What is Praline Feuilletine?

Praline Feuilletine is a type of candy made from praline paste and feuilletine flakes. The candy is made by combining the two ingredients and then rolling it into balls or shaping it into bars. Praline Feuilletine can be found in many specialty stores or online.

Praline feuilletine is a pastry made with praline, or hazelnut paste, and feuilletine, or wafer flakes. It is often used as a filling for chocolates or as a topping for cakes and other desserts.

What is Praline Feuilletine?

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What is Feuilletine Made Of?

Feuilletine is a flaky pastry ingredient made from crème fraîche, milk, and butter. The mixture is spread thinly on a Silpat (or other silicone baking sheet), frozen, and then cut into small flakes. The resulting feuilletine flakes are used as a decoration or flavoring in many pastries, including éclairs, croustades, and mille-feuilles.

They can also be sprinkled over ice cream or other desserts for a crunchy contrast. Feuilletine has a delicate flavor that is both nutty and sweet. It pairs well with chocolate, coffee, and fruits like raspberries and strawberries.

What Does Feuilletine Taste Like?

Feuilletine is a type of crunchy, flaky pastry that is often used as a topping or filling in desserts. It has a light, airy texture and a mild flavor that is similar to that of shortbread or biscotti. Feuilletine can be found in many specialty stores, but it is also possible to make your own at home.

What is Feuilletine Filling?

Feuilletine filling is a type of pastry filling made with chopped up bits of feuilletine, a crispy and flaky pastry. It is often used in tartlets and other small pastries.

What are Feuilletine Flakes Used For?

Feuilletine flakes are used in a variety of ways, including as an ingredient in baked goods, as a topping for ice cream or yogurt, and as a decoration on cakes or cupcakes. They can also be used to make Feuilletine crumbs, which are then used as a crunchy topping for salads or soups.

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Praline Feuilletine Recipe

For anyone who loves both pralines and feuilletine, this recipe is a must-try! Praline paste and feuilletine are combined to create a crunchy, nutty filling that is sandwiched between layers of buttery puff pastry. The result is a flaky, decadent treat that is sure to satisfy any sweet tooth.

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This recipe does require some advance planning, as the pastry dough needs to be made in advance and chilled overnight. But trust me, it’s worth the effort! The dough comes together quickly and easily, and can be made ahead of time so that all you have to do on the day of baking is assemble the pastries.

The key to getting perfectly flaky puff pastry is to roll it out as thinly as possible. I like to use a rolling pin with guide rings so that I can get an even thickness throughout. Once you’ve rolled out the dough, cut it into rectangles or circles (depending on what shape you want your pastries to be).

Then it’s time to assemble! To make the filling, simply combine praline paste and feuilletine in a bowl. You can adjust the ratio of ingredients to taste – I like mine equal parts nuts and crunchy bits.

Once the filling is ready, spoon it onto one half of each rectangle or circle, then fold over the other half and press gently to seal. Crimp the edges with a fork if desired. Bake at a high temperature (400F/200C) for just 10-12 minutes until golden brown – don’t overbake or they’ll lose their flakiness!

Let cool slightly before serving – these are best enjoyed warm from the oven but will keep well in an airtight container for a few days if necessary.

Hazelnut Praline Feuilletine

Hazelnut praline feuilletine is a delicious and unique confection made with hazelnuts, praline, and feuilletine. This French treat is perfect for those who love hazelnuts and are looking for something a little different. The combination of hazelnuts, praline, and feuilletine makes for a rich and flavorful treat that is sure to please.

Feuilletine Crunch Layer Recipe

Feuilletine Crunch Layer Recipe Ingredients: 1 cup (100 grams) feuilletine crunchies

1/4 cup (27 grams) all-purpose flour 3 tablespoons (45 grams) unsalted butter, room temperature 1/4 teaspoon salt

2 large egg whites, beaten until foamy 1/2 cup (120 grams) granulated sugar Directions:

1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F (180 degrees C). Line the bottom of an 8×8 inch square baking pan with parchment paper. 2. In a food processor, grind the feuilletine crunchies into smaller pieces.

Add the flour and pulse until combined. 3. In a medium bowl, cream together the butter and salt until light and fluffy. Beat in the egg whites until combined.

4. Gradually add the sugar to the butter mixture, beating until light and fluffy. 5. Add the feuilletine mixture to the butter mixture and stir until well combined.

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Hazelnut Feuilletine Crunch

If you love Nutella, you’ll go crazy for this Hazelnut Feuilletine Crunch! It’s made with a hazelnut-infused pastry cream, and it’s sandwiched between layers of crispy feuilletine wafers. The whole thing is then enrobed in a dark chocolate ganache.

This decadent dessert is sure to impress your guests, and it’s actually not that difficult to make. The most time-consuming part is infusing the hazelnuts into the pastry cream, but it’s well worth the effort. Trust me, your taste buds will thank you!

To start, roast some hazelnuts in the oven until they’re nice and fragrant. Then, coarsely chop them up and set them aside. Next, make your pastry cream by whisking together eggs, sugar, cornstarch, and milk in a saucepan over medium heat.

Once it comes to a boil, cook for 1 minute before removing from the heat and stirring in the chopped hazelnuts. Allow the mixture to cool slightly before spooning it into a piping bag fitted with a star tip. Now it’s time to assemble the crunch!

Place one layer of feuilletine wafers on a plate or platter, and pipe on half of the hazelnut pastry cream. Top with another layer of wafers, then pipe on the remaining pastry cream. Finally top with one more layer of wafers and press down gently so everything sticks together.

Place the crunch in the fridge for at least 30 minutes so everything can set up properly. While it chills, prepare your chocolate ganache by heating heavy cream in a saucepan over medium heat until it comes to a simmer. Pour this hot cream over chopped dark chocolate chips and stir until smooth.

Allow the ganache to cool slightly before pouring it over your chilled crunchy creation! Slice and serve as desired – enjoy!


Praline Feuilletine is a type of candy that originated in France. It is made from a mixture of praline and feuilletine, which are both types of candy. The candy is usually shaped into bite-sized pieces and has a crunchy texture.