Does Panda Express Have Vegan Options?

No, Panda Express does not have vegan options.

Yes, Panda Express does have vegan options! Their Veggie Spring Rolls are made with vegetables and fried in vegetable oil. They also offer a Super Greens side dish that includes broccoli, kale, and edamame.

For a vegan entrée, you can order the Vegetable Chow Mein which includes noodles, vegetables, and sauce.



Does Panda Have Vegan Chicken?

No, Panda does not have vegan chicken. While they do offer a variety of vegetarian and vegan options, their chicken is not one of them.

Are Panda Express Veggie Rolls Vegan?

Are Panda Express veggie rolls vegan? The answer is a resounding yes! All of the ingredients in our veggie roll are plant-based, including the rice paper wrappers.

Our team has gone above and beyond to create a delicious and craveable vegan option that we know you’ll love.

Is Panda Express Beyond Chicken Vegan?

Is Panda Express beyond chicken vegan? Panda Express does not currently offer any vegan-friendly entrees. However, they do have a few sides that are suitable for vegans, including rice, mixed vegetables, and chow mein.

In addition, their vegetable spring rolls are also vegan-friendly. While Panda Express doesn’t have any explicitly vegan options, with a little creativity it is possible to make a meal out of their sides.

Is the Fried Rice at Panda Express Vegan?

Yes, the fried rice at Panda Express is vegan! The ingredients are: rice, vegetable oil, onions, green peas, carrots, and soy sauce.

Does Panda Express Have Vegan Options?


Is Chow Mein Vegan Panda Express

If you’re a vegan, you might be wondering if chow mein from Panda Express is an option for you. Unfortunately, the answer is no – chow mein at Panda Express is not vegan. The dish contains both chicken and shrimp, so it’s definitely not suitable for those following a plant-based diet.

However, there are a few other vegan-friendly options on the Panda Express menu that you can enjoy. The veggie spring rolls and steamed rice are both vegan, and the edamame is also a good choice. So even though chow mein isn’t an option for vegans, there are still plenty of other delicious dishes that you can enjoy at Panda Express.

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Vegan at Panda Express 2022

As of January 1, 2022, Panda Express will be a vegan restaurant. This means that all of the food served at Panda Express will be free of animal products, including meat, dairy, and eggs. The menu will feature vegan versions of your favorite Panda Express dishes, like Orange Chicken and Beijing Beef.

In addition to being vegan, the food at Panda Express will also be healthy and nutritious. So if you’re looking for a delicious and health-conscious meal, look no further than Panda Express!

Vegan Panda Express near Me

Looking for a delicious and vegan-friendly meal option near you? Look no further than Panda Express! This popular Chinese restaurant chain now offers a vegan version of their classic Orange Chicken dish, and it’s absolutely DELICIOUS.

The best part? You can find Panda Express locations all across the country, so finding one near you should be a breeze. So what are you waiting for?

Head to your nearest Panda Express and enjoy a delicious vegan meal today!


Panda Express does not have any vegan options at this time. However, they are working on adding some vegan items to their menu. In the meantime, you can try one of their vegetarian dishes, such as the Veggie Spring Rolls or the Eggplant Tofu.