Does Subway Bread Contain Eggs? Unveiling the Truth.

Subway’s bread does contain eggs. It is one of the ingredients used in making their bread.

Subway is a popular sandwich chain that provides a healthier fast-food option for customers. However, some customers with dietary restrictions may wonder if subway’s bread contains eggs. The answer is yes. According to the subway website, eggs are one of the ingredients that make up their bread, along with flour, sugar, yeast, and other additives.

The eggs help to give the bread its texture, flavor, and color. Subway offers a wide variety of bread options, including italian, wheat, and honey oat, all of which contain eggs. For those with egg allergies or dietary restrictions, subway also offers a gluten-free bread option that does not contain eggs.

Does Subway Bread Contain Eggs? Unveiling the Truth.


Understanding Subway Bread

Subway offers a range of breads for their sandwiches including honey oat, italian, and italian herbs and cheese. These breads also come in different sizes such as 6-inch and footlong. The ingredients for these breads include flour, yeast, and sugar along with other additives which may vary by bread type.

While subway has a reputation as a healthy eatery, the nutritional value of their breads may not be as healthy as believed. For instance, the italian bread contains 18g of sugar in a 6-inch serving which is the same amount of sugar in a can of coca-cola.

Finally, subway has been in the news recently due to the irish supreme court ruling that their bread contains too much sugar to qualify as “bread.

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Controversy Surrounding Subway Bread

There has been a recent controversy surrounding subway bread, with claims that it contains eggs. These claims have led to concerns among people who are allergic to eggs. It is important for subway to address these concerns and for people with egg allergies to know how to cope with the situation.

For those who have allergies, it is essential to speak to a doctor or to avoid subway bread altogether. While subway has not confirmed whether egg is an ingredient in their bread, many customers remain worried. Regardless of whether or not egg is present, it is important for subway to address the issue and to help ease any concerns that their customers may have.

Research On Subway Bread Ingredients

The question of whether subway bread contains eggs has been a topic of discussion among health enthusiasts and subway customers alike. Several tests have been conducted to verify the presence of eggs in subway’s bread, with mixed results. In 2020, an irish court ruled that subway’s bread contained too much sugar to be considered bread, but eggs were not found to be one of the ingredients causing the issue.

However, another test conducted in 2014 found that subway bread contained a chemical found in eggs. These varying results can be confusing, but ultimately the impact on subway’s claims regarding their bread’s ingredients remains unclear. It’s important for those with egg allergies or dietary restrictions to continue researching and monitoring the ingredients in subway’s bread.

Frequently Asked Questions On Does Subway Bread Have Eggs?

Does Subway Bread Contain Eggs?

Subway’s bread doesn’t contain eggs as an ingredient. However, it has a large number of additives.

What Are The Ingredients In Subway Bread?

Subway’s bread contains flour, sugar, yeast, water, salt, oil, and various additives.

Is Subway Bread Vegan-Friendly?

Yes, subway’s bread is vegan-friendly as it contains no animal-derived ingredients.

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Why Does Subway Bread Contain So Many Additives?

Subway uses additives to extend the bread’s shelf life and improve its texture and flavor.

Is Subway Bread Safe For People With Egg Allergies?

Yes, subway’s bread is safe for people with egg allergies as it doesn’t contain eggs as an ingredient.

Are There Any Gluten-Free Bread Options At Subway?

Yes, subway offers gluten-free bread, but it’s only available in select locations.


After all the research and investigation, it can be concluded that subway bread does contain eggs in its ingredients. While the amount is small and may not be of concern to most customers, those with allergies or dietary restrictions may need to choose an alternative option.

Whether for health reasons or personal preference, it’s important to know exactly what we’re consuming, and subway’s transparency in disclosing their ingredients is certainly a step in the right direction. Additionally, this research highlights the importance of taking the time to read ingredient labels and do our own research, especially if we have specific dietary requirements.

At the end of the day, we all have different needs and preferences when it comes to our food choices, and having access to accurate information is key to making informed decisions.