What Fruit Trees Grow in Las Vegas?

The climate in Las Vegas is arid, so most fruit trees will not grow well there. However, some varieties of citrus trees (such as oranges and lemons) can tolerate the dry conditions and produce fruit. Other types of trees that may bear fruit in Las Vegas include figs, pomegranates, and olives.

In a desert climate like Las Vegas, you might not expect to find many fruit trees. But surprisingly, there are quite a few that can thrive in the hot, dry conditions. Here are some of the best fruit trees to grow in Las Vegas:

1. Apricots – These sweet and tangy fruits are a great addition to any backyard orchard. Apricots require full sun and well-drained soil to produce bountiful crops. 2. Lemons – A must-have for any home cook, lemons are perfect for making fresh lemonade or adding zest to recipes.

Lemon trees need full sun and moist, but well-drained soil to produce an abundance of fruit. 3. Limes – Another citrus staple, limes are essential for cooking many Latin American dishes as well as for making refreshing drinks like limeade or margaritas. Like lemons, lime trees need full sun and moist but well-drained soil to prosper.

4. Peaches – A classic summertime fruit, nothing says “summer” like a ripe peach picked straight from the tree. Peaches do best in full sun with rich, loamy soil that drains well. Water them deeply but sparingly to avoid problems with disease or pests.


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What are the Best Fruit Trees to Grow in Las Vegas

The Best Fruit Trees to Grow in Las Vegas

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With its hot, dry climate, Las Vegas might not seem like an ideal place to grow fruit trees. However, there are actually a number of fruit trees that can thrive in the city.

If you’re looking for the best fruit trees to grow in Las Vegas, here are a few options to consider: 1. Apricot Trees – Apricots are one of the most popular fruits grown in Las Vegas. They require very little water and can tolerate the heat well.

Apricot trees typically produce fruit within two to three years after planting. 2. Peach Trees – Peaches are another excellent choice for growing in Las Vegas. Like apricots, they don’t require much water and can handle the heat well.

peach trees usually bear fruit within three to four years after planting. 3. Nectarine Trees – Nectarines are similar to peaches, but they have a slightly different flavor. They also do well in hot, dry climates like Las Vegas and typically produce fruit within three to four years of planting.

4. Plum Trees – Plums are a good option for those who want to grow something a bit different from the typical stone fruits (apricots, peaches, nectarines). While they need more water than some other types of fruit trees, they can still do well in Las Vegas if irrigation is provided during hotter months.

What Fruit Trees Grow in Las Vegas?

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What is the Best Fruit Tree to Grow in Las Vegas?

The best fruit tree to grow in Las Vegas is the fig. Fig trees thrive in hot, dry climates and produce sweet fruits that are popular with both humans and animals.

What Kind of Fruit Trees Grow in Vegas?

The hot, arid climate of Las Vegas is not ideal for growing fruit trees. However, there are a few types of fruit trees that can withstand the heat and lack of water. The most common type of fruit tree in Vegas is the citrus tree.

Orange, lemon, and grapefruit trees are all popular choices. Other types of fruit trees that can be found in Vegas include apricots, figs, nectarines, and peaches. While these trees may not produce as much fruit as their counterparts in cooler climates, they can still provide a tasty treat for those who take the time to care for them.

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Do Lemon Trees Grow in Las Vegas?

Lemon trees do not grow in Las Vegas. The climate is too dry and hot for lemon trees to thrive. Lemon trees need a lot of water and cooler temperatures to produce lemons.

Can You Grow a Mango Tree in Las Vegas?

It is possible to grow a mango tree in Las Vegas, though it will likely not produce fruit. Mango trees need warm temperatures and a lot of humidity to produce fruit, and Las Vegas is a very dry climate. The tree will need to be irrigated frequently, and it may still not produce fruit.

If you are determined to grow a mango tree in Las Vegas, try getting a dwarf variety that is better suited to drier climates.


This blog post discusses the various types of fruit trees that can be found in Las Vegas. The author notes that while many people think of desert when they think of Vegas, there are actually a wide variety of plants and trees that can be found in the city. He lists some of the most common types of fruit trees, including citrus, fig, apricot, and peach trees.

He also gives a brief description of each type of tree.