How to Disable Flow Sense on LG Dryer

To turn off flow sense on lg dryer, press and hold the control lock and the signal buttons simultaneously for three seconds. The flow sense feature is a helpful feature that detects blockages or restrictions in the airflow of the dryer.


However, there may be certain situations when you want to turn this feature off, like when using dryer sheets or fabric softeners. In this article, we will guide you step-by-step on how to turn off flow sense on lg dryer. We will also share some tips on how to properly maintain your lg dryer and how to troubleshoot common issues. So, keep reading to learn more.


Understanding Flow Sense

Flow sense technology in lg dryers helps monitor the dryer’s airflow to ensure optimal performance. By detecting blockages or restrictions in the vent, it prevents issues such as lint buildup and overheating. This allows the dryer to run efficiently and decreases the risk of potential hazards.

Turning off flow sense may seem like a solution, but it can cause consequences such as improper drying and even damage to the dryer. By keeping flow sense on, you can ensure that your lg dryer runs smoothly and effectively.

To maintain this feature, it’s important to clean out the dryer vent regularly to prevent any blockages.


Reasons To Turn Off Flow Sense

Turning off flow sense on lg dryer may seem like a task, but there are reasons why you might need to do it. Flow sense acts as a safety feature that alerts you when there’s an issue with your dryer’s venting system.

However, some issues might trigger flow sense, resulting in your dryer shutting down even when everything else is working correctly. For example, a dirty vent or a complex venting system might trigger a false alarm. In such cases, turning off flow sense might be necessary to avoid drying interruptions.

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To do this, consult your dryer manual, which should guide you step-by-step. Remember, always make sure to clean the vents and perform regular maintenance checks to ensure your dryer functions correctly.

flowsense error Lg Dryer D80, D90 & D95 Error

Steps To Turn Off Flow Sense On Lg Dryer

To turn off flow sense on an lg dryer, follow these steps carefully. First, locate and press the power button to turn on the appliance. Next, press and hold the “dry level” button for around 3 seconds, then release it.

After that, use the “temp” button to navigate to the “more” option and click on it. Use the same button again to select the “flow sense” option and deactivate it by pressing the “select” button. It’s essential to double-check if the flow sense is really turned off by selecting the “dry level” button and making sure you don’t see the flow sense indicator light.

For a better understanding, we recommend following the process shown in the attached screenshots. Finally, to ensure a successful process, remember to keep the dryer clean, and the air vents clear.


Alternatives To Turning Off Flow Sense

One alternative to turning off flow sense on lg dryer is cleaning the exhaust system, which can significantly improve airflow. Cleaning the vent, lint trap, and ducts can remove any blockages that hinder the dryer’s performance. A drawback is that the process can be time-consuming and requires some expertise.

Another solution is using a dryer booster fan, which can assist the dryer in pushing out moist air. The booster fan can be installed either inside or outside the house. However, the installation cost and ongoing maintenance can be expensive.

A third alternative is reducing the load size. Overloading the dryer can lead to less efficient performance and trigger the flow sense alert. Downsizing the load size can help avoid this issue. The downside is that it may require more time to complete laundry tasks.

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After going through this article, we hope that you have gained a better understanding of how to turn off the flow sense feature on your lg dryer. As we have discussed, disabling this feature can be useful in certain situations, such as when you need to dry clothes on low heat or if your dryer is not vented in the right way.

Remember, if you decide to turn off this feature, ensure that you regularly check your dryer’s vent to prevent the buildup of lint and other debris, reducing the risk of a fire hazard. We highly recommend that you consult your owner’s manual or contact lg’s customer service if you experience any difficulty turning off the flow sense feature.

With this knowledge, you can now say goodbye to any unwanted error messages and use your lg dryer efficiently.