How to Use Bissell Crosswave: A Comprehensive Guide

To use bissell crosswave, fill the clean water tank, add the cleaning formula, and turn on the machine. Then, press the trigger and move the machine over the surface.

Bissell crosswave is a multi-surface cleaning tool that vacuums and washes floors at the same time. It can make cleaning easier and quicker, especially in larger areas. With its dual action brush roll and innovative design, this machine is suitable for homes with pets and children. As a result, it provides a thorough and efficient cleaning solution for different types of floor surfaces. Before using bissell crosswave, it is essential to understand its features and modes. In this article, we will explain how to use bissell crosswave and share some helpful tips to get the most out of this machine.

How to Use Bissell Crosswave: A Comprehensive Guide

Understanding The Bissell Crosswave

Bissell crosswave is a revolutionary device that has made cleaning floors a hassle-free experience. It’s a multi-surface cleaner that vacuums and washes the floor simultaneously, thus saving time and making cleaning fun. However, operating the device can seem intimidating at first, which is why we have created a comprehensive guide to understand the bissell crosswave.

Components Of Bissell Crosswave

Before getting to know the working of bissell crosswave, it’s imperative to get familiar with its components.

  • The cleaner head
  • Dirty tank
  • Clean water tank
  • Brush roll
  • Cord and plug
  • Handle
  • Control panel
  • Power switch
  • Trigger

Assembly And Disassembly Of Bissell Crosswave

Assembling and disassembling the device can be a daunting task, but with the right instructions, it can be done without any hassle.

  • Attach the handle to the cleaner head
  • Insert the brush roll into the cleaner head
  • Fill the clean water tank with water and formula
  • Attach the clean water tank to the handle
  • Insert the dirty tank into the handle
  • Finally, plug the device into the power source

For disassembly, follow the instructions in reverse.

Power And Settings Of Bissell Crosswave

The bissell crosswave comes with two cleaning modes, ‘hard floor’ and ‘area rug. ‘ the device is also equipped with a smartclean fingertip control that allows the user to switch between the cleaning modes with a simple touch. Moreover, the device has an adjustable brush roll that can be set according to the floor type.

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Additionally, the device has a power switch and a trigger that must be pressed simultaneously while using it.

Understanding the bissell crosswave is crucial before operating it. With the above guide, one can efficiently operate the device and maintain squeaky clean floors.

Preparing The Bissell Crosswave For Use

Bissell crosswave is a popular cleaning appliance known for its ability to handle multiple surfaces with a single unit. It washes, dries and vacuums all in one. If you own one of these, you might be wondering how to get started with it.

In this article, we will discuss how to prepare the bissell crosswave for use, focusing on cleaning the tank, filling it with water and solution, and tips for selecting the right cleaning solution to use.

Cleaning The Tank

Keeping the bissell crosswave tank clean is crucial to ensure efficient cleaning. It is recommended that you clean the tank after each use to prevent the buildup of dirt and bacteria.

  • Empty the remaining water and solution from the tank.
  • Unscrew the cap on the bottom of the tank and remove the filter.
  • Rinse out the tank with warm water and mild soap.
  • Rinse the filter with warm water, ensuring that it’s clean and free of debris.
  • Allow the tank and filter to dry thoroughly before reattaching them to the appliance.

Filling The Tank With Water And Solution

Now that your tank is clean, it’s time to fill it up with water and solution.

  • Fill the tank with hot tap water up to the designated line on the tank.
  • Add bissell cleaning solution to the tank according to the instructions on the label.
  • Screw the cap back onto the tank.
  • Place the tank back on the appliance and ensure it’s securely in place.

Tips For Selecting The Right Cleaning Solution

To ensure effective cleaning with the bissell crosswave, it’s important to choose the right cleaning solution.

  • Read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully to determine which cleaning solution is recommended for the surfaces you’ll be cleaning.
  • Avoid using regular household cleaners as they may damage the appliance and surfaces.
  • Only use cleaning solutions that are formulated for the bissell crosswave.
  • Experiment with different cleaning solutions to find the one that works best for your cleaning needs.

Preparing the bissell crosswave for use is simple and straightforward. By following the above instructions, you can ensure optimal performance from your appliance. Remember to keep the tank clean, fill it up with water and solution, and choose the right cleaning solution for the surfaces you’ll be cleaning.

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With these tips, your bissell crosswave will be ready to tackle any messes that come your way.

How to get the best out of your BISSELL CrossWave

Mastering The Bissell Crosswave Cleaning Techniques

The bissell crosswave is an all-in-one cleaning machine that vacuums and mops your floors simultaneously. This appliance is ideal for homes with a variety of flooring surfaces, including hardwood, tile, and carpet. Mastering the bissell crosswave cleaning techniques requires a few tips and tricks to ensure that you get the best results.

In this post, we will cover the suitable flooring surface types for bissell crosswave, how to operate the vacuum and cleaning function simultaneously, and tips for maneuvering the bissell crosswave over furniture and tight spaces, as well as avoiding damage to the flooring surface.

Flooring Surface Types Suitable For Bissell Crosswave

The bissell crosswave is a versatile cleaning tool that is compatible with many kinds of flooring surfaces.

  • Hardwood floors
  • Tile floors
  • Laminate floors
  • Vinyl floors
  • Low pile or medium pile carpets

How To Operate The Vacuum And Cleaning Function Simultaneously

The vacuum and cleaning function on the bissell crosswave save time and effort when cleaning your floors.

  • Fill the bissell crosswave’s clean water tank with water and cleaning solution.
  • Turn on the crosswave and select the floor type.
  • Press the trigger to spray water and cleaning solution onto the floor.
  • Move the bissell crosswave over the wet area to vacuum and mop simultaneously.
  • Release the trigger and repeat the process until the floor is clean.

Tips For Maneuvering The Bissell Crosswave Over Furniture And Tight Spaces

Maneuvering the bissell crosswave around furniture and tight spaces requires a bit of technique.

  • Use the bissell crosswave’s swivel head and handle to navigate around furniture and tight spaces.
  • Clean under and around furniture by pulling the machine backward while pressing the trigger.
  • Use the bissell crosswave’s edge cleaning bristles to clean baseboards and corners.

Tips For Avoiding Damage To The Flooring Surface

The bissell crosswave is gentle on floors but can cause damage if not used correctly.

  • Avoid using the bissell crosswave’s hard brush roll on hardwood floors to prevent scratches.
  • Clean up spills and stains as soon as possible to prevent damage.
  • Do not use the bissell crosswave on unsealed or unfinished floors.
  • Always ensure that the machine’s bristles are clean and free from debris.

Maintaining Your Bissell Crosswave

Keeping your bissell crosswave clean and in working order is essential to ensure it performs at its best every time you use it. Maintaining your machine is simple and can be done with a few basic steps.

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Cleaning The Brush Roll And Filter

The brush roll and filter play a significant role in ensuring your bissell crosswave provides optimum cleaning results. Cleaning them regularly will reduce the risk of damage and improve the vacuum’s overall performance.

  • To clean the brush roll, unplug the machine and remove the brush roll. Remove any tangled hair or debris from the brush roll using scissors or your hands.
  • Check the brush roll for any damage or signs of wear and tear, such as flattened or bent bristles. If the brush roll appears to be damaged, replace it.
  • To clean the filter, remove it from the machine, and tap it gently against a trash bin to remove any excess debris. Rinse the filter under running water, but do not use soap or other cleaning agents.
  • Allow the filter to air dry before returning it to the machine.

How To Store Your Bissell Crosswave

Proper storage of your bissell crosswave is essential for its longevity and efficiency.

  • Clean the brush roll and filter before storing your crosswave.
  • Store the vacuum indoors in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and moisture.
  • Store the vacuum with the brush roll facing upward to prevent deformation.
  • Cover the vacuum with a clean cloth or bag to protect it from dust and debris.

Common Troubleshooting Issues And Solutions

As with any machine, you may encounter some troubleshooting issues with your bissell crosswave.

  • The vacuum is not suctioning correctly: check to ensure that the brush roll and filter are clean and free from debris. Also, check the filter and ensure it is fitted correctly.
  • The vacuum makes a strange noise: this may be due to a blockage in the vacuum’s airpath or a damaged brush roll. Stop using the machine, unplug it, and identify and remove any debris.
  • The vacuum releases a strange odor: this may be due to a dirty filter or a clogged brush roll. Check both and clean them thoroughly.

By following these simple tips and guidelines, you can maintain your bissell crosswave’s efficiency and longevity, ensuring it provides top-notch cleaning results every time.


Using bissell crosswave can make cleaning a lot more convenient and efficient. This multi-surface cleaner allows you to simultaneously wash and vacuum your floors, and it is compatible with a wide variety of surfaces. To get the most out of your crosswave, it’s important to follow the included instructions, including properly filling and emptying the tank, using the appropriate cleaning solution, and taking care of the filter.

While there are some minor differences between the different models of the crosswave that you may need to take note of, overall the process of using this cleaner is straightforward and user-friendly. By using the bissell crosswave, you can save time and effort on your household cleaning tasks while still achieving great results.