What Does a Crepe Myrtle Look Like? Discover the Beauty!

A crepe myrtle is a deciduous tree or shrub with showy flowers in shades of pink, purple, white or red that bloom from summer to fall. The tree has smooth brown bark and grows up to 20-30 feet tall.

Its leaves are simple and arranged alternately on the stem, with a shiny green color. Crepe myrtle trees are popular landscape plants due to their attractive flowers, stunning fall foliage and adaptability to different soil types and climates. In addition to its aesthetic qualities, the crepe myrtle has historical significance in the united states.

It was introduced to the country in the late 18th century and became a symbol of the south, as it thrived in the warm humid climate. Today, crepe myrtle trees can be found in gardens, parks and streetscapes throughout the country, adding beauty and color to urban landscapes.

What Does a Crepe Myrtle Look Like? Discover the Beauty!

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Size Of A Crepe Myrtle

A crepe myrtle tree is a small to medium sized deciduous tree. They range from five to twenty-five feet in height and are often wider than they are tall. Crepe myrtles have a moderate to fast growth rate, reaching their full height in ten to twenty years.

The trees are known for their colorful blossoms and distinctive bark, which peels off in strips to reveal new layers of different colors. Crepe myrtles come in a variety of sizes and colors, making them a popular choice for landscaping.

It is crucial to select the appropriate size based on the space available and the intended use. Be mindful that crepe myrtles require full sun exposure to bloom.


The crepe myrtle is a beautiful flowering tree that can reach up to 30 feet in height. The bark of the crepe myrtle is smooth and has various colors such as white, gray, and brown. The bark flakes off in small patches that reveal the smooth underneath of the bark.

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The bark of the crepe myrtle is thin and malleable. It provides an easy way to identify the crepe myrtle when compared to other trees. Crepe myrtles prefer a warm climate and are found in the southern united states. They bloom in the summer months and produce gorgeous pink, red, and white flowers.

These flowers can last for several weeks, and the crepe myrtle adds an abundance of color to any garden.


Crepe myrtle is a beautiful, deciduous tree with dark green foliage. The leaves are simple, alternate, and ovate, with an average length of 1–2 inches. The leaves are typically arranged in a pattern that is opposite along the stem, and during the fall season, they may turn yellow, orange, or red, depending on the species.

The bark is smooth and can range in color from gray to reddish-brown, depending on the age of the tree. The crepe myrtle blooms during the summer months, with flowers that range in color from white to deep-red and pink.

The bloom of the crepe myrtle tree lasts for several weeks, and the flowers are very showy and fragrant. In short, the crepe myrtle is an excellent addition to any garden or landscape, thanks to its unique beauty and versatility.


The crepe myrtle is a popular, colorful tree or shrubbery that can be found all over the world. Its flowering season usually begins in the summer and lasts through the fall. During this time, it produces beautiful flowers that come in a range of colors, such as white, pink, purple, and red.

They are most commonly found in clusters atop tall, cylindrical stalks, and can vary in size from small to large. The petals have a delicate, ruffled appearance, and they bloom for several weeks before falling off. The crepe myrtle is known for its outstanding beauty and is often used as a decorative addition to lawns, gardens, and parks.

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By following the guidelines set forth you will be able to enjoy your very own crepe myrtle in all its glory, year after year.

Growth Habit

A crepe myrtle is a stunning deciduous tree that adds beauty to any garden landscape. They have a graceful growth habit, with slender branches that curve and twist in unique ways. These trees range from 10 to 25 feet tall and can span up to 20 feet wide.

Crepe myrtle has a smooth trunk, which peels in layers creating an attractive bark pattern. During the summer, they bloom with large, showy flowers that come in a range of colors from white to lavenders, pinks, and reds. The leaves are small and oval with pointed tips and are typically dark green.

In autumn, the leaves will turn shades of red, yellow, and orange before falling off for winter. With its striking growth habit and lovely blooms, the crepe myrtle is a smart choice for any garden enthusiast.


Now that you know what a crepe myrtle looks like, you can easily recognize this stunning plant. With its showy blooms in vibrant hues and textured bark that adds interest even in the coldest months, it’s a popular choice for gardens and landscapes.

Whether you’re planning to grow one in a pot or as a focal point in your yard, you’ll find it’s a versatile and low-maintenance plant that’s easy to care for. Remember to select the right cultivar for your climate, prune them properly, and give them plenty of water and nutrients to help them thrive.

Crepe myrtles make fantastic additions to any garden or landscape, so consider adding one (or more! ) to your space and enjoy their beauty for years to come.