What to Plant in December in California: A Guide.

In december, californians can plant beets, carrots, peas, lettuce, and other winter vegetables. With its temperate climate, california is one of the few states in which it is possible to plant and harvest crops throughout the year.

In the winter months, when most regions are snowed in, california remains relatively warm and sunny, making it ideal for planting a variety of vegetables. As such, december is an excellent month to plant a variety of winter crops, including beets, carrots, peas, lettuce, and other leafy greens.

These vegetables are not only easy to grow, but they also provide excellent nutritional value, making them an ideal addition to any diet. Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or a novice, planting in december can be a rewarding experience, one that can yield delicious and healthy results for months to come.

What to Plant in December in California: A Guide.

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Best Plants To Grow In December

December may seem like an off-season for planting in california, but there are still plenty of options available. Pansies, poppies, and violas are all good choices. These plants are known for their ability to withstand frost and low temperatures. California natives such as california lilac and manzanita are hardy and will do well in the winter months.

Additionally, winter vegetables like lettuce and spinach can also be planted during december. It’s important to note that planting times will vary depending on climate and location; be sure to check with a local nursery or gardening expert before planting.

Overall, december in california may not be the prime planting season, but there are still plenty of plants to choose from that will thrive during the colder months.

Preparing Your Garden For Planting

December is a great time to start preparing your garden for planting in california. Before you begin, be sure to check the ph and moisture levels of your soil. Removing weeds, debris, and rocks will also improve soil quality. Adding soil amendments such as compost, mulch, and fertilizer will also help.

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It’s also important to test your soil for nutrient deficiencies. By taking the time to prepare your garden properly, you’ll give yourself the best chance for a successful planting season.

Tips For Successful Planting

December is a great month to begin planting in california. To have successful planting, it is crucial to understand the amount of sun exposure your plants will receive. The type of plants you select can affect their growth rate and health.

Proper planting techniques also play an important role. Be sure to space your plants adequately, plant them at proper depth and monitor their watering schedule. Maintenance is key in ensuring your plants thrive. Weeding, pruning, and pest control are all necessary tasks to achieve successful planting.

By following these tips, you can begin planting beautiful and thriving gardens in december, providing a colorful and luscious landscape for your home.

Considerations For Container Plants

Container gardening during december in california requires careful consideration for the best plants to grow. When selecting containers, choose ones with proper drainage for optimal plant health. Use quality potting soil to ensure plants receive adequate nutrients. Proper watering techniques involve regular watering and avoiding letting the soil become too dry or too wet.

Fertilize container plants as needed, using a balanced fertilizer according to the manufacturer’s instructions. During cold and frosty weather, provide protection for container plants by moving them indoors or covering them with a frost blanket. Some of the best plants to grow in containers during december in california include lettuce, kale, herbs, and strawberries.

By keeping these considerations in mind, gardeners can successfully grow a wide variety of plants in containers during december in california.


Overall, planting in december in california is a fantastic opportunity to start fresh and prepare for a bountiful new year. With the right choices and attention to detail, anyone can create a beautiful and thriving garden to enjoy. Take advantage of the sunny, mild winter weather to plant cool-season vegetables, flowers, and bulbs that will bring joy and beauty to your yard.

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Remember to consider your location, climate, and soil type and to give your plants plenty of love and care. With a little bit of planning and effort, you can create a sustainable and long-lasting garden that will keep giving back year after year.

So, get out there, get your hands dirty, and let your creativity and passion for gardening flourish. Happy planting!