What is Pre Soak on Samsung Washer?

Pre soak on a samsung washer is a cycle that soaks clothes before the actual wash cycle. It helps to remove tough stains and dirt from clothes more effectively.

Samsung washer is a top-notch brand known for its innovative features of home appliances. One such feature is the pre soak setting, which makes washing clothes a much easier task. This cycle runs before the wash cycle, and it allows clothes to soak in water and detergent solution for a set period, usually 30-45 minutes. This soaking process helps to loosen tough stains and dirt, making it easier for the actual wash cycle to remove them. Moreover, the pre soak feature allows samsung washer owners to add fabric softeners and other additives that provide a thorough cleaning while being gentle on clothes. This article delves into what pre soak is and how it works, so read on to know more.

What is Pre Soak on Samsung Washer?

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Understanding Pre-Soak Cycl

Pre-soak cycle is a function on samsung washers that allows the laundry to soak in water and detergent before washing. During the pre-soak cycle, the washer fills up with water, and the laundry soaks for a specified amount of time, depending on the selected cycle.

After soaking, the washer drains the water and proceeds to wash, rinse, and spin as per the selected cycle. The pre-soak cycle is essential for removing tough stains, such as grass, blood, and grease. Soaking the clothes before washing allows the detergent to penetrate the fabric fibers, helping to break down the dirt and grime.

Additionally, this cycle is beneficial for those with skin sensitivities as it helps to rinse out the detergent from clothes thoroughly. Ultimately, by using the pre-soak cycle, you’re ensuring that your clothes come out of the washer cleaner and fresher than ever before!

The Advantages Of Using Pre-Soak Cycle

Pre-soak cycle on samsung washer has several advantages. It is an effective way of removing tough stains from your clothes. This cycle saves both electricity and water. Your clothes will be much cleaner with better cleaning results as compared to normal washing.

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With these benefits, pre-soak cleaning cycle is worth considering when washing heavily stained clothes.


How To Use Pre-Soak Cycle On Samsung Washer?

Pre-soak cycle on samsung washer is a useful feature that helps to remove stubborn stains. To use it, select the “pre-soak” function on your machine’s control panel. Next, load your laundry and add detergent to the drum, followed by water.

Once the water has filled, your washer will pause to allow the clothes to soak. After the pre-soak cycle has completed, the regular wash cycle will start automatically. To get the most out of your pre-soak cycle, use warm or hot water for best results.

Always check the samsung washer manual to learn if your washer is compatible with pre-soak cycle. With a little bit of practice, pre-soak cycle can help you achieve cleaner and fresher clothes in no time!

Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs) About Pre-Soak Cycle

Pre-soak cycle is a feature on some samsung washers that is designed to help remove tough stains before the actual wash cycle. This cycle is useful when dealing with stains such as grass, wine, dirt, and blood. Generally, the cycle will take around 30 minutes to complete but can take longer if a longer soak is necessary.

It is not necessary to use the pre-soak cycle every time; only use it when necessary, depending on the types of stains and the fabric being washed. This cycle is ideal for heavily soiled clothing or items with tough-to-remove stains.

Remember that pre-soaking is only one step in the washing process and should be followed up with a regular wash cycle. So make sure to follow the instructions on your samsung washer manual to properly use this feature.

Troubleshooting Pre-Soak Cycle On Samsung Washer

The pre-soak cycle on samsung washer is a useful tool to tackle tough stains on your clothes. However, some issues may arise during its usage that can be easily resolved. If you encounter any error codes like the e2 or e4, it could be caused by overloading your washer or using the wrong detergent.

The solution is usually to reduce the load or switch to a better detergent. When it comes to technical problems, samsung offers comprehensive support via phone or live chat. A technical expert will guide you through the steps to troubleshoot your washer.

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By following these tips, you can get the best out of your pre-soak cycle without any hassle.


Summary: in this post, we have discussed the pre-soak feature on samsung washer. We’ve covered what it is, how it works, and the benefits it provides. Pre-soak is a feature that allows you to presoak your clothes for a certain period before washing them.

It is specifically designed for stubborn stains and helps improve the efficacy of the detergent and washing cycle. With a simple touch of a button on your samsung washer, you can activate this feature and enjoy fresh and clean clothes effortlessly.

By using pre-soak, you can extend the life of your clothes by minimizing wear and tear, and keep them looking new for longer periods. Whether you have kids, pets, or messy outdoor activities, pre-soak ensures that your clothes get the care they need for gentle and thorough cleaning while saving time and money.

Samsung washer’s pre-soak feature is a game-changer in the laundry world. This innovative technology is designed to make your life easier while providing a quality wash that’s gentle on your clothes. By using pre-soak, you can save time and hassle on stubborn stains and enjoy fresher and cleaner clothes that last longer.

It’s a feature worth checking out if you’re in the market for a new washing machine. Trust us; you won’t regret it!