How to Troubleshoot and Fix F5 Error on Maytag Washer

To fix f5 error on maytag washer, you need to check and clean the door lock mechanism. This error indicates that the washer door is not locking properly.

A maytag washer is a reliable and efficient appliance that can make your laundry work easier and faster. However, like any other appliance, it can also experience some problems in the long run. One of these issues is the f5 error, which indicates that the washer door is not locking properly. This problem can be caused by different factors, such as a faulty door lock mechanism or a jammed door. If you encounter this error, the best way to fix it is to check and clean the door lock mechanism. In this article, we will guide you through the troubleshooting process for solving f5 error on maytag washer.

How to Troubleshoot and Fix F5 Error on Maytag Washer

Understanding The F5 Error Code

The f5 error code on maytag washers indicates an issue with the lid lock. It can occur due to a faulty wiring connection, a broken or malfunctioning lid lock, or a misaligned strike. To fix the error, start by identifying the location of the error on your washer.

Inspect the lid lock and its wiring connections for any damage or incorrect installation. Next, check the strike to ensure it properly aligns with the lid lock. If the error persists, consider replacing the lid lock or seeking professional help.

Understanding the f5 error code and its possible causes can help you troubleshoot and resolve the issue efficiently.

Checking The Door Lock Mechanism

The door lock mechanism is an important component of maytag washers. Its primary function is to prevent the washer from starting if the door is open. To determine if the door lock assembly is the source of the f5 error on your maytag washer, you will need to check its operation.

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Testing the door lock assembly with a multimeter is a simple process that will help you identify any issues. If the door lock mechanism is damaged, you can follow a few steps to replace it with a new one. Understanding how the door lock mechanism works is crucial to fixing the f5 error on your maytag washer.

Maytag Washer F5 error – cheap fix

Checking The Wiring Connection

To fix the f5 error on your maytag washer, start by checking the wiring connection. Verify the wiring connections between the door lock, control board, and motor. Ensure that the wires are not loose or damaged. For this, you’ll require some tools.

Fix any loose or damaged wiring connections. Check the connections after fixing them. Finally, test the washer to make sure that the error has been successfully cleared. With these simple steps, you can easily get rid of the f5 error on your maytag washer.

Resetting The Control Board

Fixing an f5 error on a maytag washer can be done by resetting the control board. To begin, unplug the washer and wait for 30 seconds. Then, plug it back in and see if the error has cleared. If not, you can try resetting the control board by pressing the “delay start” button and holding it for five seconds.

This will clear the error code and should solve the problem. There are a few reasons why the control board may need to be reset, including power surges, software glitches, and mechanical issues. With these steps, you can quickly fix an f5 error on your maytag washer and get back to doing your laundry without any issues.

Replacing The Control Board

Faulty control boards often lead to f5 error on maytag washing machines. Some signs of a faulty control board include the machine failing to start, stopping mid-cycle, or displaying unusual error messages. The process of replacing the control board requires one to remove the top panel, access the old control board, and fit the new one.

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While purchasing a new control board, it is important to ensure it is compatible with the specific maytag washer model. When installed correctly, a new control board will restore the machine’s normal functioning, eliminating any f5 error messages.


Dealing with an f5 error on your maytag washer is not an impossible task. It can be fixed with just the right steps and some troubleshooting. Start by checking the washer’s connections, inlet hoses, and pressure switches. It’s important to also ascertain if the washer’s floor is level or if there’s any form of obstruction.

By following these outlined steps, you can quickly fix the issue and have your washer functioning properly in no time. Remember to always approach the process with caution, especially when dealing with electrical connections. If all else fails, consider calling in a professional to help take a closer look.

With proper care and maintenance, your maytag washer can serve you effectively for years to come.