Where to Buy Wood for Fire Pit? Best Places Revealed!

You can buy wood for fire pits at local hardware and home improvement stores. Online retailers also offer a broad range of options for different wood types and sizes.

If you’re planning a cozy evening around a fire pit, you’ll need wood to keep it burning. A fire pit is an outdoor feature that provides warmth and ambiance, and the right wood is essential to create a long-lasting fire.

There are several options available when it comes to buying wood for fire pits, depending on your needs and location. Local hardware and home improvement stores often stock wood for fire pits, such as birch, oak, and maple. Online retailers offer a broad range of options for different wood types and sizes. Whichever option you choose, ensure the wood is dry and seasoned for the best results.

Where to Buy Wood for Fire Pit? Best Places Revealed!

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Top Five Places For Buying Wood For Fire Pit

Local hardware stores can be an excellent starting point for purchasing wood for your fire pit. They often offer competitive pricing, have knowledgeable staff, and are easy to access. However, if you’re looking for a wider variety of options, online retailers can provide a vast selection alongside helpful reviews.

Outdoor supply stores that specialize in outdoor activities like camping and hiking can also be an excellent source of high-quality wood. Farmer’s markets are another great way to find locally sourced wood, and it also supports local businesses and reduces environmental impact.

Lastly, sawmills and timber yards can offer competitive pricing, as well as the option to choose from different types of wood while prioritizing sustainability.

Factors To Consider When Choosing Wood For Fire Pit

Choosing the right type of wood for the fire pit is crucial. Some popular choices include oak, hickory, and applewood. Oak burns well and produces long-lasting heat. Hickory provides a smoky aroma, while applewood creates a sweet aroma. The moisture content of the wood can impact the quality and safety of the fire pit.

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Properly dried wood is essential to prevent problems like smoke, sparking, and excessive heat. Consider the quantity and size of the wood needed based on the frequency and size of the fire pit use. Pricing can vary depending on the type and quality of the wood.

To find the best deals, it is essential to budget and shop around. It is also essential to evaluate the environmental impact of purchasing and using wood for the fire pit and implement sustainable and responsible practices.


Overall, choosing the right wood for your fire pit is essential, whether you want a romantic evening, a family gathering, or just some relaxation. It’s important to know the wood’s characteristics, availability, and suitability to keep your fire burning and your environment safe.

If you want to make things easier, a few suppliers offer wood that’s ready to use, seasoned, and cut to the perfect size. It’s a good idea to make sure that the specific type of wood you need is available at the store before driving out.

You can also consider alternative options like buying online, connecting with local woodworkers or carpenters, or transforming your scrap wood pile into a fire-worthy stack. Whatever your choice may be, be sure to take the necessary measures to keep your surroundings and guests secure.

With proper care and attention, your fire pit can be an excellent addition to your outdoor space!