What is a Drop Spreader?

A drop spreader is a garden tool used for spreading fertilizers or seeds evenly on a lawn or garden bed. It consists of a hopper, which holds the substance to be spread, and a series of wheels that drive a rotating disc beneath the hopper.

The disc has holes or slots that allow the substance to be released in a controlled manner as the spreader is pushed along. Drop spreaders are often used for precise applications in small areas, such as lawns, gardens, and flower beds. They are also commonly used for spreading weed killers or insecticides, as well as for overseeding an existing lawn. Drop spreaders are a popular choice among gardeners and landscapers due to their accuracy and ease of use. They work by dropping the material straight down onto the ground, which is ideal for small or irregularly shaped areas. Drop spreaders are particularly useful for applying granular fertilizers, which can be challenging to distribute evenly without a spreader. Additionally, because they do not throw the material across the surface, drop spreaders are less likely to damage delicate plants or landscapes. Overall, a drop spreader is an excellent tool to have in your gardening toolkit, providing a quick and easy way to apply fertilizer and seed.

What is a Drop Spreader?

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Understanding The Basics Of Drop Spreaders

Drop spreaders are essential tools for homeowners and professional landscapers. They differ from other spreaders in their operating mechanism. Unlike broadcast spreaders, which disperse fertilizer evenly, drop spreaders tend to drop it directly onto the ground, making them more accurate.

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They are easy to operate, have a uniform coverage, and are ideal for applying fertilizer, seeds, and other materials. They are also great for spreading granules like pest control products. Drop spreaders come in different sizes and shapes, but their operating principles remain the same.

Using a drop spreader is beneficial as it reduces waste by allowing precise application and ensures the even distribution of granules. A drop spreader is an essential tool for anyone looking to maintain a lush and green lawn.

How To Use A Drop Spreader For Lawn Fertilization

A drop spreader is a gardening tool you can use for fertilizer applications. Before spreading fertilizer on your lawn, you need to prepare it by mowing it and removing debris. Fill the drop spreader with the correct amount of fertilizer and adjust the settings to your preferred width.

Walk in straight lines while pushing the drop spreader, being careful not to overlap. Once you’ve finished the entire lawn, use a broom or leaf blower to remove any excess fertilizer from sidewalks or driveways. Adjust the spreader settings depending on the soil type and follow instructions for the fertilizer brand.

Regularly cleaning and storing the drop spreader in a dry and cool location can prolong its durability.

Learning To Use A Drop Spreader :: Scotts Classic Drop Settings

Drop Spreader Vs Broadcast Spreader: Which One Is Right For You?

Drop spreaders and broadcast spreaders are two common types of machines used for lawn fertilization. While both the spreaders serve the same purpose of distributing fertilizer, they differ in the way they deposit it. Drop spreaders allow you to apply fertilizer with more precision at a slower pace.

They are ideal for larger lawns or areas with specific needs. On the other hand, broadcast spreaders distribute fertilizer in a wider pattern, covering more ground, and are best for quick jobs. Understanding the differences between this spreader will make sure you choose the correct one for your lawn.

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Ultimately, the choice depends on the size of your lawn and what type of fertilizer you’re using. Before purchasing one, weigh the pros and cons of each to make an informed decision.

Common Mistakes To Avoid When Using A Drop Spreader

Using a drop spreader can make fertilizing your lawn an easy task. However, there are a few common mistakes to avoid. Over-fertilizing or under-fertilizing can harm your lawn. Incorrect spreader settings or calibration can lead to uneven applications. To avoid these issues, ensure you properly measure your lawn and adjust your spreader settings accordingly.

Test your calibration before use by pouring a measured amount of material into the hopper and checking for an even distribution. Always follow product instructions for proper application rates and timing. With these tips in mind, you can ensure your lawn gets the right amount of fertilization without damaging it.

Maintenance And Care For Drop Spreader

A drop spreader may not seem like a complex gardening tool, but proper maintenance is crucial to its effectiveness. Cleaning the spreader after each use and storing it in a dry place will prevent rust and damage. Checking for wear and tear, and replacing any broken parts, will ensure it continues to function optimally.

The spreader’s durability will be impacted by the frequency and intensity of its use.


A drop spreader is a handy tool that allows you to spread seeds, fertilizers, or other materials evenly on your lawn or garden. It ensures that the application is precise with minimal waste. With a drop spreader, you can avoid common issues such as over application, under application, and uneven spread.

It is an inexpensive solution for maintaining your lawn, as well as enhancing the growth of plants in your garden. It can be used by anyone, from professionals to beginners. Whether you are a homeowner or landscape contractor, a drop spreader is an essential tool that should be in your arsenal.

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By regularly using a drop spreader, you can achieve a lush, healthy and beautiful lawn that is the envy of all. So why not give it a try and see the difference for yourself?