Beyond Meat or Black Bean Burger: Is Smashburger a Vegan Haven?

Yes, smashburger does have vegan options available on their menu. Smashburger offers its vegan customers the “animal style burger” and their black bean burger option which is also vegan-friendly.

For plant-based eaters, it’s not always easy to find fast-food restaurants that offer vegan options. However, smashburger is committed to providing its vegan customers with a variety of options. With its ever-growing vegan population, smashburger has added vegan options to its menu, ensuring that everyone has a tasty and satisfying meal.

Whether you’re vegan or thinking of giving it a try, smashburger’s vegan options are sure to satisfy your taste buds. In this post, we’ll take a closer look at the vegan options available at smashburger, their ingredients, and tips on how to customize them.

Beyond Meat or Black Bean Burger: Is Smashburger a Vegan Haven?


Understanding Veganism

Veganism is a lifestyle that usually avoids any form of animal exploitation and cruelty. It necessitates a strict adherence to a plant-based diet, avoiding meat, dairy, and honey. Vegans should follow a balanced diet to maintain their health and take supplements.

Veganism has seen a steady surge in popularity, thanks to environmental concerns, animal welfare, and health risks associated with consuming meat. Smashburger offers vegan options, such as the black bean burger, avo smash beyond meat, and sweet potato fries. Veganism, when done correctly, can have a positive impact on health, the environment and animal welfare.

Smashburger’S Menu Options

Smashburger offers a variety of menu options suitable for vegans. Their veggie burger option is entirely plant-based, made with black beans, butternut squash, and beets. All of their salads can be customized to meet vegan requirements, and they also provide a plant-based side of sweet potato fries.

Vegan customers can also request to modify their order to make it suitable for their dietary needs. Smashburger ensures that their food is cooked fresh and uses only high-quality ingredients. Plus, their packaging is eco-friendly, which is always a plus for environmentally conscious consumers.

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Overall, smashburger caters to the diverse dietary needs of its customers and ensures a positive dining experience for all.

How Vegans Can Customize Smashburger’S Menu Items

Smashburger is known for its juicy burgers, but what about vegans? Can they customize menu items to fit their dietary needs? The answer is yes! Vegans can enjoy a variety of options at smashburger by making a few modifications. For example, you could swap the meat patty for a black bean burger or grilled portobello mushroom.

Skip the cheese and mayo, and load up on veggies like lettuce, tomato, and avocado. You can also ask for a salad with grilled veggies and skip the croutons and dressing, or go for a side of sweet potato fries.

With a little creativity and customization, vegans can enjoy a tasty meal at smashburger. Just remember to communicate your dietary needs to the staff and they’ll be happy to assist.

Final Thoughts

Smashburger may not have an extensive vegan menu, but the options they do offer are worth a try. You can customize your order with veggie patties, grilled portobello mushrooms, and other plant-based toppings. Plus, their fries and sweet potato tots are cooked in separate fryers, so they’re suitable for vegans.

The chain has also announced plans to introduce a beyond meat burger in the near future, which is very exciting news for plant-based eaters. Overall, while you may have to get creative with your order, smashburger can definitely accommodate vegans and vegetarians.


As we’ve seen, smashburger does offer a few vegan options on their menu, but the choices can be limited depending on your location. However, there are some delicious options available such as the black bean burger and the veggie frites.

These plant-based options are a great addition to their menu and show that they are making an effort to cater to a wider range of dietary needs. It’s important to note that while smashburger may not have an extensive vegan menu, they are open to modifications and can accommodate requests for custom orders.

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So, if you’re a vegan looking for a quick and tasty meal, don’t hesitate to give smashburger a try. As the demand for vegan options continues to grow, we can hope to see more variety and innovation from restaurants like smashburger in the future.