Down Under’s Whopper Secret: What Burger King is Called in Australia

In australia, burger king is called “hungry jack’s. ” as the second largest burger chain globally, burger king operates under different names in some countries.

In australia, since 1971 it’s been named “hungry jack’s. ” owning the franchise rights, the australian fast-food chain has since grown across the country and has multiple outlets. It offers a wide range of food items on its menu, including burgers, fries, meals, desserts, sides, and drinks.

The restaurant is popular for its signature whopper beef burgers and its vegan-friendly options like the rebel whopper burger. Famous for its unique flavors and reasonable prices, hungry jack’s has attracted a loyal customer base over the years, making it one of the go-to fast-food joints in australia.

Down Under's Whopper Secret: What Burger King is Called in Australia


The Origin Story

Burger king arrived in australia in 1971, making it one of the first us-based fast food chains to establish itself down under. Initially called “hungry jack’s,” due to trademark complexities, the brand only operated in australia until the 1990s. Today, burger king and hungry jack’s continue to coexist in australia under different management.

Despite the name change, the menu and branding have remained relatively unchanged over the years, with the classic whopper burger still enjoying widespread popularity across the country. The history of burger king australia is a testament to the enduring appeal of fast food as a convenient and satisfying option for people on the go.

Rebranding As Hungry Jack’S

Burger king’s rebranding as hungry jack’s in australia was a strategic move to avoid trademark infringement. The name “burger king” was already registered in australia, hence, the need for a new brand name. Based on the existing ownership structure, hungry jack’s was chosen as the name.

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The rebranding started in 1991 and has been successful, with the brand now having over 400 stores in australia. It has had no major negative impact on its business in australia, and it remains a popular fast-food chain. It’s interesting to note that, despite the name change, the menu and concept of hungry jack’s are quite similar to those of burger king in other parts of the world, making it a familiar and beloved brand to all australians.

International Naming Conventions

Burger king is known as hungry jack’s in australia due to trademark conflicts. Other companies have also changed their names in different countries, such as kfc being called “poulet frit kentucky” in quebec. Cultural differences can impact company naming as well, with some names having offensive connotations in certain regions.

For example, the candy brand skittles changed their slogan from “taste the rainbow” to “experience the rainbow” in some countries where the former had a negative connotation. These international naming conventions demonstrate the importance of careful consideration and research when expanding into different markets.

The Debate Surrounding The Name Change

Burger king is a widely recognized fast-food chain in australia. However, some australians prefer to call it “hungry jack’s. ” this preference stems from a trademark infringement dispute that occurred in the 1970s when burger king tried to open in australia.

The name “burger king” was already taken, so the company opened under the name “hungry jack’s” instead. The name stuck, and even after burger king re-entered the australian market in the 1990s, some australians continued to call it “hungry jack’s.

” additionally, the name change may also have cultural significance, as australians tend to favor local brands over international ones. Despite the ongoing debate, the restaurant chain continues to thrive in the australian market, under both names.

The Future Of The Burger King/Hungry Jack’S Brand

Burger king is called hungry jack’s in australia due to a trademark conflict with an existing burger restaurant. However, as globalization and cultural norms continue to evolve, the question arises whether burger king will rebrand itself in australia. The impact of globalization on company names and branding cannot be ignored.

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Hungry jack’s has already adapted to australian cultural norms by offering menu items like the veggie whopper and using only australian sourced beef. It remains to be seen how the brand will continue to adapt in the future. Nevertheless, customers can expect the same quality burgers and fries synonymous with the burger king/hungry jack’s name.


After conducting research, we’ve discovered that the chain of fast-food restaurants known as burger king in the united states is known as hungry jack’s in australia. While the origin of the name change isn’t entirely clear, some speculate that it was due to naming rights already being claimed by another business.

However, others believe that the name change was simply a marketing strategy. Regardless of the reason, it appears that australian customers have fully embraced the name change and continue to enjoy the same great tasting burgers and other fast food offerings as those found in burger king locations worldwide.

So, if you ever find yourself visiting australia and craving a whopper or other burger king favorite, be sure to head to hungry jack’s instead – you won’t be disappointed!