What Year Did Smoothie King Start Blending Smoothies?

Smoothie king started serving smoothies in 1973 and has been on a mission to inspire healthy and active lifestyles ever since. With a commitment to providing delicious and nutritious smoothies made with fresh, high-quality ingredients, smoothie king has become a go-to spot for health-conscious consumers looking for a tasty and convenient way to get their daily dose of fruits and veggies.

From their classic smoothies to their more specialized blends, like their fitness, slim, and wellness categories, there is a smoothie for everyone at smoothie king. With their emphasis on healthy living, it’s no wonder smoothie king has become a popular destination for those seeking a nutritious and delicious way to fuel their day.

What Year Did Smoothie King Start Blending Smoothies?

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The Origin Story Of Smoothie King

Smoothie king started blending smoothies in 1973 when founder steve kuhnau created the first drink for himself. He wanted a nutritious drink that would help him fight off his food allergies and sore throat. After experiencing success, kuhnau opened his first store in 1989 and began franchising smoothie king in 2003.

The brand’s mission is to inspire people to live a healthy and active lifestyle by providing nutritious and delicious smoothies. Smoothie king uses high-quality, whole food ingredients and strict quality control to ensure their drinks are both tasty and healthy.

Today, there are over 1,000 smoothie king locations in 34 states and 3 countries, making it a popular destination for health-conscious consumers.

Early Days Of Smoothie King

Smoothie king’s journey began in 1973 in kenner, louisiana. It was started by steve kuhnau, who created a nutritious smoothie to combat his food allergies. The first-ever smoothie king location was situated inside a shopping mall, and people loved the unique drink.

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The menu boasted flavors such as the peach papaya and strawberry banana. The business rapidly expanded, and by 1989, there were 100 smoothie king locations all over the united states. Today, smoothie king has over 1,200 stores across the world, offering over 40 different types of smoothies.

And it all started with one man’s need for a healthy and delicious drink option.

Smoothie King’S Growing Popularity

Smoothie king is a popular chain that has been blending smoothies since 1973. They have expanded across the united states, now with over 1,000 locations. The brand has gained popularity among health enthusiasts and athletes, who appreciate the nutritious and delicious offerings.

Smoothie king has diversified their menu to include vegan and keto-friendly options, making it easier to cater to individual dietary limitations. The company has also made efforts to reduce waste with eco-friendly cups and straws. As smoothie king continues to grow, their focus on promoting a healthy lifestyle remains a priority.

Smoothie King Worldwide Expansion

Smoothie king started blending smoothies in 1973 and since then, has expanded globally. With over 1,200 locations worldwide, smoothie king has made its mark in countries such as south korea, trinidad and tobago and saudi arabia. Currently, the brand plans on continuing their global expansion efforts in countries such as mexico and india.

These efforts include introducing new menus items and adapting to local tastes. For example, in south korea, their top-selling smoothie is made with sweet potato. Smoothie king’s presence in various countries allows them to provide healthy options to individuals worldwide, no matter their location.

The Evolution Of Smoothie King’S Menu

Smoothie king started blending smoothies in 1973. Since then, they’ve made several changes and additions to their menu, including the introduction of new products and flavors. One example is the “lean1” line, which features smoothies geared towards weight loss and active lifestyles.

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Another example is “pure recharge,” which offers plant-based and all-natural ingredients. Smoothie king also added healthy snacks and supplements to their menu to accompany their smoothies. In 2020, they launched their “immune builder” line, which promised to boost the immune system and promote overall wellness.

With a constant eye on customer wants and needs, smoothie king continues to evolve its menu and offer healthier options to its customers.


It’s fascinating to learn about the humble beginnings of smoothie king, a brand that’s become synonymous with healthy and refreshing drinks. Originating from a small health food store in new orleans in 1973, the brand has grown tremendously over the years, expanding to over 1000 locations across the united states and beyond.

It’s interesting to see how the company has evolved to adapt to changing customer demands, now offering an extensive range of smoothie flavors to choose from. Smoothie king’s dedication to using fresh and wholesome ingredients has always been at the heart of its ethos, and this commitment has certainly paid off.

Whether you’re looking for a post-workout energy boost or a delicious snack, there’s guaranteed to be a smoothie king smoothie that suits your taste buds. Overall, the journey of smoothie king is a testament to the power of quality products and a strong brand vision.