How to Reset Amana Washer in Few Simple Steps?

To reset your amana washer, press and hold the “control lock” button for three seconds until the “control locked” indicator light turns off. Now, you can start using your washer again.

If your amana washer suddenly stops working or shows an error message, it may need a reset. These models come with a control lock feature that can sometimes prevent the washer from functioning. Fortunately, resetting an amana washer is a straightforward process.

Follow our step-by-step guide above to quickly reset your washer and get your laundry back on track. In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know to reset your amana washer, including common reasons for needing a reset, pre-reset troubleshooting, and additional tips for maintaining your washer’s performance.

How to Reset Amana Washer in Few Simple Steps?


Reasons Why You May Need To Reset Your Amana Washer

If you have an amana washer and it’s not working correctly, you may need to reset it. Resetting your washing machine can resolve some issues without having to call in a repair technician. We will discuss the reasons why you may need to reset your amana washer and how to do so.

Explanation Of Common Issues That May Cause The Need For A Reset

Before we dive into the reasons why you might need to reset your amana washer, it’s essential to understand the common issues that may cause the need for a reset.

  • Power surges or outages that can affect the washer’s electronic components
  • Overloading the washer beyond the recommended capacity
  • Clogs in the drain or water inlet hoses that can prevent the washer from functioning correctly
  • Malfunctioning control board or the time and cycle settings not programmed correctly

Importance Of Identifying The Root Cause Of The Problem Before Resetting

While resetting your washing machine may be a quick fix to resolve some issues, it’s crucial to identify the root cause before doing so. Identifying the problem’s source can help prevent future occurrences and save you from unnecessary frustration and expenses.

  • It can help you determine whether a reset is necessary or if there’s a need for a repair technician.
  • You’ll prevent the issue from reoccurring by fixing the root cause of the problem.
  • You’ll avoid potential damages to your washer that resetting repeatedly may cause.
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It’s also worth mentioning that resetting may not be the solution to all washer problems. If you’ve identified the root cause of the problem but still need help resolving it, it’s best to consult with a repair technician.

By adhering to the guidelines mentioned above, you can create an engaging and informative article about resetting your amana washer. Remember, identifying the root cause of the problem is crucial before resetting your washing machine, and only do so if it’s necessary.

Step-By-Step Guide For Resetting The Amana Washer

If you’re having trouble with your amana washer, resetting it might work wonders. Sometimes, washing machines can get stuck in a cycle, which leads to problems with their settings. This article will guide you through the process of resetting your amana washer step-by-step.

Unplugging The Washer And Waiting For A Few Minutes

Before starting the resetting process on your amana washer, ensure you unplug it. This process will help you avoid any potential electrical hazards that could occur during the resetting process.

Selecting The Correct Reset Button Or Cycle

Amana washers have different reset buttons and cycles, depending on the model. The best way to identify which button or cycle to use for resetting your washer is to check its user manual. Once you identify the proper button or cycle, you can start to consider resetting your washer.

Starting The Reset Process

After unplugging your amana washer and figuring out which button or cycle to use for resetting, you can now proceed to the resetting process itself.

  • Press the button or select the cycle you need to reset the washer
  • Wait for several seconds, until the washer turns off.
  • Keep the washer unplugged for a few minutes. Leave it this way, so it cools off the internal software if it was overheating.
  • Re-plug the washer back into power.
  • Press and hold the start button for a few seconds.
  • Wait for a few seconds to allow the washer to calibrate and adjust its settings internally.
  • Once ready, you can now check if the washer is working correctly.

Additional Steps To Consider If The Reset Doesn’t Work

In some instances, resetting your amana washer can prove unsuccessful. When this happens, some additional steps may help you resolve the issue.

  • Call for professional help or reach out to amana customer service. It’s best to use professional help when in doubt or when you aren’t sure what to do.
  • Consider checking the washer’s water supply if it’s getting enough water to the machine.
  • Check if there are any clogs or blockages in the washer’s drainage system. This process involves checking and cleaning the washer’s hoses, pipes, and filters.
  • Inspect the washer’s door latch if it’s still locked, causing the washer not to power on.
  • Check the washer’s control panel for any error messages, which may indicate that the washer has an underlying problem.
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Resetting your amana washer can help resolve some issues related to the washer’s software settings. This step-by-step guide will help you reset your washer with ease. However, if all else fails, don’t hesitate to call an expert or amana’s customer service for further assistance.

Tips For Maintaining Your Amana Washer

Resetting your amana washer may become a common occurrence if you don’t take adequate measures to maintain it. Fortunately, with proper care, you can prevent the need for frequent resets and keep your machine running smoothly. Here are some tips for maintaining your amana washer.

Importance Of Proper Maintenance

Maintaining your amana washer is crucial to keep it functioning correctly. If you ignore regular maintenance, it may lead to costly repairs or replacements.

  • Check hoses regularly for cracks, leaks, and damages that could lead to water damage or flooding.
  • Clean the washer drum’s interior frequently with a mild detergent, warm water, and a soft cloth or sponge. Make sure to remove any objects or items left in the drum to avoid damage during the wash cycle.
  • Avoid overloading the washer. Overloading can cause the machine to wear out prematurely and may lead to frequent resets.
  • Use the proper detergent recommended by the manufacturer. Not all detergents are created equal, and using the wrong one can damage your machine and negatively impact its performance.

Steps To Prevent The Need For Frequent Resets

Resetting your amana washer can disrupt your daily routine and cause inconvenience.

  • Clean the lint filter before every use. A clogged filter can cause malfunctions leading to frequent resets.
  • Level your washer. A tilted or uneven washer may cause it to shake during the spin cycle and require resetting.
  • Don’t slam the washer’s lid or door. Slamming can damage the machine’s internal components, leading to frequent resets.
  • Avoid using too much detergent or fabric softener. Overusing these products can cause excessive suds and errors leading to frequent resets.

Recommendations For Cleaning And Caring For The Washer

Keeping your amana washer clean and well-maintained is essential to extend its lifespan and functionality.

  • After each wash cycle, wipe down the washer drum and door seal to prevent mold and mildew buildup.
  • Once every three months, clean the detergent dispenser and the filter to prevent dirt and buildup from compromising the washer’s performance.
  • Use only cold water for bleach cycles and avoid adding bleach or fabric softener directly to the washer drum.
  • Keep the washer’s exterior clean and dry to prevent rust and other malfunctions.
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By following these tips, you can maintain your amana washer and reduce the need for frequent resets. With proper care and maintenance, your machine will run smoothly, saving you time, money, and hassle.

Common Troubleshooting Issues For Amana Washers

If you are an amana washer owner and encounter some issues while using it, the first thing you should do is to try resetting it. However, not all problems can be solved through resetting. Here’s a breakdown of other common issues that may arise and steps on how to troubleshoot them.

Explanation Of Other Common Issues Not Resolved By Resetting:

  • Basket or drum movement issues: The basket or drum of your amana washer may not move due to a damaged drive belt, faulty motor coupler or damaged drive block. Checking on these parts and replacing them if necessary may solve the problem.
  • Water leakage issues: Water leakage may be caused by several factors such as torn door gaskets or damaged hoses. Inspecting these parts for possible damage and replacement is highly recommended to resolve the problem.
  • Electrical issues: Electrical problems with your amana washer can cause different problems like it not starting, not spinning, or even stopping mid-cycle. Contacting a professional technician or customer service may be necessary if the issue persists.

Troubleshooting Steps For Common Problems, Such As Leaks Or Loud Noises:

  • Leakage troubleshooting:
  • Check the hoses connected to your washer for damages or loose attachments.
  • Inspect the door seal for crack or tear and replace if necessary.
  • Check the water inlet valve for damage and replace if needed.
  • Loud noise troubleshooting:
  • Make sure that the washer is properly leveled and not overloaded.
  • Check the drum or agitator for possible obstructions such as garments or other debris.
  • Inspect the drive belt, shock absorbers, or springs for damages and replace if necessary.

By following these troubleshooting steps, you can easily identify and solve most problems with your amana washer. However, if the issue persists, contacting a professional technician or customer service for further assistance is highly advised.


As you can see, resetting your amana washer is not a difficult task to accomplish. By following the steps outlined in this post, you can easily troubleshoot any issues with your washer. Remember to unplug the machine before resetting it and to wait a few minutes before turning it back on.

In addition, if you encounter any problems during the resetting process, it is always best to consult with a professional. By maintaining a properly working washer, you can avoid costly repairs and ensure that your laundry is always fresh and clean.

So, use these simple steps to reset your amana washer and keep your laundry routine uninterrupted!