What Does Wrinkle Control Mean on a Dryer?

Wrinkle control on a dryer means that the machine is equipped with a setting or feature that helps to reduce or eliminate wrinkles from clothing during the drying process. When purchasing a new dryer, one of the features you might come across is wrinkle control.

This feature is especially useful if you’re someone who loathes ironing or simply doesn’t have the time for it. Wrinkle control settings or features typically work by intermittently tumbling the clothing after it has finished drying, allowing any wrinkles to fall out. This can be particularly beneficial for items such as dress shirts, blouses, or pants that are prone to wrinkles. Some dryers may also have a steam feature that can add moisture to the clothes to further help release any wrinkles. With a dryer equipped with wrinkle control, you can save yourself time and hassle while still achieving wrinkle-free clothes.

What Does Wrinkle Control Mean on a Dryer?

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How Does Wrinkle Control Work On A Dryer?

Wrinkle control on a dryer is a feature designed to prevent clothes from wrinkling after a drying cycle. It works by automatically extending the tumbling time after a cycle ends to prevent clothes from settling and wrinkling. This feature may also use intermittent tumbling and low heat to relax the fabric to minimize wrinkles.

The control usually comes pre-set on some dryers. It detects the amount of moisture and heat still in the clothes after a cycle finishes. That’s when it begins the next phase of the cycle, which is intended to keep wrinkles from appearing.

You can generally customize or turn off the wrinkle control setting on your dryer if you prefer. However, it’s a useful feature if you’re facing hectic schedule and won’t have time to fold your clothes immediately after the drying cycle.

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The Benefits Of Using Wrinkle Control

Using the wrinkle control feature on your dryer has various benefits. Firstly, it prevents wrinkles from forming on your clothes, saving you valuable time on ironing. Secondly, it keeps your clothes tumbling intermittently, allowing the fabric to breathe and preventing static build-up.

This also reduces the risk of shrinking and damage to your clothes. Moreover, it stops your clothes from settling in one position for too long, preventing deep-set wrinkles and creases. Finally, using this feature reduces the need for rewashing clothes, saving water and energy.

Overall, utilizing the wrinkle control function on your dryer can help you save time, energy, and money, keeping your clothes looking fresher and newer for longer.

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How To Use Wrinkle Control On A Dryer

Wrinkle control is a setting on a dryer designed to prevent wrinkles in clothing. To use it effectively, follow a few guidelines. First, load the dryer with the appropriate amount of clothing. Next, choose a suitable temperature setting based on the fabric type.

Then, select the appropriate cycle length. Once these settings are selected, activate the wrinkle control option. This setting will extend the drying time and reduce heat to minimize wrinkles. When the cycle is complete, promptly remove the clothing and fold or hang them immediately.

By following these steps, the wrinkle control feature can be used to keep garments looking their best, without the need for excessive ironing or pressing.

The Different Types Of Wrinkle Control Settings

When it comes to wrinkle control on a dryer, there are several different settings available to help keep your clothes looking neat and tidy. These settings can include options like steam refresh, wrinkle prevention, and more. Each of these settings is designed to combat wrinkles in different ways, whether it’s by adding moisture to the fabric or by tumbling the clothes intermittently after the drying cycle is complete.

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Moreover, using one of these settings can help you cut down on ironing time and keep your clothes looking their best. However, it’s important to note that not all dryers include wrinkle control options, so be sure to check the features before purchasing.

In addition, if your dryer doesn’t have a specific wrinkle control setting, you can still take steps to prevent wrinkles, such as removing clothes promptly after the cycle is complete and folding or hanging them immediately.

Wrinkle Control Vs. Steam Refresh

Wrinkle control is a feature on dryers designed to prevent wrinkles and creases in your clothes. It works by periodically tumbling the clothes after the cycle has ended to keep them from settling and wrinkling. Steam refresh, on the other hand, is a feature that introduces steam into the dryer to freshen up clothes that aren’t necessarily dirty but may have been sitting in a drawer or closet for a while.

While both features work to keep your clothes looking their best, they serve different purposes. Wrinkle control is for preventing wrinkles, while steam refresh is for refreshing clothes that may have become stale. By understanding the difference between the two, you can choose the best option for your needs.


When it comes to laundry, wrinkle control can make a big difference in the appearance of your clothes. With the ability to reduce or eliminate wrinkles, a dryer with this feature can save you time and effort, while helping you maintain a polished look.

Understanding how this feature works and what settings to use can ensure you get the best results from your dryer. Always read the manufacturer’s instructions and take the time to test different settings to find what works best for your clothing items.

Remember to also properly care for and clean your dryer to ensure it continues to function optimally. Overall, a dryer with wrinkle control can be a valuable tool in keeping your wardrobe looking its best, with minimal effort on your part.