How to Fold Towels Like a Pro: Space-saving Hacks.

To fold towels to save space, follow these simple steps. Firstly, fold the towel in thirds lengthwise and then fold it in half horizontally.

This will result in a compact and neat towel that takes up less space. Keeping a tidy and organized home is something that many of us aspire to. Towels can often take up a lot of space in the linen closet, making it difficult to find room for everything.

One easy solution to this problem is to fold towels in a way that saves space. Not only will it leave more room in your closet, but it will also make it easier to find the towel you need quickly. In this article, we will go over the steps to folding towels in a space-saving way and provide some tips on how to keep your linen closet organized.

How to Fold Towels Like a Pro: Space-saving Hacks.


Types Of Towels

Explanation Of Types Of Towels And The Space They Take Up

Not all towels are created equal. When it comes to saving space, it’s important to understand the different types of towels and the space they take up.

  • Bath towels: These are the largest type of towel, measuring around 27 inches by 52 inches. Due to their size, they take up the most storage space.
  • Hand towels: These are smaller than bath towels, measuring around 16 inches by 30 inches. They are more compact than bath towels and take up less space.
  • Washcloths: These are the smallest type of towel, measuring around 13 inches by 13 inches. They are the most space-efficient type of towel.

Importance Of Selecting The Right Type Of Towel For Space-Saving Purposes

Selecting the right type of towel is essential when it comes to space-saving. When you’re tight on storage, opt for towels that take up less space.

  • More compact towels leave more room for other items in your linen closet.
  • Using smaller towels can help you create a more organized and efficient storage system.
  • Over time, reducing the amount of space your towels take up can lead to greater peace of mind and a more streamlined home.
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By understanding the different types of towels and the space they take up, you can make more informed decisions when it comes to selecting the right towels for your space-saving needs.

Best Practices For Folding Towels

If you’re looking to save space in your linen closet or bathroom area, learning how to properly fold towels is essential. Not only will this skill help you maximize storage, but it will also give your space a neater appearance.

Proper Techniques For Folding Towels To Save Space

  • Begin by laying your towel on a flat surface, with the largest side facing up.
  • Fold the towel in half, bringing the top edge down to meet the bottom edge.
  • Next, fold the towel in half again, bringing the left edge to meet the right edge.
  • Finally, fold the towel in thirds by bringing the bottom edge up towards the top. This will give you a nicely folded towel that stands up on its own.

How To Fold Large Towels, Hand Towels, And Washcloths

  • For large bath towels, start by folding the towel in half lengthwise, then follow the steps above.
  • To fold hand towels, follow the same steps for bath towels, but skip the last fold in thirds. Instead, fold the towel in half one more time to create a more compact size.
  • For washcloths, begin by folding in half diagonally, then repeat by folding it in half diagonally again. Finally, fold the washcloth in half, bringing one corner to the opposite corner.

Tips For Maintaining A Neat And Tidy Linen Closet Or Bathroom Space

  • Consider investing in storage containers or baskets to keep towels organized and prevent them from toppling over.
  • Label each container or basket based on the type of towel inside, allowing for easy retrieval when needed.
  • When folding towels, try to keep the stacks even and facing the same direction. This will give your space a more cohesive look.
  • Be sure to regularly declutter any towels that are worn or no longer in use. This keeps your linen closet from becoming overcrowded and chaotic.

Learning how to fold towels properly is an easy and effective way to save space while creating a neater and more organized space in your home. Try out these folding techniques and tips to keep your linen closet or bathroom looking tidy and functional.

Organization And Storage

Best Practices For Organizing Your Towels

Effective organization saves you time and space.

  • Categorize your towels by size and type: Organize your towels by their dimensions and whether they’re for the bath or hand use. For instance, place all washcloths in one pile and bath sheets in another.
  • Roll instead of folding: Instead of folding, try rolling your towels to take up less space and make them more accessible. Roll the towels tightly and stand them up in the closet or on shelves.
  • Group similar colors together: If you have colorful towels, arrange them by color so that you can locate them quickly.
  • Keep towels near the point of use: If you have a bathroom with a separate shower, store your towels near the shower instead of in an obscure closet on the other side of the house.
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Tips For Maximizing Space In Your Linen Closet Or Bathroom

Storage space in bathrooms can be cramped, so it’s essential to maximize every inch.

  • Install shelves: Shelves are a valuable addition to your bathroom or linen closet. You can install them yourself or hire a professional to do it for you.
  • Use vertical space: To make the most of your storage space, use vertical space by adding stackable shelves or storage units.
  • Hang your towels: To save cabinet space, hang your towels on hooks over the door or on the wall. It will keep your towels organized and also free up shelf space for other items.
  • Use door racks: Utilize door racks to store folded towels or rolls for easy accessibility.

Creative Storage Solutions For Small Spaces

If you have limited space in your bathroom, here are some creative ways to store your towels:

  • Utilize baskets: Baskets are an easy solution for stowing away towels and washcloths. You can add a stylish touch to the room with decorative woven baskets.
  • Under sink storage: Store towels under the sink cabinet on shelves or in rolling baskets to save space in the open.
  • Wall-mounted shelves: Wall-mounted shelves offer an excellent way to store towels without taking up floor space. They come in a variety of sizes and styles to fit your decor.
  • Use the back of the bathroom door: Use the back of the bathroom door or cabinet doors to store towels with an over-the-door towel rack or hook.

By following these best practices and tips, you’ll have an organized and functional bathroom or linen closet that will help you save space and time.

Additional Space-Saving Tips

Keeping your linen closet and bathroom organized by folding towels to save space is a great start, but there are other things you can do to maximize every inch of your available storage.

Other Household Items That Can Take Up Space In Your Linen Closet Or Bathroom

Your bathroom and linen closet are notorious for harboring more than just towels.

  • Beauty and skincare products: Go through every bottle, jar, and tube to discard any expired or unused items. Group the remaining products by category (i. E. , face wash, moisturizer, hair products) and store them in labeled containers or bins on shelves or in baskets.
  • Cleaning supplies: Create a designated cleaning closet or area. Consolidate your products and use a hanging organizer or caddy to store cleaning tools such as sponges, gloves, and sprays.
  • Extra bedding: Only keep bedding that you use regularly. Look at donating or selling excess items or placing extra blankets and sheets in vacuum-sealed bags under the bed.
  • Medicine: Take inventory of your medicine cabinet, discard any expired items, and properly dispose of any medications you no longer need. Use a labeled organizer to keep medications organized by category and easily accessible.
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Creative Strategies For Decluttering And Organizing Your Home

Decluttering and organizing your home can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming.

  • Utilize empty wall space: Consider installing floating shelves, pegboards, or hooks to take advantage of empty wall space and store items such as hats, coats, bags, and tools.
  • Repurpose everyday items: Repurpose items you already have to create unique storage solutions, such as using tension rods under the sink to hang cleaning supplies or using an old ladder as a towel rack.
  • Use drawer dividers: Drawer dividers create separate compartments for different types of items such as socks, underwear, and accessories, which can make finding items and tidying up a breeze.
  • Optimize closet space: Install additional shelves or clothing rods to better organize clothing and accessories. Use hanging organizers to store shoes, purses, and scarves or install drawers for storing folded clothing.

Tips And Tricks For Saving Space In Other Areas Of Your Home

Saving space doesn’t stop at the linen closet or bathroom.

  • Kitchen: Use a magnetic knife strip to clear up counter space and store knives, use racks in cabinets for organizing plates, and use the insides of cabinet doors to store small items like measuring cups and utensils.
  • Bedroom: Use under-bed storage containers to store seasonal clothing or shoes and a storage bench or ottoman to house extra pillows, blankets, or linens.
  • Living room: Use a storage ottoman or under-sofa storage containers to store extra throw blankets or pillows, and use a sofa table or bookshelf to store and display books and decor items.
  • Entryway: Use hooks or a hanging organizer for storing jackets, hats, and bags. Place a shoe rack or bench with storage for shoes near the entrance to keep floors clear.

Try implementing some or all of these space-saving tips to make your home more organized, efficient, and enjoyable to live in.


Overall, learning how to fold towels to save space can be a game-changer for small living spaces. Whether you live in a studio apartment or are simply trying to declutter your linen closet, folding towels efficiently can really make a difference.

By following these simple steps, you can maximize storage space, keep your towels organized, and even add a touch of style to your bathroom or linen closet. Remember, it’s all about finding the right fold for your specific towels. Take into account the towel’s size, thickness, and material to determine which method will work best.

With a little bit of practice, you’ll be a pro at folding towels in no time. And, who knows, you may even find yourself looking for more creative ways to save space and stay organized in your home.