How to Determine the Cubic Feet of a Refrigerator using the Model Number?

To determine the cubic feet of a refrigerator by model number, check the manufacturer’s website or user manual. When you purchase a refrigerator, you may need to confirm the cubic footage to ensure it meets your needs.

While some models will list the cubic feet on the product itself, others may not. In these cases, you can use the model number to determine the cubic footage. However, it is important to note that different manufacturers may have different methods for calculating cubic footage. Therefore, it is recommended that you check the manufacturer’s website or user manual for accurate information. In this article, we’ll discuss how to find the cubic feet of a refrigerator by model number and provide some additional tips for selecting the right size for your needs.

How to Determine the Cubic Feet of a Refrigerator using the Model Number?


Understanding The Model Number

Understanding the model number of a refrigerator is important when it comes to determining its cubic feet. A standard model number consists of different components such as the manufacturer code, the model identifier, and the serial number. The significance of the model number is that it helps in identifying crucial information like the year of manufacture, the brand name, and the size of the fridge.

It’s important to note that a serial number is different from a model number as the former is unique to the product while the latter provides general information. Locating the model number on different brands may vary, but most refrigerators have it on the inside or outside of the fridge door or back panel.

Knowing where to locate the model number is essential when trying to determine the cubic feet of your refrigerator.

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Decoding The Model Number

The model number of your refrigerator can provide you with more information than just the make and model. It can also help you determine the approximate production date as well as the cubic feet of the fridge. To identify the cubic feet, you need to differentiate it from the total capacity.

The cubic feet is the actual space available for storage. To decode the model number, you can usually locate this on the inside of the fridge or freezer. Some manufacturers may also include this information in the owner’s manual or online.

Once you have the model number, you can use a decoding chart to determine the size of your refrigerator. For example, model number xyz123 may indicate a fridge size of 18 cubic feet.

How To Measure The Area Of A Refrigerator In Cubic Feet

Additional Methods For Measuring Cubic Feet

Understanding the cubic feet of your refrigerator is important for shopping and storage. Besides checking the model number, you can measure the external dimensions with a tape measure. First, identify the width, height, and depth of your fridge. Measure each dimension and then multiply the three measurements together.

The resulting number should give you a rough estimate of your fridge’s cubic feet. If precision is needed, find the exact volume of each compartment inside the fridge. Calculating cubic feet is easy and can help you plan meals, choose the right refrigerator size for your family, and determine energy usage.

Now, go measure your fridge and find out how much space you have!

Tips For Accurately Measuring Cubic Feet

Measuring the cubic feet of your refrigerator is important; always do it when the fridge is empty. If your refrigerator has variable geometries or irregular shapes, measure the average dimensions to get the closest estimate. When calculating cubic feet, accurately measure the length, height, and depth of your fridge using a tape measure, rounding up to the nearest inch.

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Next, multiply the measurements together to get the total cubic feet. For instance, a fridge measuring 65 inches in height, 30 inches in width, and 30 inches in depth will have a gross cubic feet of 32. 5. Measuring your fridge by its model number is generally unreliable, so stick to physical measurements to ensure accuracy.


Determining the cubic feet of a refrigerator by model number is a straightforward process. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can accurately determine the refrigerator’s capacity that can save you time and money in your shopping experience.

Choosing the right size of a refrigerator may also help you to save energy and reduce your environmental footprint. It’s essential to keep in mind that investing a little time in research can provide numerous benefits. The cubic feet of the refrigerator model number is like a blueprint that can help you make informed buying decisions and ensure that the refrigerator fits perfectly in your space.

So, the next time you’re in the market for a new refrigerator, make sure you check the model number and use our guide to determine its cubic feet.