Thursday, May 10, 2018

Pretty Nails for Less than Ten

Welcome to Ten on the 10th!

Today I'm sharing a little personal pamper that costs around five dollars.  
If you are one of those lucky people whose nails grow long and beautiful and you can just paint them with polish, this post may not be for you.  

My fingernails are the crummy, peeling, chipping kind.  I loved having "good" nails each time I was pregnant, but for the rest of my life they have just been pathetic.
Luckily, there is a very affordable fix.

These little gems can be found with the nail polish at Target, Walmart, Walgreen's, and grocery stores.  I've been using the French Tips (Real Short) for years.  They came in handy when I was working long hours and didn't have time for regular manicures to keep up acrylic nails.

Just recently, I've ventured out and started using the "gel fantasy" version.  There are a few color options.  I hope they add some more.  Honestly, I find the color selection at stores to be pretty hit or miss.  I bought some beautiful red ones for Christmas parties, but haven't seen that shade recently.
To apply them, I choose the right size faux nail from the 24 in the box, put a little of the glue on my nail, and press it on (holding for a few seconds).

That's it.  

No waiting for polish to dry or anything.  The directions do say it is better not to submerge them in water for the first hour.  If you need an excuse not to do the dishes, I suggest applying them right after dinner....

I find a set usually lasts about a week, longer if I'm on vacation and away from housework.

Size the nails to see which fit best before using glue.
I like to use too little glue rather than too much, so it doesn't ooze out around the cuticle.  However, you can wipe extra away with the manicure stick (included in the package) if you do it quickly.
Keep the extras in case you need to replace one.
You can protect your own nails with a layer of clear nail polish, but the fake nails will not stay on as long.  This is a good option if you just want to wear them for a special occasion.  I don't bother because as I mentioned earlier, my own nails look terrible no matter what I do or don't do to them. (Funny enough, they do grow out under the protection of the fake nails, but then they break as soon as a I try to go with just real nails.)
The gel nails also come with a sticky tab option.  Honestly, I haven't tried that.
I have no affiliation with the maker of these products.  I'm just a happy customer.
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Sunday, May 6, 2018

Cinco de Mayo Fun

Happy Cinco de Mayo!
Yesterday, we hosted a fiesta in our home for my husband's office.  I guess it was really more of a Cuatro de Mayo party.
Unfortunately, it rained. all. day.
We had to move what was supposed to be a stand around the pool and enjoy frozen margaritas party to a find room to sit wherever you can inside party.
Oh well.  The margaritas were good.

There was a lot more food.  This picture was taken during set up. 

The great news is that today the sun is out and my daughter and her friends are going to come enjoy the leftovers on the real Cinco de Mayo.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Flower Pot Candle

Welcome to the April edition of  Ten on the 10th.  Today, we are all sharing container garden projects.  As usual, the challenge is to share an idea that costs less than ten dollars.

I've intended to create a gorgeous Potted Candle Planter using a glass hurricane for some time now. One or ten of these would be so gorgeous for an evening backyard party.  I saw it on  the blog Family Chic. As clear and simple as the directions are, it just wasn't getting done at my house. 
So, I came up with this cheap and dirty version using a white candle in glass.  Pun intended. 

I spent just under ten dollars at Walmart to purchase the two flower pots, two 6-packs of flowers, and the white candle in glass.  I had potting soil and gravel on hand.

The smaller pot goes upside down inside the larger pot.  I could pretend I that I had carefully calculated and knew that the diameter of the top of the smaller pot was the same at the diameter of the bottom of the bigger pot,
but no,
it was just dumb luck.

Then, I placed the candle on top of the little pot.

Next came gravel, potting mix. and flowers.  I went with white Impatiens, but multi-color would be lovely as well.  The important thing is buying these little ones that fit in the small area of soil.

Easy peasy. I love a project that can be done in minutes!

Pretty for both day and night.

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My Heart Lives Here (that's me)

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Decor Finds on a Ten Dollar Budget

Welcome to Ten on the 10th!
Today we are all sharing home decor.

I love to include natural elements in decorating. Here are a few for around ten dollars.

My first find is a succulent dish garden for $6.48.  Yes, the plants are real!

Where did I find this little treasure?

It was in the gardening department at Lowe's, outside near the cash registers.
The rocks are glued in, so no mess either.
This little cutie is perfect to top a stack of books on a table.

Next up....
This wood board from IKEA is intended to cut/serve food. It's priced at $7.99.
What a great base for candles or succulents.
Or both.

My third idea will give any bathroom a spa feeling.

The wooden box was $5.99 at IKEA.

Just drop in this fern from Lowe's.

And you get this.

(I know... together they were 97 cents over ten dollars.  Oops.)

Here's a cute centerpiece for the bistro table in my sun room that would also work for party table decorations.

The Kalanchoe plant was $4.99 at IKEA.
The pot and dish were under $4 together at Lowe's

And my last beautiful bargain was this tiny orchid in a white pot.
I bought it for $9.99 at Lowe's and then saw one for a little less at IKEA.
It's sitting on a stack of silver coasters on top of books just as happy as a little flower can be.

I hope you found some easy and affordable inspiration here today.

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