What Time Does Qdoba Close?

The time that Qdoba closes varies depending on the location. However, most Qdoba locations close at 10:00 pm.

If you’re looking for a quick and delicious Mexican meal, look no further than Qdoba! But what time does this popular restaurant close? For most locations, Qdoba closes at 10pm.

However, there are some exceptions. For example, if you’re visiting Qdoba in a mall, the restaurant may close earlier to match the mall’s hours. And if you’re traveling to a Qdoba in an airport, the restaurant may have different hours depending on the airport’s schedule.

No matter what time it is when you get your craving for Mexican food, you can be sure that Qdoba will be able to satisfy your hunger!

Chipotle vs Qdoba Taste Test | FOOD FEUDS

Is Qdoba Cheaper Than Chipotle?

If you’re looking for a cheap meal, Qdoba is the place to go. Their burritos start at $6, while Chipotle’s start at $7. For something a little heartier, Qdoba’s bowls start at $8, while Chipotle’s start at $9.

And if you’re really hungry, Qdoba offers a “Queso Lover’s Meal” which includes 3 quesadillas for only $10. So when it comes to price, Qdoba definitely has the edge over Chipotle.

What Does Qdoba Actually Stand For?

Qdoba is a restaurant chain that specializes in Mexican cuisine. The name Qdoba comes from the Nahuatl word “quauhxdoban”, which means “a place to roast meat”. The restaurant was founded in Denver, Colorado in 1995, and has since expanded to over 600 locations across the United States.

Does Qdoba Taste Better Than Chipotle?

It’s hard to say definitively whether Qdoba or Chipotle tastes better. It really depends on your personal preferences. Some people might find that Qdoba’s bolder, more complex flavor profiles are more enjoyable, while others might prefer the simpler, more clean flavors of Chipotle.

Ultimately, it comes down to what you’re in the mood for and what you’re looking for in a burrito or bowl.

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Is Qdoba And Chipotle Merging?

No, Qdoba and Chipotle are not merging. However, the two companies are both owned by the same parent company, so there is some crossover between them. For example, Steve Ells, the founder of Chipotle, also sits on the board of directors for Qdoba.

And although the two brands have different menu offerings, they do share some similar ingredients (like cilantro-lime rice).

What Time Does Qdoba Close?

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Qdoba near Me

Are you looking for a delicious Mexican restaurant near you? Then look no further than Qdoba! Qdoba is a fast casual Mexican chain that serves up fresh, flavorful dishes made with quality ingredients.

Whether you’re in the mood for a burrito, tacos, nachos, or something else entirely, Qdoba has something to satisfy your craving. Plus, there are plenty of vegetarian and vegan options available. To find the nearest Qdoba location, simply head to their website and use the handy store locator tool.

Enter your city or zip code and it will show you all of the Qdoba restaurants in the area. Click on one of the markers to get more information about that particular restaurant, including its address and hours of operation. If you’re looking for a tasty meal but don’t have time to sit down and eat at a restaurant, Qdoba also offers catering services!

Their catering menu features all of your favorite dishes like build-your-own burritos and nachos bars. Plus, they offer delivery so you can enjoy Qdoba without even having to leave your office or home!

Chipotle near Me

When looking for a Chipotle restaurant near you, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, use the Chipotle store locator on their website. Second, enter your address or zip code into the search bar.

This will bring up a list of all the Chipotle locations near you. Third, select the one that is closest to you and click on the “Get Directions” button. Finally, follow the directions provided to get to your nearest Chipotle restaurant!

Qdoba Menu

Qdoba Mexican Eats is a chain of fast casual restaurants in the United States, Canada, and Germany specializing in Mexican-style cuisine. As of December 31, 2018, there were 731 Qdoba restaurants across 47 states and the District of Columbia. The company is headquartered in Denver, Colorado.

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The menu at Qdoba features a variety of Mexican-inspired dishes, including burritos, tacos, nachos, quesadillas, salads, soups, and sides. Burrito options include chicken, steak, barbacoa (beef), carnitas (pork), vegetarian black beans or pinto beans. Tacos can be ordered with the same protein choices as the burritos.

Nachos are available with chicken or steak. Quesadillas can be made with chicken or vegetables. The salad menu offers five different salad choices: fajita salad (chicken or steak), Caesar salad (chicken or steak), taco salad (chicken or steak), Southwest Cobb salad (chicken or turkey), and chopped salad (vegetarian).

The soup menu features two soups: tortilla soup and three cheese queso blanco soup. Sides include chips & guacamole, chips & salsa, rice & beans,, sweet corn tamale bites,, black bean dip,, and queso blanco dip.,

For those looking for lighter fare or wanting to mix-and-match their own meal from various items on the menu, Qdoba also offers smaller entree portions called “minis” as well as individual items such as tacos,, nachos,, quesadillas,, salads,, bowls,. Minis are 1/3 size entrées that come with a choice of one side while individual items do not come with any sides..

Prices for minis range from $4.29 – $5.79 while individual items start at $2.69 for tacos up to $8.49 for salads.. Whether you’re looking for a quick lunch option or something to share with friends over dinner – Qdoba has something for everyone!


If you’re in the mood for some delicious Mexican fare, you may be wondering what time does Qdoba close? Well, the answer depends on the day of the week and the location. Most Qdoba locations close at 10pm Monday-Thursday, 11pm on Fridays and Saturdays, and 9pm on Sundays.

However, there are a few exceptions to these hours so it’s always best to check with your local Qdoba before heading out.