How to Shrink Clothes: Washer and Dryer Tips

To shrink clothes in the washer and dryer, wash the clothing on the hottest setting and dry it on high heat for 30 to 60 minutes. This will shrink the fibers and result in a tighter fit.

Shrinking clothes to fit better can save time and money by avoiding trips to the tailor. Although the effectiveness of shrinkage varies depending on the type of fabric, using high heat in both the washer and dryer can be a simple solution.

Be sure to check the care tag on the clothing to ensure it can withstand the high heat, and avoid this method for delicate or hand-wash-only items. Additionally, avoid using fabric softeners, as they can make the fibers resistant to shrinking. By following these steps, shrinking clothes in the washer and dryer can be an easy and cost-effective way to achieve a desired fit.

How to Shrink Clothes: Washer and Dryer Tips


Step By Step Guide On Shrinking Clothes In A Washer And Dryer

Choosing the right fabric is important before plunging ahead with shrinking in the washer and dryer. Look for fabrics like cotton, wool, and denim, which shrink more easily. Prepare your clothes by washing them with hot water and drying them in the dryer beforehand.

This helps to create a good foundation for the shrinking process. When shrinking in the washer, use hot water and a high spin speed. This will ensure the clothes don’t get damaged and shrinks evenly. Don’t overload the washer, and only put the clothes that you want to shrink in it.

Similarly, when shrinking in the dryer, use a high heat setting and don’t overcrowd the dryer. Finally, check on the clothes frequently to ensure they don’t become too small.

Tips To Remember While Shrinking Clothes

Shrinking clothes in the washer and dryer can be a risky task. Pay attention to the fabrics that are prone to shrinking or damage. Prevent clothes from excessive shrinking by regularly checking on them. Before shrinking clothes, always read and follow the care label instructions.

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Don’t rely on guesswork. With these simple tips in mind, you can shrink your clothes without damaging them.


Finally, shrinking clothes in the washer and dryer can be a convenient solution when you have garments that are too large. By following the steps listed above, you can easily reduce the size of your clothes without having to go to the tailor.

However, keep in mind that shrinking clothes excessively might damage the fabric or cause them to become misshapen, so it’s important to test the process out on a small section before committing to shrinking the entire garment. Remember to always check the care label before shrinking any clothes and to take extra care with delicate or expensive fabrics.

With these tips in mind, you can successfully shrink your clothes in the washer and dryer, giving new life to your wardrobe and helping you achieve the perfect fit.