash

To remove fake tan stains from clothing, one method is to use detergent and a low-temperature wash. Firstly, mix the detergent with a little water and apply it directly to the affected area. Then, put the clothing into the washing machine and select the appropriate wash cycle.

This method is effective in removing fake tan stains without damaging the fabric. However, it is important to take safety precautions, such as wearing gloves when handling the detergent and washing the clothing separately from other items. Overall, this method can be a simple and straightforward way to get rid of fake tan stains and keep your clothing looking clean and fresh.

Method 2: Use Of Baking Soda And Vinegar

One effective method for removing fake tan from clothing is the use of baking soda and vinegar. Baking soda helps to break down the fake tan stains while also acting as a gentle abrasive to help lift the stain. Vinegar, on the other hand, works as a natural disinfectant to eliminate any remaining traces of fake tan.

To use this method, mix equal parts baking soda and vinegar to form a paste. Apply the paste generously to the stained area and allow it to sit for 10-15 minutes. Use a damp cloth to gently scrub the area and then rinse with cool water.

Repeat the process if necessary and then wash the garment as you normally would. With this effective method, removing pesky fake tan stains has never been easier.

Method 3: Application Of Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is a potent solution that can come in handy when removing fake tan stains from clothing. The application process involves you pouring a small amount of the hydrogen peroxide onto a clean cloth and then proceeding to dab the affected area.

Make sure you rub gently to avoid discoloring the fabric. Rinse the treated area by soaking the clothing in cool water. Avoid using warm or hot water as hydrogen peroxide tends to activate under such conditions. Furthermore, hydrogen peroxide is a bleaching agent, so it’s advisable to do a patch test before using it on colored clothing.

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Finally, avoid contact with the skin or eyes as it can cause irritation or even burns.

Method 4: Use Of Lemon Juice And Salt

A mixture of lemon juice and salt is an effective method for removing fake tan stains from clothing. To carry out this method, mix equal parts of freshly squeezed lemon juice and salt in a bowl. Apply the mixture directly onto the fake tan stain and leave it for 10-15 minutes before washing it off with cold water.

Lemon juice contains natural bleaching agents that help to lighten the stain. Salt acts as a mild abrasive and helps to break up tough stains. While lemon juice and salt are safe to use on most fabrics, it is advisable to test a small inconspicuous area first to avoid any damage.

Always follow the care label instructions on the garment and avoid using hot water or a dryer, which can set the stain and make it difficult to remove.

Other Tips For Removing Fake Tan Stains From Clothing

Removing fake tan stains from clothing can be a hassle, but fret not, for there are alternative cleaning agents you can use. Lemon juice and baking soda can remove stubborn stains, while vinegar can help to lift color. General cleaning tips include avoiding strong detergents and hot water, and instead using a gentle soap and cool water.

Remember to always remove excess tan from clothing first and to treat the stain as soon as possible. And most importantly, always read the care instructions on your clothing tags before attempting to remove stains. With a little patience and the right tools, you can say goodbye to fake tan stains for good.


Removing fake tan from clothing may seem daunting, but it’s not impossible. With some quick thinking and a few helpful tips, you can save your favorite clothes from the stain of self-tanner. Remember to act fast, as fake tan can set quickly and become much more difficult to remove later on.

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The most important thing to keep in mind is to choose the right method for your particular type of clothing, whether that involves using a bleach solution, vinegar and baking soda, or some other at-home remedy. With a little patience and persistence, your clothes can be looking like new again in no time at all.

So the next time you accidentally get fake tan on your clothes, don’t worry! With these easy steps, you can effectively remove fake tan from your clothing and get back to feeling confident and fabulous.