Sunday, May 28, 2017

Monday Social #37

Welcome to Monday Social #37.
It's with sad news that Judith, Eilis, and I announce our last Monday Social.  

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We have evaluated our time spent and the growth we have had in our link up.
We haven't grown at all.
We had one week where we grew to 60+ links.
Our first week we had maybe 45. Last week we had 44.
Math is not really my thing but even I can say that we haven't grown.
Eilis came to us and apologized for her sporadic blog posts because real life has gotten in the way of her life on-line.
Go, Eilis!
Judith and I will be looking to spend less time on-line instead of more at this point too.
I want to say thank you to our faithful participants each week.
We have had a core of loyal followers from the beginning.
We appreciate you more than we can say.
We have loved hosting this party.
We have grown as bloggers and our blogging friendships have grown as well.

So with that, I get to pick the features this week.


Sarah at Hyacinths For The Soul shared this flag image on Pinterest. 

Sheila shared this gorgeous blue and white plate on Instagram. 

Corner of Plaid shared this succulent tablescape
I love it. 

That is a wrap.
I finished my 26 year teaching career yesterday.
I'll have some thoughts about that in the coming weeks once I can process it all.
I'll also have some fun purse projects to share.
Bill and I are working on a sponsored post coming up in a month or so.
We have our cocktail ottoman fail to share.
One of my first projects this summer is a dining room redo.
I'll still be blogging so keep coming by to visit and comment.
I'll be by to visit your blogs now that I'll have more time.
Thank you for all of you that participated in Monday Social.
You are the best!

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Monday Social #36

Monday Social #36

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Eilis at My Heart Lives Here  || Instagram || Pinterest || My Heart Lives Here ||

Thanks for joining us at Monday Social!  We love to see what you share from your Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, or blog.

The hostess this week is 

Eilis from My Heart Lives Here

This week I used science boards and fabric to change a built-in bookcase.

There were so many inspiring links at Monday Social #35.  

Here are this week's features:

Rita at Panoply revealed an amazing Master Bath Transformation.

Kristen at Timeless Creations shared a charming Kitchen Makeover.

Marie at Rever en couleur updated her beautiful bathroom with new wallpaper.
Jennifer at Reviews, Chews, & How-to's shared how she made Simple and Healthy Cinnamon Clouds.  I can't wait to try this recipe.
Cecilia at My Thrift Store Addiction shared her trip to Becker Vinyards Lavendar Festival. I've always wanted to visit Fredericksburg, Texas.  

Party Guidelines

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-- No direct links to linky parties or advertising including Etsy shops.

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--Not required, but we would love for everyone to invite their readers to join the party and to share the Monday Social button on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Blog sites.

Link away!

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Fabric Slipcover for Built-in Shelves

I'm always on the look out for ways to lighten up our house without painting the woodwork.  I've been happily married for 29 years and eleven months.  The Alaskan cruise is already booked.  Can't blow it now.

So.... I found a temporary way.

No, it's not really a slipcover.  It does involve fabric and can be removed without any damage to the wood. I was inspired by projects where patterned fabric was used in IKEA type bookcases.  

Here's the dark corner of our family room "before."

The materials I used were:

Two tri-fold cardboard displays (aka science boards)
Packing tape

The texture of this fabric gives more interest in real life than shows in the photos of the completed project.

I trimmed the tri-fold cardboard to 46 inches wide (slightly less than the width of the shelves).  I had to use one complete and about half of the other board to achieve the 56 inch height.  The two boards are taped together with packaging tape.

I cut the fabric the same height as the board and four inches wider than the board.

Then I brushed plenty of glue all over the cardboard and attached the fabric.  For a finished look, I wrapped the excess two inches of fabric around the sides using a little more glue to attach it to the back.   

The fabric covered board is now held flat and in place by the removable shelves in front of it.

A small change for sure, but this girl is happy to be rid of that dark corner.

Hope to see you back here for Monday Social on Sunday night!
Grace at Home
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Sunday, May 14, 2017

Monday Social #35

Welcome to Monday Social #35. 

Happy Mother's Day 
to all the women in our lives who nurtured us. 
Mothers, grandmothers, aunts, sisters, teachers, neighbors, friends... 

Co-hosted by 

Judith at Botanic Bleu  || Instagram || Facebook || Pinterest || Botanic Bleu ||
Katie at Let's Add Sprinkles || Instagram || Facebook || Pinterest || Let's Add Sprinkles ||
Eilis at My Heart Lives Here  || Instagram || Pinterest || My Heart Lives Here || 

Monday Social is a gathering of friends to share the latest on our pages at our 

Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Blog sites. 

This week's hostess is 
Judith at Botanic Bleu.


MAY is flying by... almost half way through... and we have been busy, busy, busy. 

Judith has new floors in the living room, kitchen, and half-bath. 
What a big job, big clean-up, and big DIFFERENCE. 

Katie has new furniture in Bill's man cave. 
Check out their new Farmhouse Media Center. 

Eilis has a new part-time job as a substitute teacher for preschoolers until the end of the school year. 
What an exciting way to spend May, but without much free time.  

Last Week's 

Fair Meadow Place set a beautiful table with roses for Mother's Day. 
Each place setting has a rose tucked into a napkin. 
What a wonderful way to tell each guest, "You are special." 

The Boondocks Blog highlights its reader's favorite FACEBOOK photos each month. 
I can see why this Greek beach scene was one of the favorites in April. 

Hyacinths for the Soul shared her favorite rocker on PINTEREST. 
I am not sure how Sarah ever has time to rock since she is such a faithful blog reader 
who leaves the most thoughtful comments on each post all across the internet.  

My Kentucky Living captured a peaceful rainy day at her house that 
illustrates the beauty of her INSTAGRAM photos. 
Sheila enjoys experimenting with photography and has a real knack for it. 

Thank you to everyone for joining 
Monday Social. 
Each week is filled with inspiration, great ideas, beautiful photography, and southern friendliness. 

Remember you can link photos from Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and your blog. 
To be featured a photo must be YOUR photo. 

Do you need help linking photos from Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram? 
See Monday Social for help or send one of us an email. 
We would love to help you. 

See this week's FEATURES at our 

Blogger TIP

Not only are linky parties great places to find new friends, 
they are also a great way to connect your blog with other blogs. 
Did you know that page ranking in browser searches includes 
the number of incoming links and outgoing links to a site? 

No? Me either, until I read it in Kim Six's book titled Demystifying SEO

How about giving one another a special Mother's Day gift by including 
a link in one of your blog posts to one of the links in this week's Monday Social party? 
A link doesn't require permission, but including a photo does. 
HOWEVER, letting the person know you are including a link to her/his site 
will probably be a highlight of her/his day. 


Monday Social Guidelines in a Nutshell 

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