What to Plant in Front of Limelight Hydrangea?

Annuals such as petunias, impatiens, and begonias make excellent choices to plant in front of limelight hydrangeas. Limelight hydrangea, a popular ornamental shrub, can be complemented with colorful annuals that will brighten up the landscape and add a pop of color to the garden.

Planting annuals in front of limelight hydrangeas offer a vibrant mix of colors all season long, from spring to fall. Annuals require little maintenance and are easy to grow, making them an ideal choice for beginner gardeners. The combination of limelight hydrangea and annuals makes a beautiful and captivating front yard display.

What to Plant in Front of Limelight Hydrangea?

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1. Low-Growing Perennials

Low-growing perennials that complement limelight hydrangeas include creeping phlox and sedum. Creeping phlox is a stunning perennial with a carpet of tiny, star-shaped flowers in pink or purple color. It looks beautiful spilling over the edges of garden beds. Likewise, sedum is a hardy, drought-tolerant plant that comes in a range of colors and shapes.

Low-growing varieties like dragon’s blood or angelina create a beautiful contrast next to limelight’s large, round flowers. Planting these perennials in front of limelight hydrangeas can enhance the beauty of your garden and make it more appealing to the eye.

2. Ornamental Grasses

Feather reed grass and blue oat grass are two great options to plant in front of a limelight hydrangea. Feather reed grass boasts tall, slender blades and soft, feathery plumes. It’s a graceful choice that adds contrast next to the bold, cone-shaped flowers of the limelight.

Blue oat grass, on the other hand, offers a unique steel-blue color and spiky texture that’s sure to add drama and interest to any garden bed. Consider planting it in front of limelight to create a stunning color and texture contrast.

With these two ornamental grasses, you can elevate the look of your garden and highlight the beauty of your limelight hydrangea at the same time.

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Planting a Limelight Hydrangea Hedge

3. Evergreen Shrubs

Boxwood and dwarf alberta spruce are two evergreen shrubs that are perfect for planting in front of limelight hydrangea. Boxwood is a great choice for creating hedges or borders, adding a clean edge to any garden bed. Meanwhile, dwarf alberta spruce’s soft, green needles contrast beautifully with the bold hydrangea blooms, adding structure and interest to the bed.

These two shrubs can be ideal companions to limelight hydrangeas, creating a visually impressive garden that looks beautiful all year round. So if you’re looking for ways to spruce up your garden with a touch of creativity, consider planting these evergreen shrubs in front of limelight hydrangeas and have an evergreen garden bed that is perfect for any season.

4. Flowering Shrubs

Looking to add some colorful and complementary shrubs to your limelight hydrangea’s garden? Weigela and paniculata hydrangea are two excellent choices to accentuate the charm of limelight’s bloom. Weigela’s low-growing fine wine or my monet varieties sport lovely funnel-shaped blooms in pink, red, and white, adding an impressive contrast to limelight’s vibrant green and white hues.

Paniculata hydrangea, on the other hand, features cone-shaped white flowers that later turn into a beautiful pink and red mixture. Adding paniculata adjacent to limelight can truly elevate the garden’s overall appeal. With these shrubs, one can quickly transform a dull yard into a stunning landscape that captivates the heart.

5. Groundcovers

Planting groundcovers in front of limelight hydrangea can add texture and color to your garden bed. Ajuga is a popular choice with its lush green leaves and vibrant blue-purple flowers. It spreads quickly, filling in large areas for a seamless look.

Sweet woodruff is a delicate groundcover with tiny white flowers and lacy leaves, adding a dreamy touch to your garden bed. Plant it in front of limelight hydrangea for a soft and charming effect. These groundcovers require minimal maintenance and provide year-round beauty to your garden.

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Experiment with different varieties to find the perfect fit for your garden bed.


After exploring all the options and considering the factors discussed in this post, it’s clear that choosing the right plants to complement your limelight hydrangea requires careful planning. We have seen that the best approach is to select plants that have contrasting characteristics including size, color, and texture to add interest to your landscape.

You can also select plants based on their blooming season, as this will provide year-round beauty to your garden. Remember to keep in mind the lighting and soil requirements of both your limelight hydrangea and the selected plants to ensure they thrive and enhance each other’s look.

By following these tips, you’ll create a beautiful garden that’s easy to maintain and appreciated by everyone who sees it. Now that you’ve got an idea of the best plants to grow around your limelight hydrangea, it’s time to start planting and watch your garden come to life!